MontaVista Linux 6 to Support Intel Atom Processor Platforms

MontaVista Software, Inc., the leader in embedded Linux commercialization, announced earlier today MontaVista Linux 6, a revolutionary new approach to embedded Linux development. By delivering Market Specific Distributions (MSDs) based on the Moblin project and designed specifically for the Intel Atom processor, MontaVista gives commercial device developers unparalleled flexibility to design and deliver products uniquely tailored to their target market.

“MSDs built on MontaVista Linux 6 are a revolutionary step forward in embedded Linux design,” said Joerg Bertholdt, Vice President of Marketing at MontaVista. “Utilizing Market Specific Distributions based on Moblin and Intel Atom processor platforms, our joint customers can deliver products to market faster than ever before.”

“Intel is committed to driving innovation in the broader embedded device market and is looking forward to its customers using MontaVista MSDs. With the introduction of MontaVista Linux 6, developers now have increased flexibility in their design approach,” said Jonathan Walsh, general manager, Embedded and Communications Group, Intel. “They can utilize the innovation & optimizations offered by Moblin as well as the power and features of the Intel Atom processor while realizing the value from the commercial quality and innovation that MontaVista provides.” MontaVista Linux 6 is comprised of:

* Market Specific Distributions
* MontaVista Integration Platform
* MontaVista Zone Content Server
* MontaVista DevRocket 6

Market Specific Distributions (MSD) are new Linux distributions, built on a common framework, and optimized for the Intel Atom processor and its target market segment. An MSD is designed to support the full breadth of functionality provided by the Intel Atom processor, be feature compatible with the Moblin Open source project technology, and provide the value-add features and quality MontaVista is known for. Fully supported by MontaVista, the MSD for the Intel Atom processor may be customized and optimized for target applications such as Vehicle Infotainment, Print Imaging, IP Media Phones or Gaming markets, to name only a few, allowing developers to easily create a tailored software distribution that fully exploits the Intel Atom processor platforms.

The MontaVista Integration Platform is built on open source technology, and allows developers to easily extend and customize their software stack, while maintaining control over the build process. With the Integration Platform developers can fetch and integrate code from other team members, outside vendors, or the broader open source community. Since it’s built on open-source technology, the Integration Platform supports the standard recipe file formats used throughout the open source community. This unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution enables developers to easily customize their software stacks at all levels, the kernel, device drivers, libraries and applications. Systems developers can consistently build all target-installed software from source – with just one command – and create multiple, reproducible build configurations, or perform incremental builds as required.


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