Silicon Power will reveal many new products in 2009 COMPUTEX

Silicon Power was founded in Taiwan. It made a great success in Japan and Russia, in particular the emerge market. The great success in sales was brought by the high quality, marketing trend leading product. In terms of 2009 COMPUTEX, Silicon Power will leverage this international platform to polish our branding values and unveil many killer products which never been seen before in the exhibition, such as eSATA/USB SSD II, 2.5″SATA II SSD E10 and 2.5″ Hard Disk Drive Armor A10. Believed these products would be the best evidence of Silicon Power’s R&D ability. And it absolutely fresh your eyes and make you impressive.

In terms of the eSATA/USB, it is the first eSATA/USB SSD II with eSATA/USB dual interface and cap-less function designed. 2.5″SATA II SSD E10 is a product adapt exclusive technology of Silicon Power to improve the speed and performance. Further more, Silicon Power will also introduce a 2.5″Hard Disk Drive, Armor A10, with USB Interface, shock and vibration proof tested. It is in compliance with USA MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure

Silicon Power won the honor for its various solutions on sale. In Japan, the great product performance revealed in sale of Cards, such as CF, SD/SDHC and Mobile cards. The sales has increased significantly over the past few weeks after BCN Inc released its top ranking among various brands, and Silicon Power’s CF Card reached the NO.1 place. In Russia, the sale growth was over 50% in 2007 and 2008 continuously. Compared to Q1 2008, Silicon Power hit a 30% of quarterly growth rate this year. The annual growth rate also reached 42%, which was 2-digit growth for 6 years. It proves there is nothing to do with economic down-turn but with the competitive advantages.


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