Cypress TrueTouch Solution Implements Touchscreen in New Waterproof Sportio water beat Phone by KDDI

Cypress Semiconductor Corp today announced that the TrueTouch touchscreen solution from Cypress implements the new waterproof touchscreen for the KDDI Sportio water beat mobile phone. The new phone, manufactured by Sharp Communication Systems Group, has a 3-inch touchscreen with brilliant colors, and integrates a water resistive feature equivalent to IPX5/7.

The Sportio water beat is oriented towards active users, with a small size and weight along with applications geared towards fitness, golf and other outdoor activities using both GPS and accelerometer technologies. The new phone also offers rich entertainment capabilities such as one-segment digital TV, a 3.2-megapixel camera and an audio player.

Cypress’s TrueTouch family, based on the PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture, includes single-touch, multi-touch and “multi-touch all-point” offerings. The multi-touch all-point solution can track up to 10 simultaneous touches, a feature unmatched by competing products. The Cypress TrueTouch solution also enables the industry’s best water rejection, as shown by the Sportio water beat phone. In addition, TrueTouch is the industry’s most flexible touchscreen solution, as the unique PSoC architecture allows designers to implement differentiated features and make last-minute design iterations without board changes. With the TrueTouch architecture, customers can choose to work with a wide variety of touchscreen vendors and/or LCD module vendors to create their designs.

The Sportio water beat is an amazing product and we are happy to see TrueTouch technology contribute to its rich feature set, said Norm Taffe, executive vice president of Cypress’s Consumer and Computation Division. Our waterproof technology is one of many features that set TrueTouch apart from competitive offerings.

“The TrueTouch solution continues to grow in popularity among leading Japanese companies,” said Hitoshi Yoshizawa, Japan country manager for Cypress. “The unmatched flexibility and performance of TrueTouch along with our excellent local technical support staff offer customers the best choice for implementing touchscreens.”



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