NVIDIA CUDA Technology Dramatically Speeds Up Facial Recognition in CyberLink MediaShow 5 Digital Photo Application

NVIDIA Corp. announced today that CyberLink MediaShow 5, a new software program
that organizes digital photos based on who is in them, is utilizing the CUDA
parallel processing power of NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics processing units (GPUs)
to search and sort photo libraries.

CyberLink MediaShow 5 searches and organizes your photo collection
using a sophisticated face recognition algorithm.  By utilizing co-processing –
which leverages the massive parallel processing power of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs in
tandem with the computer’s central processor (CPU) – CyberLink MediaShow
5 provides up to a 70%
improvement in application speed so you can find the photos you want faster.

“Consumers are accumulating massive photo libraries, given the proliferation
of digital cameras, camcorders and smart phones,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of
CyberLink. “MediaShow 5 helps them better manage their photo
collections by searching photos based on face recognition and tagging. NVIDIA
CUDA technology significantly reduces the processing time involved in this.”

In addition to face recognition, MediaShow 5 uses NVIDIA® CUDA
technology to accelerate video conversion while still delivering ultra-high
image quality.

“An NVIDIA GPU is for more than just games,” said Sanford Russell, general
manager of the CUDA group at NVIDIA. “It is the perfect processor for
manipulating pictures, video and other visual data, and CUDA is what makes this
possible. It’s great to see CyberLink at the forefront of this technology


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