Samsung introduced Spinpoint M7 640GB hard drives

Samsung Electronics today announced its new Spinpoint M7 640-Gigabyte
2.5-inch internal hard disk drive. This hard drive is now the
top-density drive of the popular M7 family and also reasonably shock
resistant, and while you won’t be seeing it in rugged computers it
should be able to survive some ultraportable use. The new Spinpoint M7
2.5-inch hard drives has an areal density of 516-Gigabit per square
inch for each 320GB platter, which is a 28 percent increase per platter
over Samsung’s previous density-leading 500GB hard drive.It is destined
to high-end mobile computers requiring more storage capacity without
sacrificing performance, as well as higher operational stability at
lower power consumption. It offers a rotational speed of 5400RPM, a
3.0Gbps SATA interface, Native Command Queuing and an 8MB cache memory.

According to the C.H. Lee, vice president of Samsung
Electronics,"Samsung maximizes the density level of its platters to
enhance the reliability and stability of its internal hard drives. With
the addition of the new internal drive to the M7 series, our customers
will get the best viable combination of density, performance and
reliability that is essential for high-end notebooks and mobile
applications." The new M7 series of 2.5-inch internal hard drives comes
with a more energy-efficient design. It is increasing the areal density
of 516-Gigabit per square inch raises the total drive capacity without
adding additional platters.

The high 640GB density Portable features a high-speed USB 2.0
interface and receives power supply through its main USB port for added
user convenience. By eliminating the additional circuit board on the
hard drive when implementing the USB interface, Samsung 2.5" external
drives offer an optimized footprint which is 17 percent smaller than
conventional 2.5" external hard drives. Furthermore, the new compact
design results in reduced failure rates and less power consumption
owing to simplified electrical hardware.

At present Spinpoint M7 series is providing options for the users in
upgrading their notebook’s storage solution with avaialbility in the
capacities of 160, 250, 320, 500 and 640 GB. The new Samsung Spinpoint
M7 640GB drive will start shipping in the Mid of September 2009 at the
price of US$149.99.


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