TSMC to Produce 16-Core Processors called Rainbow Falls for Sun

TSMC on Rainbow Falls a 16-RISC core

Sun Microsystems has recently entered into an agreement with the Taiwanese foundry TSMC to produce the processor known under the code name Rainbow Falls a 16-RISC core can execute 128 threads simultaneously.

The debut of the new UltraSPARC chip market is expected for 2010 and According to initial rumors it should be able to offer about 30% of more performance compared to the Sun’s UltraSPARC T2 + processor.

TSMC will produce Rainbow Falls using the 40nm process. Within the next year alongside the achievement of volume production of Rainbow Falls, the yields for the TSMC 40nm process should be allowed to exceed 85% a level that is satisfactory not only for Sun but also for other customers of the foundry Taiwanese. Rainbow Falls tackles TSMC is the first time in the realization of a microprocessor.


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