Zenwalk 6.2 Released

Zenwalk version 6.2 is the lates code that has been released with slightly modified base system. The switch to LZMA for package compression has reduced the overall size of the ISO image (490MB) that gonna have a significantly smaller footprint on your bandwidth while allowing us to provide more applications and drivers. The default setting of Zenwalk 6.2 provide will provide you a great feel of icons, wallpaper and overall desktop. You will notice that our installer is getting simpler with each new version.As usual, their goal is to create the easiest GNU/Linux installer. From now, the user doesn’t have to perform any hardware selection, any part of the computer’s hardware is automatically detected, the installer will just ask for a few approvals.

Zenwalk 6.2 menu includes applications for multimedia like Brasero bruner, Exhaile music player, ISO master and more.It also features the Linux Kernel, it uses the EXT4 file system by default and XFCE 4.6.1 is the initial desktop.Here’s a summary of the important changes :

  • Kernel
  • LZMA compression for packages
  • EXT4 as main filesystem
  • The new XFCE 4.6.1
  • Openoffice 3.1.0 (fast optimized version)
  • New Netpkg featuring a refined interface, rollback support and instant install with dependencies control
  • A complete set of HP printers drivers are included
  • Faster boot (tuned init scripts)
  • bus auto-detection in the installer  

If you are still using Zenwalk version 6.0, you can also upgrade it to version 6.2 from init 3.



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