Point of View announces ION-based Mobii FamilyPC

POINT OF VIEW is presenting today the new line of NVIDIA ION powered
personal family computers; the Mobii FamilyPC. The small mini-ITX
desktop computers are based on Intel’s dual core Atom 330 CPU which
combines great performance with a very high energy efficiency. As an
indication of the power usage: the system is equipped with an internal
power supply with a max output of 160W and its measured power usage is
below 100W!

The NVIDIA ION GPU and the total amount of memory of
1 or 2GB DDR2 make this system perfectly suitable for Windows XP or
Windows Vista Home premium; which will be the operating systems which
will be available on the Mobii familyPC.

The slightly larger
‘cube-design’ of the case brings down the temperature drastically and
also allow regular (5,25” and 3,5”) sized components to be used.
Besides a much lower price for the components (HDD and Optical drives),
this also offers users more freedom in upgrading and customizing the
Mobii FamilyPC to their needs.

The installed mainboard has two
standard full-size DIMM slots so upgrading is made easy. Furthermore
there is a PCI-slot and mini PCI-Express slot available on the
mainboard. To make this system the strongest all-rounder possible,
Point of View has equipped the Mobii FamilyPC with all sorts of output
possibilities. The graphical output connections are DVI, VGA and HDMI
whilst the audio is taken care of through the digital SPDIF, Coaxial or
stereo output connection. Last but not least: no less than eight USB
2.0 ports will be available to connect your peripherals such as USB
sticks, external hard drives, DVB-T USB adapters and more.

Center possibilities are made easy through the HDMI output and digital
audio output. Whether you want to play back High Definition 1080P video
directly through the 5,25” DVD-RW 8x or optional BluRay optical drive,
play them from the internal 320GB SATA HDD or stream them through the
1000Mbps LAN connection the NVIDIA ION GPU is guaranteed to offer fluid
and sharp imaging on your LCD monitor or TV.

All together, a
very stylish case, with makes use of all the advantages the Intel Atom
in combination with the NVIDIA ION solution has to offer! To add extra
personalization possibilities to your Mobii FamilyPC you can change the
front cover of the PC. A standard silver frontpanel is included and
green, blue and pink are separately available to brighten up your desk.
More covers with all sorts of cool designs will be soon available too!

Mobii FamilyPC is available in Black and White with different
specifications. Contact your POV retailer for more information and
availability. To finish the package, an excellent warranty procedure is
arranged with 2 of warranty of which 1 year pick-up & return.


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