AMD simplifies PC buying experience with VISION Technology

AMD today announced a new way to help consumers select the PC that best meets their
needs. Working with retailers and PC manufactures, VISION Technology from
AMD breaks the model in how PC benefits are communicated. Rather than the
traditional model, which focuses on the technical specifications of individual
hardware components, VISION communicates the value of the whole system and
demonstrates the combined processing power of both the CPU and GPU to deliver a
superior visual experience to mainstream PC users. It emphasizes how an
AMD-based PC is optimized for video, digital media and content creation
activities. VISION guides the
industry past the era of CPU-centric marketing and describes the PC capabilities
in terms of what can be enjoyed on the system – see, share, create. This helps
consumers to make better informed buying decisions.

“Today’s consumer cares about what they can do with their PC, not what’s
inside,” said Nigel Dessau, CMO of AMD. “They want a rich HD and entertainment
experience on their PC, delivered by the combined technology of AMD CPUs and
GPUs, without having to understand what gigahertz and gigabytes mean. VISION
technology from AMD reflects the maturation of marketing in the PC processing
industry and communicates the technology in a more meaningful way.”

Notebook PCs with VISION Technology from AMD are expected to be widely
available on retail shelves and online during the holiday buying season timed to
the release of the Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. Complementing
VISION, Windows 7 supports DirectX 10, Direct X10.1, and Direct X11 for richer
3D detail on games and other media apps, and a Unified Video Decoder to free up
the CPU so that users can have a superior visual and more responsive computing
experience while converting video for
use on hand held devices. This last activity is greatly simplified and much more
rapid with the new Drag and Drop feature of Windows 7. 

“We are excited for the upcoming launch of Windows 7, when our OEM partners
will introduce some exciting new PCs that match our mutual customer’s needs and
feedback,” said Mike Ybarra, general manager of Windows Product Management at
Microsoft Corp. “Coupled with VISION Technology from AMD, customers can feel
confident that the PC they purchase will deliver a rich, tailored PC

AMD’s 2009 notebook platforms, also announced today, serve as the first proof
points for VISION Technology. Mainstream
OEM notebooks offered with VISION have next-generation HD graphics
technology for rich, vivid HD and Blu-ray video playback, life-like 3D games,
brilliant, clear photos, and multi-tasking power for editing photos, music and

For consumers seeking rich PC experiences in a very thin and stylish
notebook, innovative ultrathin OEM
notebooks with VISION are designed to deliver highly responsive, balanced
performance and a superior visual experience at accessible price points. VISION
technology contains three levels of increasingly rich PC system capabilities:
VISION Basic, VISION Premium, and VISION Ultimate to reflect the different usage
patterns of PC consumers: from digital consumption to content creation.

These notebook platforms bring visually-rich experiences to consumers through
features such as:

  • UP to one billion colors for crystal-clear photos and videos, 
  • DirectX® 10.1 for smooth, lifelike games,
  • 7.1 audio for pulse-pounding music; and
  • Blu-ray support for the latest movies. 

“We focus our attention on R&D and marketing communications to users that
identify themselves with state-of-the-art and innovative products that can
simplify life through technology,” said Gianpiero Morbello, Marketing and
Branding Corporate Vice President of Acer, Inc. “VISION Technology from AMD
represents an innovative PC usage and we are always ready to offer a superior
visual experience to our customers for advanced HD video entertainment.”

In the first quarter of 2010, AMD plans to introduce a fourth level, VISION
Black, to enable the highest end capabilities sought by enthusiasts, primarily
on desktop PCs. Descriptions of the types of activities available at each level
will be available in-store and online, so that buyers can align their needs and
make the right choice for their preferred experience.

Completing the VISION Technology from AMD announcement, AMD launches the new
Media Explorer softwareFusion
Utility for Mobility. Fusion Media Explorer showcases VISION
Technology from AMD with: utility and the

  • A 3D interface for managing your media,
  • Shortcuts for uploading and sharing photos on Facebook and Flickr,
  • An Auto DJ for queuing up music files, and much more.

Fusion Utility for Mobility is a software utility that turns off background
processes to enable longer battery life while on the go. Both applications are
available for download here.


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