Novatech Announces Core i5 Based Elite Gaming Desktops

Novatech Ltd, UK’s leading PC and laptop manufacturer announced today
the latest addition to their Elite range of PCs. Featuring the new
Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz processor and two Nvidia graphics cards, the Novatech Elite Pro boasts incredible performance and a truly immersive gaming experience from just £999.

“The i5 offers superb performance for the price, with plenty of head
room for overclocking” explained Kriss Pomroy, Commercial Director,
Novatech Ltd, “however it’s the Elite Pro’s perfect balance of
components and peripherals that makes this system so special.”

The Novatech Elite Pro sports two separate, but different specification
graphics cards. A large proportion of the Elite’s graphics performance
comes from the award winning NVIDIA Geforce GTX 275 896 MB. However
Novatech has opted to also include a second card, a less powerful
NVIDIA Geforce 9800GT 1GB to act as a dedicated processor purely for
displaying additional in-game effects based on NVIDIA PhysX technology.

To demonstrate this, all Elite Pro customers will receive a coupon for
an exclusive free full download copy of the soon-to-be released Batman:
Arkham Asylum game and a pair of NVIDIA 3D Vision Discover glasses. The
new title to hit shelves on 18th of this month is fully supported by
NVIDIA PhysX, vastly improving visualizations within the game such as
explosions, life-like motion, realistic atmospheres and dynamic

Housed in an Antec Nine Hundred 2 chassis, the rest of the Elite’s
specification is based on a P55 motherboard, 4GB of DDR3 memory, 1TB
7200rpm hard drive, Blu-Ray/DVDRW and a Logitech rechargeable wireless
mouse and keyboard.


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