Panasonic Showcasing 85-inch Plasma Display at CEDIA 2009

Panasonic Professional Display Company, a unit of Panasonic Corporation
of North America, the industry leader in professional Plasma displays,
will be highlighting its new 85-inch Plasma display, available next
month, at CEDIA 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia Sept. 10-13.

industry’s first 85-inch, full HD 1080p Plasma, the TH-85PF12U takes
advantage of Panasonic’s Neo PDP technology, touting slimmer, lighter
weight and brighter display, with lower power consumption. This new
professional display will be showcased at CEDIA, bridging the gap
between the company’s 65- and 103-inch full HD Plasma displays and
filling the lineup of large format professional displays. Ideal for
custom home-theater applications, the 85-inch Plasma is the equivalent
in screen size to four 42-inch displays and features a newly developed
high-definition "Neo Plasma display panel" that achieves a spectacular
image resolution of 1,080 lines and a high contrast ratio of 40,000:1
(2,000,000:1 dynamic). The result is a vibrant, high-contrast,
high-resolution image with a real sense of depth and scope.

latest Plasma innovation, the 85-inch display, is perfectly suited for
the custom installation industry," said Andrew Nelkin, President,
Panasonic Professional Plasma Company. "Our 103-inch Plasma proved very
successful within the CEDIA community and we are excited to provide a
new screen size that gives the custom installer a viable product to fit
the niche between our 65-inch Premiere Plasma and the granddaddy of
them all, the 103."

Even with effective wide-screen dimensions
of 74.4 by 41.8 inches, the TH-85PF12U features a main body depth is
only 3.9 inches and an overall weight of the display is approximately
260 lbs.

The 85-inch Plasma is also capable of being installed
vertically, allowing the display of life-size models – creating
enormous visual impact for digital signage, commercial messaging and
audio/video presentation applications. It will be available in October


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