Unisupport a new service by Wipro

Wipro Logo Wipro is now introducing a new servie called Unisuport. This service is for the      Technology Transformation Service ( TTS in short ) which offers a much better performance and a lot more reduction in the business expenses. As Mr.Anuj Bhalla the General Manager and Busniess Unit head in conversation with CIOL said, that they had introduce Unisupport to give much better IT support for the worlwide users and fullfill all the requirement that is needed to meet the lifecycle of the product.According to him Unisupport is a bulit in support model that is implemented accross domains. Like servers, database storages, networking systems, security, open source and multiple software’s. It is a dedicated outsourcing service where Wipro will stay with the possession of the entire infrastructure.

Some key features that the user will recieve from this service is a single point of contact, better service contracts, equal and constant service quality across the range of product, less complication in management, a much more enhnace service in managing mulitple groups and of course regular service. In this way the users are more convinced towards the availability of vendor side service and easy access. This increases the Credibility of the company.

Today the users are going for multiple support to get a ease of service and high end support, this Unisupport will make to stick to a single service provider and reduce cost to an extent. Accoridng to Mr.Anuj Bhalla a choice of single service provider will provide multipel benefits like superior ownership, similarity in setup, better management and quick solution for upcoming problems from the user side. The user gets more choice of getting better service aggrements and the provider’s assistance in choosing a right service.

Technology Transformation Service (TTS) is also providing technology management, recovery time, DR assessment, technology migration, etc other than Unisupport. So the client has a much broader scope.

Technology Transformation Service is equipped with four major blocks named as
1. Technology Adoption Assistance Services,
2. Availability and Recovery Assurance Services,
3. IT Landscape Services,and
4. Optimization Services.


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