CyberLink MediaShow 5, the Fast and Easy Way to Share and Preserve Life’s Precious Memories

CyberLink Corp., innovative solutions provider for the connected media lifestyle, today released CyberLink MediaShow 5, the fast and easy way to organize, fix, and share videos and photos.

Today’s digital still cameras,
camcorders and smart phones make photo and video taking easy, while
large storage capacity has allowed consumers to generate more files
than ever. MediaShow 5 helps consumers better manage their collections in the following ways:

  • MediaShow 5’s face recognition technology and smart tagging
    feature provides a speedy way to tag faces in large photo collections.
  • One-click
    fixes allow consumers to quickly enhance videos taken in
    less-than-ideal situations, such as in poorly lit rooms or while
    moving. This feature also applies to photos, allowing consumers to
    apply one-click edits and effects.
  • Easy-to-use
    tools let consumers create memorable slideshows by combining videos,
    adding user specified transitions and animated text effects.
  • Optimization
    for CPU and GPU hardware acceleration enables fast conversion of videos
    for enjoyment on a range of portable media devices, including iPod,
    iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox and Zune.
  • MediaShow offers
    an easy way to share and preserve media files, allowing anyone to
    quickly create DVDs of their videos or slideshows, and upload directly
    to Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

"Proliferation of video and photo
capture devices such as affordable cameras, camcorders and even cell
phones, allows consumers to capture their life stories anytime,
anywhere. In fact, we are taking more videos and photos than any
generation," said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. "MediaShow 5
incorporates the latest video and imaging technologies to help
consumers organize, fix, and enhance their media, and then share their
life stories."

Key highlights of the new version include:

  • Face Tagging and Sorting: Precise face
    recognition technology helps identify people in photos with up to 95%
    accuracy—even when they are wearing sunglasses or facing away from the
    camera. Complementing this precision, MediaShow groups photos of
    similar looking people, and provides suggestions as to who is in each
    photo. Sorting is thus quick and easy. Meanwhile, optimization for
    NVIDIA CUDA hardware acceleration reduces analysis times by up to 50%.
    MediaShow lets anyone tag the faces in 1000 photos within 10 minutes.
  • One-Click Fixes:
    common video and photo errors—like poor lighting, shakiness and
    inaccurate white balance—can be easily removed with one click. The new
    Edit Log allows end-users to review and undo their changes at any time
    and also apply their changes to groups of photos or videos.
  • Speedy Video Conversion:
    Optimization for CPU and GPU accelerated processing delivers faster
    video transcoding providing performance gains up to 10X faster than
    systems not optimized. End-users simply select their preferred profile
    and MediaShow converts files for their specific device. MediaShow is
    optimized for Intel Core i7, NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream technology.
  • Creative Slideshow Tools: New
    slideshow templates, animated text styles, and transitions, let anyone
    quickly turn photos into creative slideshows. MediaShow 5 lets
    consumers combine videos and photos, add music, and insert color boards
    for chapters.
  • Online Sharing: Output
    to Facebook, Flickr and YouTube offers direct access to three of the
    most popular platforms for sharing videos and photos online. MediaShow
    supports Facebook tagging, enabling consumers to automatically upload
    their tagged photos without having to retype their friends’ names.
  • Expansion pack for support of AVCHD and Blu-ray Disc formats: MediaShow
    5’s optional Blu-ray Pack allows the browsing and conversion of AVCHD
    video files, and enables the authoring of AVCHD and Blu-ray Discs.
    (coming soon)

Product Availability
CyberLink MediaShow 5 is now available online,
supporting the following languages: English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, and Korean.
CyberLink also offers OEM versions to PC and peripheral manufacturing

Online versions of CyberLink MediaShow 5 include:

  • MediaShow 5      $49.95
  • MediaShow 5 (upgrades) starting at     $24.95


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