DirectX 11 GPU for notebooks from ATI

Result published on emerging information on what will be the next generation of ATI Radeon developed by AMD for use in notebooks, with support for DirectX 11 API. Remembered as the debut of the first DirectX 11 GPUs for desktop systems is very close.

The family of mobile solutions from ATI, according to information made available by the source provides 4 different product groups, aimed at high-end, Performance, Mainstream and Entry Level, with its own house in various versions. The result is a very wide range, which can then go to cover all types of notebook systems on the market.

The following table summarizes the information known so far:  

 Family  Model Tradename   Memory Features
 Mobility Radeon HD 5800  Broadway-XT  5870  GDDR5  CrossFireX Support
 Mobility Radeon HD 5800  Broadway-PRO  5850  GDDR5  CrossFireX Support
 Mobility Radeon HD 5800  Broadway-LP  5830      GDDR3  –
 Mobility Radeon HD 5700  Madison-XT  5770 GDDR5  –
 Mobility Radeon HD 5700  Madison-PRO  5750  GDDR5  –
 Mobility Radeon HD 5700  Madison-LP      5730  GDDR3/DDR3  –
 Mobility Radeon HD 5600  Madison-LE  5650  GDDR3/DDR3  64bit memory bus
 Mobility Radeon HD 5400  Park-XT      5470      GDDR3/DDR3/DDR2  64bit memory bus
 Mobility Radeon HD 5400  Park-PRO  5450  GDDR3/DDR3/DDR2  64bit memory bus
  Mobility Radeon HD 5400  Park-LP  5430  GDDR3/DDR3/DDR2  64bit memory bus

It obvious that for each family of cards are present 3 different solutions the only difference being represented by the Mobility Radeon HD 5600 series which includes at present only one model. This solution is derived from the same type of GPU which is used for cards Mobility Radeon HD 5700 this same kind of code name, but presumably some of the stream processors disabled so as to better segment the market supply.


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