Microsoft Launches CodePlex Open Source Foundation

Launching an Open Source foundation nonprofit in which the Redmond company has invested one million dollars. Microsoft proclaims its new policy of openness with the open source where world has already taken shape including through a recent contribution to the Linux kernel or 20 000 lines of code to optimize Linux on Hyper-V. A commitment with the Open Source that crosses a level with the launch of a foundation CodePlex.

Launched on Thursday the foundation CodePlex has received its first funding from Microsoft an amount of one million dollars. The mission shown in this foundation is to enable the exchange of code and an agreement between the software and open source communities. No specific project has been cited.

Despite Microsoft’s contribution the foundation is due entirely independent of the Redmond company. Similarly if the name is not CodePlex abroad because it is borrowed from the hosting provider of open source projects for Microsoft.

During the first days of its existence an office manager has been appointed to the CodePlex foundation headed by Sam Ramji.Sam Ramji will serve as interim President of the Foundation. He will be supported by an interim Board of Directors, Whose other members are Bill Staples, Stephanie Boesch, Miguel de Icaza, Britt Johnston, and Shaun Walker. Mr. Ramji and the Interim Board will immediately begin a search for a permanent Executive Director, who will manage the day-today operations of the Foundation, as well as a permanent Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors.

There are a number of ways for individuals and companies to participate in the Foundation  through sponsorship, or by becoming a member of the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors. To explore participation or proposes a candidate for the Board of Directors or Board of Advisors, visit the Participate section of the Foundation website. Over the coming months, the Board will determines how projects are accepted as it defines project governance, Which Will Provide clarity on how individuals or companies can contribute projects.



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