Thanko USB Shaver

Thanko, Nippon brand known for its gadgets, offers a product called USB Shaver.

Behind this name, found a razor pocket equipped with a rechargeable battery with USB. The connection is done using a small integrated rotary connector to prevent the use of a cable fragile and easily lost. The full charge allows up to thirty-five minutes of continuous shaving or shaving five minutes a day for twelve days.

Compact because of its small size (54 x 99 x 19 mm) and light weight (80 grams), it will find its place smoothly in the pocket of the laptop or the glove box. A product that will prove very convenient for business travelers who do not necessarily outlet available. They can use the battery from their notebook or the battery in their car if the USB socket of the car permits.

– Rechargeable via USB
– USB rotary connector
– Indicator light when charging
– Charging Time: 3:30
– Range: up to 35 minutes continuously and up to 5 min daily for 12 days
– Dimensions: 54 x 99 x 19 mm
– Weight: 80 g
– Finish: Black


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