Linux kernel updated 2.6.31 version

A new revision 2.6 of the Linux kernel has been online this week. stamped as 2.6.31, it brings a number of novelties from the support of USB 3.0 to the extension of the KMS (Kernel Mode Setting) Radeon graphics cards from AMD through better detection of memory leaks ,a preliminary support of NFS 4.1 or format the implementation of the Protocol Zigbee network for home automation applications. This new kernel is already available for download.

Built from the 2.6.29 version, the Kernel Mode memory allows for the Linux kernel to manage the display directly, without going through the graphics drivers. Initially restricted to Intel, the KMS is now extended to the Radeon graphics cards. However, only the earlier models in the Radeon X1950 will be benefitted at the moment, the other will have wait for the next revision (2.6.32). as for the Intel Side, KMS is also progressing,like , for example manage DisplayPort interface.

Linus Torvalds also refers to a number of improvements in the verification of memory usage, performance counters,  debug functions and, of course,drivers, the current release represent nearly 70% of changes to the code since version 2.6.30. 

Dowload Linux Kernal 2.6.31


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