Sparc and Solaris in the future of Oracle

In recent months Oracle has announced its intention to acquire Sun, a process that currently has not been completed because of the stages of verification drawn up by the existing regulations. The acquisition of Sun leads to the belief that Oracle can intervene strongly in changing the business model of this company, especially with reference to Sparc and Solaris platforms. Customers who have supported these technologies could now constitutes almost concluded their future development, once the Sun enters fully within Oracle.

One sign of this kind is indeed reflected in the volume of sales recorded for the solutions from Sun Solaris and Sparc in the second quarter, substantially following the announcement of the acquisition agreement.

Oracle does not, seem determined to stop the development of these platforms. The message that is sent to the existing Sun customers is that the development of Sparc and Solaris will continue even after the acquisition. The vision set out is that the cost is higher than they did at the time by Sun .Oracle is promising to invest in not only Solaris but also in the SPARC architecture. so alternative products available here.

If this is scenario then it will be confirmed in the coming months we will have the consequence that Oracle will continue to manage the hardware division of Sun at home, without wanting to lease to another company. Currently Oracle has an active partnership with HP to market server properly optimized for use with Oracle databases will be interesting to see which way these two companies will move once the hardware division of Sun will enter a full at all Internal Oracle.


  1. Interesting. I am currently involved in a project about large-scale migrations from Solaris and it seems that there are trends unfavorable to Solaris.


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