New Nintendo Channel

New and Improved Nintendo Channel Gets Updated Features and Weekly Show. The Fortune smiles Channel and can be download for free.

The Wii console’s Nintendo Channel is getting a makeover On Sept. 14
the channel, which provides users with videos and information about
current and upcoming Nintendo products, re-launches with a new look and
feel. Some of the upgrades include higher-quality streaming videos,
lists of top games that other viewers recommend and a new ability to
rate and recommend Nintendo DS games.

Current features of the Nintendo Channel will remain, including Nintendo
DS demo downloads and an extensive lineup of videos about Wii and
Nintendo DS games.

Learn about your luck and get daily tips on relationships, activities and recommend foods, your horoscope, thanks to the new Canal Fortune smiles, available for free on your Wii started on 9 September in Europe.

Your family and friends can enjoy the fun and up to six people can include their birth dates. Every day you will receive a detailed report on five categories: love, work, education, communication and money. The next day’s horoscope will appear every night in this channel so you know in advance what is there on the new day that holds for you.

In addition to the horoscope, the Fortune smiles Channel offers advice on lifestyle, which includes activities and meal suggestions that can help you improve your daily life according to your zodiac sign. You can also check the compatibility of different Miis throughout the day. So how will you know your relationship with friends and family at the time. If you’re planning a long car trip can be very useful!

Nintendo Channel is available free of charge to Wii owners and can be
downloaded by going to the Wii Shop Channel and following the on-screen
instructions. For more information about the Nintendo Channel visit


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