ANSI Announced New Features Including RSS feeds and email-a-friend

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announced today the introduction of several new features on, a website for the purchase and download of U.S. and other national, regional or international standards. Now users will experience increased speed and usability through added features like auto-complete for document number searches, RSS feeds, and e-mail-a-friend functionality.

“ANSI members and customers are in for a faster, more dynamic, and more interactive experience,” explained George Gulla, ANSI vice president of publications. “These new features make it quick and easy for webstore users to find what they are looking for, explore related information, and share their findings with their colleagues.”

Auto-complete improves document number search functionality, making it easier to avoid typographic errors and select standards from a matching list of documents. Keyword search has also been enhanced, producing faster results and more relevant matches than previous versions. And although the focus continues to remain on standards, a search on will now also return results from a wider variety of news sources as well as related suppliers and services. RSS feeds for news, the latest standards, and packages give users a new way to stay informed about changes that impact their industry. The feeds provide superior search, filtering, and categorization capabilities, and allow users to subscribe directly to the standards-related information that interests them. An orange RSS icon lights up at the top of the browser and on the webpage, indicating the presence of a feed. By clicking the icon, users can subscribe to the feed and learn more about how to use RSS to keep track of the information that affects their business.

The webstore’s new e-mail-a-friend feature allows users to easily share news and other information, including the contents of their shopping cart or details about a document along with comments.

“E-mail-a-friend provides a simple, one-step way to forward information to colleagues. Users can even e-mail themselves as a reminder to follow up on specific news items or documents,” continued Gulla. “Those who search for standards on behalf of the ultimate end user will find this tool especially helpful. Rather than assemble a long list of links that they must copy and paste into a separate email, they can now e-mail the contents of their shopping cart for confirmation before a final purchase is made. Ideally, this functionality will help our members and customers to save time and improve productivity.”


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