LG M227WD Monitor

LG M227WD Monitor is equipped with a built-in TV tuner DVB-T standard. In our hands was a model with a diagonal of 22 (to be precise 21.5 inches) which like all other models has a large set of connectors for a variety of home video equipment. That is, this monitor can be used at all during the day – first to work, and then for movies. TV completed a technologist is not needed? Let’s try to understand.


Today, all manufacturers have made their re-lines display a permit FullHD (1920×1080). LCD monitor with such a resolution can already be bought for very sound mind money. On the line LG M227WD need to know, by and large, only two things: TV-tuner DVB-T in most of the country will simply be useless because of our lack of broadcasting in digital format. By that time, as it appears, you already have time to change even one, but a couple of monitors, so nothing to worry about. Second: the monitor can be used as a second television set next to the place of work or it will be interesting to buy, if the house deliberately refuses to buy the TV. To such people, for example, is our chief editor – I assure you, he does not suffer from the lack of a home TV. But the refusal of broadcasting does not mean a conscious rejection of movies and TV series interesting. Once again – now there are movies on a Blu-ray disc, and a source of good videos can be not only files – Players DVD (and now Blu-ray) nobody has canceled, more than that – they are each half of all affordable. Although, of course, to establish a home theater based on this monitor it, of course, does not go. It is not the class.

Another is to say that, when buying you should pay attention not on the 22-inch and 23-inch model M2327WD. It cost 30 dollars more expensive, but the difference in a half an inch on the diagonal, believe me, worth it. However, it was clear from the outset.

In line to M227WD now on the market before another series of monitors is M94D. It includes two models with a diagonal of 23 (360 dollars) and 27 ($ 440). What you need to know about them? In these monitors is not possible to attach the monitor to the wall. And the older model just above the rate of brightness – 400 cd / sq m instead of 300.

LG M227WD Specifications

In addition to the table with the characteristics of the monitor LG M227WD below provides a comparative table of the other monitors, LG, equipped with similar capabilities. It will orient in the line and make sensible choices.

  • Dimensions: 520x401x193 mm
  • Weight: 4.7 kg
  • Sensor type: TN + Film
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • Permission: 1920×1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast: 20 000:1
  • Viewing Angle: 170° / 170°
  • Connectors: HDMI 2 pcs, DVI-D, D-Sub, composite, S-Video, Component, SCART 2 pcs, RCA, PC audio input, headphone output, optical output, antenna input


Monitor’s case has a glossy front and the back side. The lower part is made of dark red, almost maroon color. At the top of the rear panel there are ventilation grilles. Its panel comes with multiple connectors. Actually, this set is the reason for the choice of the monitor series M7WD or M94D.

On the right sidebar placed controls and a headphones socket. Frankly, enjoy them very uncomfortable. Even adjust the brightness / contrast is much easier to do with the remote. Apparently, the front panel buttons removed so as not to spoil a nice view. A sensory and hidden is not done so as not to raise the price value. In general, as an extreme version of this solution is quite suitable, but better all the settings to do with the remote.

The foot is in the bottom of the slot for the screw. Mounting stand made easy – no screwdriver is needed, there is a special folding key. Here’s what a remote control. It looks quite modern, but without any frills. He works on two AAA size batteries. For comparison, the remote monitor next to the other remotes in my home appliances.

Video demonstration work

The video, despite the duration of 5 minutes, does not have exhaustive review of the capacity of the monitor. But the menu allows you to monitor and evaluate the main features. To demonstrate to the monitor than a laptop were connected to cable TV tuner (connector SCART) and DVD-player (composite video). Employment was measured using three sources of video (laptop in the frame does not hit; he stood on a nearby table).

Impressions from the work

For all time the monitor (something about a month) did not show any outstanding or, conversely, ugly results. It is worth noting the excellent menu. It is made beautifully, if not nice and does not require study of additional instructions. It provides a wide choice of settings, both for conventional monitors, and practice in TVs (eg, sleep timer – all the energy savings and associated environmental friendliness – untwisted issue in the developed world). Thought a lot of little things – for example when you select an input source icons responsible for already engaged connectors, painted color, all others are gray, monochrome. It’s really good.

Cruising on the brightness of a monitor is very large – but most of brightness settings, there are a range of lighting settings. Pull out all of the maximum brightness (I love) means to fill all this bright light, natural way that he begins to cut the eye. Angles vertically and horizontally declared in 170 degrees in both cases, but I would say the vertical viewing angles are still a little smaller (in the eyes – 160 degrees). Does not allow the holder to rotate the screen horizontally (sorry, by the way), but a vertical angle of inclination (that is, in principle, I was much more critical and strongly disliked, for example, in the model LG W2253TQ).

As a TV monitor proved to be a good side (of course, 22 inches – not the most serious by today’s standards diagonal for the TV, but it is more convenient than a laptop screen). In any case, the movies I watched it almost every day. In particular, during this time were 3 season series "Eureka" and a half of the season (so far there was no more simply) "Impact". Attempt to connect to the pro forma antenna input, has suffered a logical crash – TV tuner resolutely failed to find anything in my cable TV signal.


Its 5 models of monitors in 2 series, LG managed to create not so much the truth, but an interesting niche. The paradox is that the main difference between these models in what can not be in our country to take – the standard TV tuners, DVB-T. These monitors will be a useful acquisition in the event of occasional use the monitor as a second or third TV set (if too lazy to go into the living room) or if you need to buy a TV is not at all, but at home have any players from the VCR and finishing players Blu-ray. In other cases, the need to purchase this monitor is just not there. And another little tip – if you buy better pay attention to two models – the 23-inch M237WD or 27-inch M2794D. The division series M227WD and M94D until the end I was not clear. The second is positioned as a more prestigious, it is 27 models. At the same time, the monitors in this series there is no option to mount the wall, that the device has a large diagonal looks reasonable idea.


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