iPod nano 5G

The new iPod nano in terms of its design is good.Where older version hold together where eye may confuse between generations 2008 and 2009. A regular user can quickly noticed the bigger screen the presence of an optical sensor on the back and shiny housing.

Also its with the video recording feature, the voice recorder, FM tuner, a pedometer and the loudspeaker, we find a fifth version in new well weighted and inflation price


Apple has not reissued the experience of a design change was known as the 3G model 2007 with its square format. The tubular format launched last year and it is maintained, with its slightly curved front and a pronounced finesse (6.2mm). The dimensions have not changed . The hull is smoother to the touch and shows an aspect lacquered gloss instead of matte treatment.

With its 36.4 grams nano 2009 is even lighter about a breath of air compare to the 2008 model 36.8 grams.The new nano is simply a beautiful object in the neat. It comes in nine colors including both red and yellow are sold only on the Apple Store.

The screen was stretched thereby offering a definition of 240×376 against 240×320 before. Won by 56 pixels in height to see who give slightly more in the videos and adding two lines of commands in the navigation menus. The brightness is more pronounced with the 5G, the difference is not huge, but it is noticeable when looking at two generations of the player.While playing movies, there are more black support .

Finally, there is the video sensor present in the back it is indeed the paradox, the nano known for film, but not for photograph. Explanation of Apple on that is to house a sensor image quality would have to thicken the player.

Video Camera
One of the two main attractions of this model is that little video camera. The definition is made clips of 640×480, H.264 and the audio is in AAC. It is 20 MB per minute of video.

Operation is extremely simple, although it requires to go through the menus (no new dedicated button on the box). We need to go into the menu video camera and we can start recording by pressing the center button. A counter is displayed with a red LED. Prolonged pressure on the middle button will display 15 thumbnails of video effects. They apply in real time on the film.

It is everything and a lot of futile black and white, sepia, thermal X-ray deformities, vision of cyborg, blur, camera surveillance, etc..The result is not bad and sometimes funny as the context. Once the nano connected to the computer, we get these clips into iPhoto or directly in the DCIM subfolder of the player.

The quality of these videos is generally correct. It falls short of what will produce a compact camera even medium range, but for short videos taken on the thumb is quite satisfactory. With one exception when the lighting is dim, the picture quickly becomes poor. If you want to capture the good times an evening with friends, plan a phone or flash with your digital camera …

In fairness to Apple the space is added to the player between the upper enclosure that houses the screen and the bottom right reserved to the headphone.Therefore it must be used to hold the nano between thumb and forefinger of right hand,

FM Tuner
Second big novelty and even surprise the nano, adding an FM tuner. Radio has always been the poor relation with the iPod but not brakes success. The only way to listen to the FM band was to go through an external module.

This time the radio is integrated. Unique constraint, it is imperative that the headphones are plugged in headphones (not necessarily the one provided, we used the example of our iPhone 3G) because it acts as an antenna. Note that several geographic areas are proposed as the FM band varies from one continent to another.

The radio has a scan function to display the station name and found recording radio favorites in a menu. But only their frequencies are recovered, not their names. This is not the most convenient to distinguish them then. To move from one station to another favorite on this menu can use frequency or use the GUI and jump between small yellow chips that signal the presence of a favorite.

The radio reception has been quite good. We were able to capture it with some crackling from time to time, but not real cuts – even in the Lyon metro but we would not bet on a correct reception anywhere on the network.

The iPhone headphones are compatible with the nano and radio. The integrated remote control will allow for example to switch between functions adjust the volume, skip between favorite stations, etc.. The supplied headphones with the Nano incorporates no remote.

More information
A speaker emits sound through taking Dock. You can listen to his music or videos without connecting headphones. But no radio which requires precisely their connection. Visually impaired users find a particular interest in this speaker because that accommodates the nano 5G playback features high voice and titles of menu interface in various languages, the title of the song and read his interpreter.

There is also a function pedometer, running through the built-in accelerometer (the same one that allows the display screen switch when the nano is horizontal). This pedometer will count your steps throughout the day, keep a log of this activity and send the results to your account (free) at Nike.

There will show you the equivalent of calorie made with some evocative illustrations (the equivalent of a skyscraper mounted the stairs, a hot dog or a donut swallowed, etc..). This function can be manually activated and there’s nothing else to do. You can see progress directly from the home screen of the iPod by selecting the menu item Pedometer. The system sometimes lacks precision. Sometimes we have already made several steps before it starts.

The nano is compatible with the function Mix Genius arrival in the baggage iTunes 9. Thus find its portable automatic compilations of pieces created by the jukebox from Apple.

With the volume set in three quarters and without equalizer enabled nano took around 30 hours. Far ahead 24 hours announced by Apple (volume 50%). We obtained a similar result with the previous nano. Even testing with the radio .

The iPod nano are also functions as the photo playback, games (three included) or shuffle triggered by shaking the player but all these respects nothing has changed since version 2008

In the range of nano 8 GB one will find product brand Sony or Creative, for example. They also have the FM tuner, a screen roughly the same size (or slightly larger), some of them even read DivX but AAC even without DRM also it is not always on the menu like for boring files purchased from the iTunes Store. if there is voice recorder, no video camera Of course it will not compatible with iTunes. The new nano is positioned so well against its competitors in the same price.

With a camera function that model would have a box full, but it is difficult to hide pleasure with the video, despite a questionable ergonomics and poor performance in low light. While small cameras and sometimes better abound already in the pockets between the phones and smaller APN. But it is an addition to the nanot. Nothing has been sacrificed on the size, weight or other technical characteristics. Prices have not increased either, contrary to even the top model.

If it settles on the balance the voice recorder and FM radio which was long sought by some users, this nano is not much to criticize. all the same headphones. Both the iPod nano is progressing well all year.



  1. But you didn’t point out the radio doesn’t work when hard docked to external speakers. Many docks don’t allow for the ear buds to also be plugged in.


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