LG W2343T Widescreen LCD Monitor

With this Flatron W2343T, LG has set itself the task of proposing a 23-inch monitor capable of displaying full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and at an attractive price. The manufacturer is it achieved? To find out, we set our eyes upon. Lets look at it more closely.

Few builders have a range of monitors that LG also expanded. It features Flatron W2343T, a monitor that has pleasantly surprised us out of the box. First, by design quite successful and relatively elegant, but also by its low weight. We are expecting a heavier device because of its size and … nothing, because here the premium plastic on metal. Hull and foot are indeed both shiny black plastic. If it reduces the monitor, it takes away the stability that is generally weighted with feet of metal.

There is some good in it …

However, after having assembled the monitor (just meet the slab and the base/foot in the heels of one in another and blocking everything with a wing bolt), then having connected to the sector and the computer through a VGA or DVI cable, we could only find good quality display W2343T.

The image is bright, contrasting to wish and does almost no trace of ghosting. To convince us, nothing more simple. We have shown sophisticated games, photos, graphics and colorful, end of course, movies in HD. All through the DVI output from PC. The result in all cases was more than convincing.


Your Gateway To Originality

No more putting up with unrealistic images. With its significantly expanded 16:9 screen size and superior Full HD picture resolution the new W43 monitor from LG gives you reason to believe in life after distortion. Add to this an impeccably beautiful glossy finish and your world of entertainment never looked so good. Witness the clearer picture you always wished for.

LG W43 series supports HD and Full HD (1920X1080 pixels) resolution and reproduces visual in more detailed and vivid colors. From sweat falling from an athlete’s forehead to the grand natural scenery, the display monitor offers flawless reality

With glossy black surfaces and smooth flowing lines, LG W43 series has a refined design that is captivating in every direction. The soft and sensuous design is perfected by an asymmetric power LED, which is usually featured only in premium models. Be prepared to be impressed by your movie zone every time you enter your room.

Using DFC (Digital Fine Contrast Ratio), a technology that enhances contrast ratio, LG W43 series can reproduce contrast of brightness and darkness up to 30,000 to 1. As a result the display reproduces even the fine details of various complex image of films and games-from the brightest indoor to the darkest settings to support excellent depth perception and vividness.

W43 series′ extremely fast response time (5ms) allows you to enjoy clean and undistorted images of even the most elaborate digital contents. Enjoy speedy and dynamic online games, action films and sports without fuzziness or afterimage.

When Playing 4:3 format Games, when watching 4:3 format Movies, in Wide format LCD monitors, these contents give distorted images to the users. With LG’s "4:3 in Wide" function, you can enjoy 4:3 contents with real 4:3 images without eye fatigue

You can easily edit the tone and color of an image, with features similar to those in Photoshop (Blur, Sepia, Monochrome Effect). You can add effects to all kinds of UCC (Moving picture, still cut, etc) with a touch of a key

But there are at least good or bad …

This monitor Flatron W2343T however deserves a yellow card for a few adjustments it proposes. Apart from the slight inclination of the slab, nothing is possible! Second yellow card for the lack of HDMI, even small speakers extra.

Fortunately, we did not have much to criticize the general ergonomics of the device. The command buttons are fairly well located and provide access to an OSD clear and organized. Finally, we will give a good place to monitor, for direct access to certain functions through the Fun button to switch from 4 / 3 to 16 / 9, choose the display effects …


  • Screen size: 23" W (58.0 cms )
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Brightness: 300 
  • Contrast Ratio: 30000 : 1 DFC    
  • Color Depth: 16.7M colors    
  • Power Consumption: 42 W   
  • Dimension( W x H x D ) in m.m: Set: 555.2 x 418.5 x 198.0; Box: 632.0 x 126.0 x 470.0    
  • Weight ( Kg ): Set: 4.4 kg; Box: 5.6 kg



The price at which Flatron W2343T is marketed and given the quality of its display, this 23 inch LG is a purely technical, a good versatile monitor. Damage is only at the level of equipment, LG has been so stingy. Like what, you can not reduce the price without relief equipment.


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