Samsung Corby TXT B3210 – Features, Specifications & Price


The Samsung TXT Corby is a new mobile phone from Samsung after Corby series previously introduced the S3650. This new series Samsung mobile phones trying to reach a younger audience. Samsung GSM Corby TXT, the company focuses more on the frequent SMS-er. The Samsung TXT Corby is alotted with a physical QWERTY keyboard for exceptionally fast and easy longer can type text or SMS messages.

The Samsung has the model number B3210 TXT Corby and will appear in bright colors like that of S3650. The Corby family of mobile phones is further expanded with the Corby Pro B5310, which also will feature a QWERTY keyboard. On this site you can about this new mobile phone to find out. So you can on this page a comprehensive review Samsung TXT Corby and we will continue to find photos, videos and course specifications on this website.

Samsung focuses in the Corby TXT B3210 is a younger audience and that we can see in the UI of the phone. Samsung is known for Touchwiz course, but B3210 TXT Corby has no touchscreen and will use Cartoon UI. In the review we describe our further experience with the other specifications of the Samsung B3210 Corby TXT.



The Samsung Corby TXT is a mobile phone and you will immediately notice the full QWERTY keyboard that is present in the cell. Young people send SMS messages and of course very much plays with the Samsung B3210 TXT useful in Corby. That is easier than writing text messages with a QWERTY keyboard.

The design is very much like the S3650 in fresh colors that also appeared on the market. The back covers are so easy to change your mobile never looks the same. Corby TXT The Samsung B3210 is 12.9 mm and the otherhand very thin cell phone company has some nice specifications provided.

There is a 2 megapixels camera on board and a slot for MicroSD memory card available. Furthermore, the Samsung Corby TXT has a FM radio. In terms of connectivity are USB and Bluetooth. With the list of specifications, you can quickly see what all is there in the mobile phone and what exactly is there, in this mobile phone .


Samsung TXT Corby : Features & Specifications



Samsung’s mobile phones focuses on very specific audiences and those with B3210 Corby TXT is the target of many young people who send text messages. The mobile phone company trying to reach this target by combining specifications with a nice attractive design and relatively low price. The price / quality ratio is the Samsung TXT Corby also really good.

Looking at the design of the mobile phone, we immediately see the QWERTY keyboard below the 2.2 inch display. The Samsung TXT Corby has a candybar form a fresh and colorful. The front of the cell is black and the back has a nice shine. You can cover the back of the Samsung Corby TXT changing the cover, just as the S3650. Another plus to the mobile phone is the thickness. The Samsung is successful because all specifications of the B3210 Corby TXT in a body just 12.9 mm thick to fit.

On one side is a button for pictures and on the other side are buttons for the volume of the cell to adapt. You can also design own view, for this we refer to the Samsung Corby TXT photo page.



The Samsung Corby TXT has a 2 megapixels digital camera that can take great pictures. Young people use mobile phone only to call and the photo function is an important specification used a lot. To address this need, the Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung B3210 Corby TXT, privides 2 megapixels digital camera. The number of megapixels does not say anything very much about the quality of the pictures. Therefore it is good to know that Samsung has used a CMOS lens for Corby TXT. This type of lens we saw earlier in Samsung mobile phones so the quality of the pictures we need not worry.

It’s also fun to take videos with the Samsung B3210 Corby TXT. You can view your photos and videos directly to the display of the mobile phone. This display area of over 262,000 colors again so your photographs will certainly suit. The Samsung Corby TXT helps to capture your funny moments forever.



Multimedia is another important specification to which young people. We can assure you, the Samsung TXT Corby is quite capable of both playing music and video files. The player of the Samsung TXT Corby plays include MP3, AAC and WMA files so you never with the mobile phone be bored.

The Samsung Corby TXT B3210 is also equipped with an FM radio. This just gives it something extra to the GSM and FM radio supports RDS functions. Of course you can enjoy music as ringing tone. You can use both polyphonic and MP3 files too.

The Samsung TXT Corby plays video files off smoothly. Video file types that are supported are H.263, MPEG4 and WMV. In terms of entertainment and multimedia, this Samsung TXT Corby as you do see it a lot to offer and thus fulfills a requirement that a youth mobile phone should also serve to relax.


Device & dimensions

The Samsung Corby TXT messaging is a phone weighing 94 grams. The dimensions of the phone are 11.1 x 6 x 1.3 inches. Speaking amounts (under ideal conditions) 450 minutes. The standby time is 390 hours under these conditions. The Samsung Corby TXT is available in gray and yellow.

Call & Data capabilities

The Samsung Corby TXT supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz networks. The Corby TXT can relatively quickly thanks to EDGE mobile internet support. EDGE abroad is still popular. With the Samsung Corby TXT can include text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages sent and received. Furthermore, the Corby TXT has a WAP browser. Thanks to the support email you can simply read your own emails. Vibrating alert and polyphonic ringtones are of course standard equipment.

Memory and connectivity

The Samsung TXT Corby has 40 internal memory (Flash). In total there is 1 slot for microSD external memory. You can using USB data transfer to and from your PC. The Corby TXT even has a Bluetooth.

Price in India :

The Samsung Corby TXT and the Samsung Corby Mate will be available at a price of Rs 7,900 and Rs 7,300, respectively.

Conclusion :

This review on the Samsung TXT Corby we come to the conclusion that the cell can be very useful for very many people who send text messages or emails. The other specifications are not the highest level but also the price of the mobile phone is relatively low . The Samsung B3210 TXT Corby has dimensions of 111 x 60 x 12.9 mm and the phone weighs 94 grams. In terms of connectivity, the Samsung Corby TXT Bluetooth and USB offer and the internal memory is 40 MB. A memory slot allows you to 8 GB memory (MicroSD) can expand. What the Samsung Corby TXT further success can help the user Cartoon specially adapted to the audience and the Fashion Jackets as Samsung calls it. These are interchangeable Back Covers that gives the Samsung Corby TXT a different look

. The main disappointment is that it lacks 3G network.









  1. I wasnt intend to buy any of the samsung phones. but i was fascinated of its new corby series and buy this phone. really amazing phone with lots social networking programs. This phone is worth to buy.

  2. All that i can say is .. this is phone is rocking .. all stylish looks .. almost all features .. Sound and camera clarity is perfect ! resolution also great, battery super … Overall Worth the money .. i got it for 4600 rs .. 🙂

  3. samsung corby text is a nice phone the most important thing is its keypads are very comfortable……………….. I LOVE IT

  4. yeah i got this phone two weeks ago, despite the “mini” keyboard which i am still trying to get the hang of, compared to my old lg ks360 the buttons arent as spaced out which makes it slower to type, i think it was a bargain at £50! people talk about the screen brightness being rubbish, it obviously dont compare to the newer phones eg samsung galaxy s and the blackberry, it isnt actually as bad as people say. The typing game is great! Also love the bebo & facebook apps! Great all rounder phone for the cash strapped people out there! But defo not a phone for big fingered people.

    I BOUGHT IT FOR RS. 5,150…

  6. I m using this frm past 1month n liked it bt still this phone could hav been much better with few more options like Photo edittin,Thems,etc…
    Well !! on the whole its a decent one…. i gotta use this hav no more option:)


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