Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400

Logitech Optical Gaming Mouse G400

Gaming mouse reflects a bulky body with number of different buttons on it. The more buttons you can find the more complicated it becomes to modify the settings. There are some heavy gaming mouse which cost a fortune to buy. But still it remains choice of advance gamers only. Mouse is the one of the most common device that we see. And a gaming mouse is just a better edition. Gaming mouse is costlier and better but also has a bigger body which irrirates while working. For gaming it is designed well to give a firm grip and quickly launch settings assigned to the controls on it. We will discuss about Logitech G400 Gaming Mouse. Not so great, but a regular mouse with some simple and instant features makes it a wise choice. There are no complications to understand the key configuration. It’s simple and bigger with some instant keys plays above the scroll wheel and to the left side where thumb lies. There is nothing special in the design. What matters is to look the feature it is build with. Logitech G400 comes with some improvement and precision. You can achieve maximum 3600 dpi on it. Dpi here stands for dots per inch. The higher it is the better mouse precision you will get. For gamers it is not a common term. If your dpi is slow then your mouse pointer takes some time to travel from point A to point B. The higher it is the lesser time it takes. It is always annoying in fps game when you are playing on high resolution but your mouse does not really stands in the performance. Due to low dpi, you will still find hard to track a target. 

3600 is a very high dpi that can be managed through dedicated buttons provided on the mouse itself. Logitech G400 has quick keys that remove the process of launching the Gaming Software and then making changes. The image below belongs to Logitech G400. The top pat has 3 buttons and scroll wheel. Among which the first one which has small rectangle is default dpi key. When you press the mouse adjust the point sensitivity on the basis of current settings in your computer. The two button above scroll wheel which has a minus and plus sign increase and decrease the sensitivity. When you press the plus button the mouse responsiveness increases a lot. With simple drag the mouse point reaches at the top of screen instantly. There are only 4 stages in which dpi rises and falls. The lowest is 400 dpi. Then when you hit the plus button it doubles the rate to 800, 1800 and 3600. Each time you press, the dpi doubles up. The response of the mouse is much faster and better. 

Many gamers mostly rely on the internal settings of computer. Those who play fps game like COD, Counter Strike, etc are aware about the crosshair behaviour. The slower it is the more time you will take to shoot enemy. The faster it is, the more you gain points and can survive. This is one of the most important features that you cannot be ignored. And above all you have dedicated set of keys to manage the dpi settings on different occasions. Like when you are not playing the game, you can switch to low dpi. The key doesn’t put any effect on the scroll wheel. So here you can simply figure out why the dip is needed. Talking about the mouse body I said that there is nothing much to see. The mouse is enough large to hold your complete hand. The finger’s lies separately over the right and left click. At the side there is a bit narrow space. The material used on the top and on the side is entirely different. The side has a bit of rubber finish that gives more grip while moving it.

At the left side there are two keys has front and back arrow mark. You can test them to browser web. It acts as front and backward key to move page ahead or to move back on the old web page. All the keys provided on the mouse are programmable. You can modify that as per your need and use it while gaming. The scroll key at the center integrated with the wheel is middle key. The default features of mouse are very commonly known to everyone. Leaving those common things aside Logitech G400 gives additional option to customize the keys through Logitech Gaming Software. The software comes with CD with mouse or you can download that from the official website. You can directly edit the key. The screenshot below can give you a clean idea of what I am taking about. You can see the keys are marked as Button 1, Button 2, etc with funtions assigned to them. You can edit each of them.

You just have to move the mouse pointer over the button and you can see a small drop down arrow. When you click on that it shows edit button. Click on that and assign what you want. The modification consists of adding a KeyStroke, Multi-Key, Text Block, Media functions, Hot keys, Application Shortcut, Functions and Ventrilo commands. So you can find that G400 has ample of customization options. One more thing that I forgot to mention here is about G400 polling rate. The polling rate is defined in Hz. The polling rate defines the mouse latency. It is a kind of calculation which tells in what time the mouse sends a command to the computer. Like you have press function key to launch web browser. If the polling rate is below 100 then it will take some time to open it up. But if the same polling rate is 1000 the computer knows about the command in 1 millisecond. Logitech G400 offers you 4 different polling rates that you can adjust as per your need. It is dividing into 125, 250, 500 and 1000. At 1000 the mouse responds the faster which is best for gaming. While 125 is the most common and default polling rate found in other mouse.

Conclusion :

Logitech G400 is a decent mouse with enough features. There is no overloaded stuff that confuses you and makes your gameplay miserable. The body is also not much heavy. Due to more weight a mouse can easily put strain on your wrist. Because you keep it moving left and right while playing games. At this point Logitech G400 is very comfortable. The buttons are places on the top side and on the left side. The only annoying part is the left buttons. Ample of time while working or playing the backward key is pressed accidently as it lies just below your thumb. With the help of Gaming Software the mouse is easy to manage and operate. I would recommend that mouse with 1000dpi for gaming pc. Logitech G400 cost around Rs. 2,100 in India and $32.99 in international market.


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