BenQ GW2250 21.5 Inch LED Widescreen Monitor

BenQ GW2250 21.5 Inch LED Widescreen Monitor

There are two edition of BenQ GW2250. One is a regular widescreen 21.5” LCD monitor and the second one is LED monitor. Today we are going to talk about the LED monitor. There is not a big difference among the features, but the technology used. Compared to LCD and LED is more vibrant and offers detailed display. It is hardly noticeable to human eyes. Still manfucturers are striving hard to indulege new technology in giving the best product loaded with most latest technology. BenQ GW2550 LED is one of them. It uses a new VA Panel which is not fully matured but can give a composite featureo f TN and IPS panel. If we see the stats of different monitor output on web, IPS is best for gaming and HD display. VA (Vertical Alignment)is still lying on the edge of giving the best feature of most commonly used TN Panel and IPS. We will not go in much detail about VA Panel. There are some shortcomings that can ignored. It does not put much impact on the display. VA Panel offers a much deepest color quality and at a very reasonable price. The response time is great with much higher contrast and sharp details on the screen. One thing I want to emphasis here is, that it is worthless to use this monitor if you do not have a good graphic support. On a regular Core 2 Duo system (no graphic card), GW2250 offers 1920×1080 HD resolution. Best for watching movies. But not for gaming. The onboard video memory is not capable of rendering video game graphics on such a high resolution. The gpu plays a vital role here. 


LED monitors are prime choice for a gaming computer. No one loves to have a high end gaming pc without widescreen monitor. BenQ GW2250 can meet all the requirement. The operating and connectivity is very simple. At first look it gives a layout of simple monitor with think dark border. The screen lies well inside the boarder with navigation button on the left side. To get a more reasonable understand you can checkout our unboxing video on BenQ GW2250. BenQ just provides a regular VGA cable with the monitors. There is no HDMI and a DVI adapter provided. After watching the video you can check for more details about the monitor in further review. 

BenQ GW2250 Unboxing Video

Specificaiton :

  • Color : Glossy Black
  • Screen Size : 21.5”W
  • Aspect Ratio : 16:9
  • Resolution (max.): 1920×1080
  • Pixel Pitch (mm) : 0.248
  • Brightness ( typ.) : 250 cd/㎡
  • Contrast ( typ. ) : 5000:1
  • DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.) : 20M:1
  • Panel Type : VA
  • Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10) : 178/178
  • Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ. : 16ms, 4ms GTG
  • Display Colors : 16.7million
  • Color Gamut : 72%
  • Input Connector : D-sub / DVI-D
  • Power Supply (90~264 AC) : Built-in
  • Power Consumption (On mode) : 25 W (Base on Energy Star)
  • (Power saving mode) : <0.3W
  • CTN Dimensions (HxWxD mm) : 397x583x122
  • Dimensions(HxWxD mm) : 400x525x174
  • Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm) : 320x525x61
  • Net Weight (kg) : 3.7
  • Gross Weight (kg) : 4.5
  • Senseye : Senseye 3
  • AMA : Yes
  • Vista Compatibility : Premium
  • HDCP : Yes
  • Color Temperature : Reddish / Normal/ Bluish /User mode
  • OSD Language : 17 languages
  • VESA Wall Mounting : 100x100mm
  • Tilt (down/up) : -5/15
  • Kensington : Yes
  • Regulations : TCO 5.0


BenQ GW2250 has nothing special on the screen. It is made with a clean structure and the body comprise of mixture of plastic matrial and glossy finished border with plasma screen in the central. The screen measures diagnolly offering a 21.5 inch size. The monitor is not at all heavy. The connectivity is very simple and there is no complicated parts used in it. The panel below comes in two parts. One is the lower part of stand and a holder that connects the monitor with lower platform. With a little push you can bend the monitor and adjust it as per your need. There are easy navigation button given on the right side. This buttons are placed with a motive to give easy access even when you plan to use the monitor horizontally. While in many other monitors the buttons are placed in the lower front of monitor or on the edges. It is complicated to use them when use the monitor horizontally. Also BenQ GW2250 does not has touch sensitive buttons. Due to quiet a bit size the monitor easily consumes a large space on your desk. The ergonomic of GW2250 gives a easy handling enviroment. Wall mounting is the best option according to me. The product build quality is accepatable at the price range offered. 

First when I saw the monitor I thought this monitor does not has a speaker inside. It has tiny speakers at the top side. You can see the that in the image below. At the backside where all connectors are placed has audio in and audio out port. BenQ does not offer a 3.5mm Audio cable . It is reqiured to activate the Speakers and Headphones. You have to buy that and connect that on Line Jack which is while color. And the hook the other part at the backside of your cpu. Only then the speakers and the headphones will work. It is a complete multimedia monitor but somehow the lack of accessories with it is the lacking point. The connectors are well placed at the backside. At the top side if you can view in below images you can see tiny speakers. Also there is a dedicated volume key placed along with buttons on the right side of monitor. I am bit doubtful about the motive why volume key is offered when there is no speakers. This keys adds less interference to reduce the volume directly by minizing the window. It is very convinient while watching movies. BenQ GW2250 gives a 178 degree viewing angle. That means you can simply get the same kind of video ouptut sitting at the corners also. 

Features :

Lets check out some of the most important features of BenQ GW2250. The first thing that I had mentioned above is the size and yes VA LED panel. So to some extent this monitor lies a step ahead in comparision to others. It offers 5000:1 high contrast ratio. This gives more color dept and vibrant images without missing any detail. For HD videos and gaming this is one of the most important feature. With 16:9 apect ration deleving maximung 1080p resolution, you get the best quality video on your screen. A regular video of 720p exceeds 1GB size. While compared to that 1080p is more detailed. The resolution is neccessary to get more clear image. While the contrast part plays the role of giving clear view. The most common example is when you try to play a small size video on full screen mode, it becomes blurry. The reason low quality or low pixels. This issue never appears on 1080p HD videos. It gives a entirely different viewing experience. But that does ont means this is going to affect the monitor response time. The minimum reponse time as per the specificaiton is 4ms.

Another important aspect of BenQ GW2250 is SenseEye technology. Each manufacturer tries to develop some kind of special technology to enhance viewing experience. This are specifically developed features which differs in various models. And also the most ignored one. SenseEye technology deals with some preset mode to adjust your monitor settings without manually making changes. For example for playing games you need maximum brigtness and contrast. You can choose the mode directly and the settings are then applied. The same is offers different for movie and work. There are around 6 different modes with different settings. They ar eStandard, Movie, Game, Photo, sRGB and Eco. They can be modified by pressing the Change Mode button (4th from top). The Game and Movie mode offer very high contrast ratio. It is recommended that you play games or watch movies from a distance. Do not site too near to the monitor. It can effect your eyes. While the best mode to work is Standard. It enables your manual settings.


Asseccories and Connectivity :


As I had said befor BenQ does not looks interested in offering us a set of accessories with the monitor. When I opened the box I was expecting to get atleast the Audio and DVI adapter. But that does not really matter much. The monitor is awesome with all set of connectivty features you want in a HD monitor. It is packed with the monitor stand and vga cable. You will have to buy a HDMI cable separately. Talking about the connectivity we had already discussed a lot on the same. Today many monitors comes with DVI and HDMI connectivity. So there is othing speical here. What matters is how much resolution and detailed output you can get from GW2250. BenQ designed the monitor with Eco friendly standards. This a good sign that shows how much the manufacturer are investing is developing a product that has no health hazard. Consumers does not really interested in putting keen interest to find what hazardous element their produt is made up of. In Benq GW2250 you can avoid worrying about the same. Along with this internal circuit also features some good energy saving standards. BenQ GW2250 is a Energy Star Qualified product. It is capable of working on minimum power reducing electricity cost.




BenQ GW2250 is a ideal monitor for gaming and multimedia. It is not only a good performer but comes with a very reasonable price tab. At the price of Rs.8,800 the monitor is much better compared to other. We spend easily Rs.5000 to 6000 on regular LCD or LED monitors. At that point you might expect a good resolution but the size is what matters the most. Along with that some features like internal speaker and ecofriendly design makes GW2250 a wise choice. GW2250 has all that you will need to setup your own gaming pc also. It lack some set of accessories but somehow those are available in market very easily. The ultra sharp resolution is prime aspect that delivers the best video and photo quality never seen before. The cost of BenQ GW2250 is Rs.9250/-.


Pros :

  • Ultra Shart HD Resolution
  • Reasonable Price
  • Easy Connectivity
  • Think Design and simple monitor stand.
  • Light Weight.
  • No sound while adjusting adjusting display.
  • Right monitor buttons comfortable for horizontal display


  • Only VGA Cable provide. No HDMI, DVI & Audio Cable
  • High Contrast and Brightness ratio not good for eyes while sitting closer to monitor.
  • Audio connectors on the backside. A bit uncomfortable to use Mic or headphone with short cable.
  • Cannot expect high resolution video output without good video memory.


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