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Time Internet is going to release final version of its popular online music streaming Gaana app for Android and iOS device and with it people can tune into access more than 1 Million Live Free Legit Music. We got a chance to review this app before and we will let you know how it really works. There are very few apps available in India that allows you to listen to legit music with flawless quality. is serving free licensed music for years and has recorded 4 million unique visitors in the first year. With more than 10 Million recorded songs, the app has a huge database for International, Bollywood and folk songs. Huge collection of songs is properly categorized so that you are not confused. app also helps us to get in touch of all kinds of music to add more variation in taste, like the folk songs. I think this is the only app available that allow you to access music in all Indian regional languages. Time Internet has designed the app for everyone due to which it is not limited to International & Bollywood music. It is having an easy to use interface with all accessibility features that you need to save in your playlist and also marks favorite songs. You can sync your favorite’s songs, share your playlist on social media platforms, access bookmarked songs on web browsers and share them with your friends as well. It is a complete music app with streaming and sharing features. You can see the app in action in this Video Review.


After streaming music for some time on we found that the app reduces your time for searching best songs. Popular playlist are created and added on the home screen to stream music instantly. The integrated media player is basic with sharing options. To share music, Gaana App sends a URL of the audio file. It is playable in web browsers only. There are three parts of the home screen. First the top yellow panel which shows now playing song, second offers you simple two column layout interface that is divided into Top Playlist and Top Songs section, and above that there is a slider that gives you access to latest music albums. The Top Playlist section is not just limited to Bollywood or International Music, but it also gives you songs sorted on the basis of regional languages, artist, festival, etc. So there is ample of choice available to choose various moods. On the same place Top Songs gives you current listing of popular songs. Next to each song in Gaana App there is a tiny heart icon. When you tap on it, the song is automatically added to your Favorites Playlist. The UI is very simple. With minimal interference all options and setting are laid properly. Gaana App needs 3G or Wifi Connectivity for better streaming. For slower network you can face issue with audio buffering. You can link your Social Media Account and instantly share the playlist or favorite song on Facebook.





We also checked out what additional options are provided in the app’s settings. The menu is placed on the top left before now playing bar. An icon of three vertical lines denotes it. In the menu you can find Discover Tab. This tab is like an audio social media platform. It is divided into submenu like Your Friends on Gaana, New Releases, Popular, Artist, Album, Genre and Radio Gaana. Under the section – Your Friends on Gaana, you can find out what your friends are listening too. New Releases gives you instant list of all top and popular songs under English and Hindi. While Popular section is dedicated for famous Songs, Playlist, Album and Artist. There is a separate category added for Artist. It is more users specific and helpful for those who want to listen to music by single artist. The Album and Genre also works in the same way. They offer you two layout selections where you can play music on the basis of Artist and Albums. Inside Genre you can find more than 100 music genre. Radio Gaana is something like streaming your favorite music on multiple devices. It works inside the App only.


Discover Music:


The above screenshot is taken from a Android Device. You can see it vaster with proper sorting layout that makes it easier to find songs. For saving more time you can tap on the search icon and look for your favorite music.

Search Music:


Media Player of Gaana app does not offer any equalizer settings. It has a shuffle and repeat button only. For more settings you can tap on (i) icon on the top side and share the same with your friends or queue the song under Radio Gaana. The application is quiet simple with minimal features and above all, it delivers you free unlimited music streaming on your mobile device. Time Internet has done a well job in organizing the music. Depending on the audience choice, it is easier to choose songs on the basis of playlist, genre, location, language, etc. There is hardly any app that covers regional songs of India on such a large scale.

Media Player


Gaana App is designed with intuitive interface and minimal settings. There are few options provided that makes the app to work much faster. Some of the best features this app holds is surfing your song history. A number of time we do not remember the actual location or artist of song and we try to find out the same through lyrics. In Gaana App you can tap on My History and get back the previous songs. On the same hand My Songs, My Albums, My Playlist & My Artist deliver you a private zone of keeping your favorites. Create your playlist, share with you friends and enjoy the latest music instantly. Also you can simply tap a song and hold it for a while. You can find a quick menu to add that song in playlist or simply share it. Under all the categories you can find a Favorite button for this Album or Playlist or Artist, so that you can instantly access your stuff on separate place.





Gaana App is a complete music streaming application. With more than 1 million songs and constant updates, Gaana App also comes for free download for Android and iOS devices. The online version is already serving free music from long time and this time we will be happy to find it on our smart phone and tablet devices. The primary app designed is for smartphones only. For Tablet’s when the app is stretched to full screen, it goes blurry. There is no option available to listen to songs in offline mode. You will require an active internet connection. On 2G or slower internet the audio buffers.  The app is more sorted that has options to keep all your favorite artist, album, playlist and songs at once place. So instantly at anytime you can simply go in the respective sections and play the music. Compared to other online music streaming applications for Android and iOS, for India, Gaana App is a good music streaming application to give everything at one place.



  • Ease to use and attractive Interface.
  • More than 1 million songs (Hindi, English & Regional)
  • My Zone to save songs, playlist & artist
  • Easy Music Streaming and Sharing
  • Large database of music



  • Buffer on Slow Network.
  • Poor iPad Interface.
  • Beta App Crashes on Android



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