Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam Review

Logitech HD Pro C920 Webcam Review

Logitech Webcam offers a very simple way to capture your best photos.  The Logitech C920 delivers high-definition video quality and it is very easy to use also.  With simple USB connectivity port the Logitech C920 is a plug and play device.  It is especially designed to deal with video chatting and maintain the quality of video output.  Logitech C920 offers you 1080p of constant streaming quality at smoother rate.  It also comes with the integrated microphone so that you can chat without headphones.  The quality for the video shooting is good enough compared to any 3 to 4 megapixel output.


AS per the technical specification mentioned about the Logitech C920, it consists of 3MP True HD Logitech C920 which is also capable of delivering up to 15Mega Pixel on software level. Based on USB 2.0 connectivity the Logitech C920 is an easy to use device with any system. You do not require any special drivers for it. But Logitech offers Webcam software that delivers a new driver update along with some additional effects in video and photos. For photos, it allows quick sharing on social media website while for video it delivers a motion sensing video recording feature. We will talk about the software in detail below.  Marked as HD Pro, C920 belongs to the Pro series that features better quality lens compared to regular one.



Logitech C920 specializes in HD Video recording and streaming.  Logitech C920 is loaded with Carl Zeiss lens. These are one of the finest quality lenses available in the market. Along with this Logitech C920 also features acceptable quality of stereo microphone. Logitech C920 is also one of the costliest models from the webcam brand. So if Logitech is charging the high amount, it is also delivering the right feature that is required for HD video quality.  Logitech C920 features H264 video compression which is managed by itself.  This is one of the most interesting things in this webcam. Logitech C920 was created with the point to deliver the best quality video even on system which is not having good hardware.  Video processing requires a nice amount of graphic memory.  And we are talking here about H264 video output which is similar to Blu-ray quality. 


We had tested the Logitech C920 on offline & online mode. In comparison to online mode, the offline mode is much better and delivers the same qualities of output at it was mentioned in its specifications.  I’m not really satisfied with the online quality.  There are a number of reason behind this.  First of all you need a good Internet bandwidth to stream the video of 1080 pixel.  For streaming a video of 720p, minimum 1mbps is recommended at any cost and above that 2mbps. Or else the quality will be compromised. If you are on a slower network it will be complicated for you to get the right quality. This is not the shortcoming but a requirement for using Logitech C920.  The software provided by Logitech offers you instant options to share your image on popular social media websites.




  • Full 1080p video streaming & recording.(H260)
  • 720P Video Call Support.
  • Carl Zeiss Optics for razor sharp images.
  • Stereo Audio
  • Stable mounting clip
  • From 3MegaPixel to 15MegaPixel image snapshot.



  • Connection Type : USB
  • Microphone : Stereo
  • Lens and Sensor Type : Glass
  • Optical Resolution : True (3MP) & Software Enhanced (15MP)
  • Diagonal Field of View (FOV) : 78°
  • Image Capture (16:9 W) :     2.0 MP, 3 MP, 6 MP, 15 MP
  • Video Capture (16:9 W) : 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p
  • Frame Rate (max) : 1080p@30fps
  • Right Light : RightLight 2  
  • Bandwidth Recommendation: 1MBPS for 720P & 2 MBPS for 1080p.




Logitech C920 is a smart product.  It comes with a USB cable and some manual along with a software CD. Even without installing the software the Logitech C920 works very well. It has a very simple design and it easily hooks on your monitor or laptop screen. Logitech C920 comes hooked on a stand. This stand has rubber pads to maintain the grip on the plastic body. It just hangs on the screen through the specially designed stand and is easy to adjust.



Logitech C920 also bends and moves backwards so that you can get a proper alignment. It is an ideal solution for chatting. In simple word you can easily mount C920 anywhere you want or you can put it lying on your table. Logitech has created the camera with a motive of easy adjustment. You can carry it inside your bag, or simply hook it on the monitor screen. The USB connector delivers a universal plug and play solution that works with the default windows driver also. You can get more updates from the official website. C920 features a rectangular shape design that has the lense in center and a stereo mic on the right and left side.


There is a blue light border which tells you the device is turned on. You can virtually manage the camera direction also. But it has limitation. Logitech C920 offers a convenient 30 degree front and backward adjustment. When the camera is hooked on a taller part it is properly adjusted, but if you keep it on the desk then it becomes a bit complicated to adjust it on our face. Also through Logitech Webcam Software you can zoom in/out and adjust settings titling it more upward/downward movement. On the body there are no buttons. It works entirely through the Logitech Webcam Software only. The body is enough impressive and the design is also proper.  



The major part of the camera consists by the L shaped hook. Below the stand you can also attach a tripod to keep the camera on standard height. Logitech C920 specializes in HD Video Stream and instant photo capturing through webcam. With detailed video quality you can easily view each face properly without losing the quality. Hassle free connectivity is one of the biggest positive points.




Photo capture mode can be enabled by clicking on Quick Capture. This opens a common interface which is also provided for the video shooting. In this you can find a small slider that switches from photo mode to video mode. After clicking on the camera icon you can see a 3 second wait time, which allows you to adjust yourself. There is nothing special available in the photo. Logitech Webcam software offers you minimum option. It lacks options like burst shot, photo effects, etc.  Logitech Webcam Software gives some ready to use feature to record a video. For example in the image below you can view the screenshot of the software. It offers you an easy to use control panel on the left side. This panel consists of all settings required to shoot a regular video or to make adjustment to the camera. For example the Mic selection bar allows you to change the mic if you have any additional and a virtual navigation keys to manage the camera. You can adjust it to get the right aspect ratio and even zoom through a slider provided. You can manage the resolution here which starts from 360p, 720p, 480p and 1080p maximum.


The video on 720p & 1080p are 3 times higher in size compared to 360p & 720p. I had captured 4 videos on all resolution where, on lower one the size lied around 1.3MB while on the higher one the size was above 5MB. So now you can assume how much bandwidth you need to stream for so much of data. A regular 512kbps of internet connection will not work well if you try to video chat on full 1080p. The software also allows you to adjust the focus settings. The advance settings menu gives you option to manage some of the major settings to get the right video output. It is preconfigured on default settings. If you want you can keep them on auto so that the camera can automatically adjust the best settings it needs.


Under advance settings you can simply manage the image quality. You can adjust Exposure, Gain, Brightness, Contrast, Color Intensity and White Balance. Also you can manage the Image Orientation and Anti-flicker. It is sad to find that the camera software does not offer you fancy settings. But you can use a set of third party software for same. Separately Logitech added a Motion Detection video recording feature. This feature comes with follow my face options. When you enable that, the camera tries to keep your face zoom-in in the video. Even if you move from one place to another, the camera follows your face and tries to keep in constant. The video camera performance is good. With 4 different resolution settings you can get optimum video output in video chatting or while shooting your own personal videos.





Logitech C920 offers HD video streaming quality without losing the aspect ratio. It is a decent camera for video chatting. With the help of 15MP camera maximum support you can capture crystal clear images with single click. Plug and Play make the device more comfortable to use with any system or OS. The only requirement to stream video at maximum quality is by getting a good internet speed or connectivity. Carl Zeiss lens delivers more sharpness in the image and video. The internal camera processor gives a video output via H264 codec. This is somehow internally managed by the camera itself which delivers the best video output.


Performance wise Logitech C920 is one of the best HD web cameras available in the market. The price of Logitech C920 is Rs.9,345.00. To some point the webcam seems to be costly but if you check out the features, then it is worth to buy. You cannot find a 15MP camera quality easily on spending few bucks. But one thing Logitech C920 lacks is that it does not has a good webcam software that can allow us a number of enhancements like fixing an image quality or adding sepia type effects. The software is very basic, just to click photos.



  • Easy Setup
  • Plug and Play
  • Upto 1080P Full HD Video
  • Upto 15MP Image Quality
  • Common Stand for Tripod and Desktop Screen.
  • Good for HD Video Chatting and Conference.



  • Limited Lens Rotation
  • No photo enhancements



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