Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion Sound Card

Creative’s Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion offers Unmatched 3D Audio Quality. Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty is a worth audio upgrade. But it lies on the edge of giving best sound that you cannot imagine with your existing onboard chip. Recon 3D belongs to Creative’s SoundBlaster series which is designed only to give best audio output. With awesome playback quality, Reacon3D is one of the best card for gaming and home theater system. It processes the quality through Sound Core3D technology by Creative. A dedicated audio processing cpu manages the audio output only. So a dedicated hardware is capable of delivering the best quality audio with some enhancement. Sound Core3D is an energy efficient technology due to which the sound card operates evenly on your existing psu. There is no requirement for additional power upgrades. Sound Core3D consists of a set of utilities that modifies the audio and delivers best out of it, similarly like THX TruStudio which enhances the audio experience by delivering each and every bit precisely. And the Crystal Voice for Mic provides clear voice on the other end.

Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion is a gaming sound card and after testing we are quite satisfied for the type of output it delivers. The sound card emphasis more on 3D gaming audio quality, which is true when you use only best quality speakers or headphones with it. The effects are not applicable for any regular audio devices. It is necessary to get maximum benefit from it, so you must also invest in getting a good surround sound Speaker of 5.1 or a powerful headphone with gaming features. Integrated with Quad Core Digital Signal Processor, the sound card just modifies the regular audio to home theater. The better audio you have the better output you can listen to. There are two variations in this sound card series. First one is Professional Series and the Second is Champion Series. The Champion series comes with I/O Drive that can be hooked easily on the front side of CPU Case for more controls and connectivity. Dedicated Mic/Headphone Volume Knob delivers more accessibility to control the volume as per your need.

Design and Features:

The box represents a big PCIe card with multiple connections on the backside. Creative has kept the design simple. Audio jacks are separately added for 2.1 and 5.1 audio channel. It is recommended to use a good amplifier if you have a high end music system to get the maximum output. The design gives a reflection of pro sound card. It is not very big in size. The I/O Drive that comes with the card offers more convenience in controlling the audio. On the front slot we can usually see DVD Drives. It syncs well with any case design. The I/O drive features Aux In, 3.5mm Headphone & Mic jack on the front side, dedicated for each of them separately, so that you can simply connect other audio devices on the front side. Along with that the I/O drive has three thin buttons on the front that allows you to turn on/off Headphone, Mic and THX Tru Studio Pro Effects. THX Tru Studio is a software that comes with the SoundCard to give you more additional audio enhancement options. If you want to remove the applied settings you just have to press the button and it will be turned off. You can simply enable the same back through it.

Creative has kept the card simple but rich in features. The connectivity is quiet simple. It fits well on any board.  Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion has 6 audio connectors on the back side. You can see the same in the below image. There is a separate Mic and Headphone connector on two sides, while you can hook a 2.1/5.1/7.1 audio channel separately on three dedicated 3.5mm audio jack. Optical In & Optical Out connector allows you to connect gaming console and AC Receiver on the sound card directly. So it looks like Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion is a complete package for home entertainment.

Software & Mic

The sound card delivers clear effects through THX Tru Studio Pro. This software is capable of enhancing the current audio quality to 3D quality. You can check out the same in below images. The software in itself is a complete package of delivering the best audio quality. Through it you can configure Surround, Crystal, Bass, Smart Volume and Dialog Plus. For gaming and home theater system this settings are proved to be much effective. On the basis of your requirement you can simply drag the slider from left to right to add maximum or minimum effects. For Microphone the Crystal Voice section enables a better output. The tool enhances the audio and delivers a crystal clear audio on the other end. We tested the Microphone through Crystal Voice settings on voice recognition software and found it much effective. The accuracy was improved to 80% compared to regular onboard audio chip. For gaming THX has an additional option called as Scout Mode. You can configure a hot key on it so that you can turn it on instantly when needed. Scout Mode allows you to listen to your enemies early before any other so that you can take necessary action.

You can use the Mixer to adjust the audio flow in different speaker and also enable Cinematic for Dolby Digital quality. Equalizer adds more effects to the music file. Listen the way you want. TruStudio delivers a single place configuration panel for Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion. The sound is incomplete with the software. The drivers are easily available and it operates on different motherboards as well.

Creative has also taken care about the Audio Recording and for Chatting purpose. The package comes with SoundBlaster Beamforming Microphone. Crystal Clear Voice with no maximum noise cancellation are prime features of this mic. So when you are playing games and do not own a good mic you can use this one to chat in-game with your friends.  As you can see in the above image, the Mic is bit different compared to any regular one. It is a flat mic that can be placed on any surface.  It features two Omni-directional mics which is capable of capturing audio from wider range. The long cable helps you to keep the mic anywhere you want near the desktop. Through THX Tru Studio you can enable Crystal voice and enhance the output quality.


Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty is a performance audio hardware. It is recommended for gaming and home theater system for 3D surround sound quality. It is awesome to find such interesting effects in the card software which can simply turn your computer to a home theater system. All effects that we usually hear in Theater, we can get on this card. With good speaker/headphone you can take maximum benefit of Sound Core3D technology. Dedicated headphone amplifier boosts the sound quality. SoundBlaster I/O drive on the same hand offers more accessibility options to control the audio and other functions. The card costs around Rs.15,000/-.  The package includes an I/O drive and Beamforming Microphone.


  • 3D Sound Quality
  • Quad Core Audio Processor
  • THX Studio Pro for Audio Enhancement
  • Noise Cancellation Beamforming Mic
  • Easy Installation
  • Additional Audio Jack & I/O Drive
  • Unmatched Audio Quality in gaming and movies
  • Energy Efficient


  • Requires best quality headphone and speakers
  • Static Sound at high volume due to low amplifier
  • Works best only with HD Movies.
  • Overpriced.


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