Logitech Lapdesk N-700 Review

Logitech Lapdesk N-700 Review

Logitech Lapdesk N-700 is a comfortable and entertaining platform for any laptop. We all are having a very common habit of using laptop/netbook on our lap while resting. The lower part of maximum laptop gets hot due to improper air ventilation and that is not pretty good. For that we can find a solution on market called as cooling pad. An ideal cooling pad consists of features like maximum comfort, additional fan for more air ventilation and extra features. Logitech Lapdesk N-700 gives more than that. From comfortable point of view it is one of the best but bigger cooling pad available. It looks like Logitech has just embedded a fan and speaker over pillow. It is classy and comfortable. We had tested it for hours and found it quiet easy to use. Almost all cooling pad comes with a fan, but what matter is design. Lapdesk N700 has a soft air-mesh fabric used at the lower end and tilted a bit 30degree to give a firm grip over lap. It is wider but very effective when used. The lapdesk platform has big low noise fan just below in the central location, so that it can capture heat from wider area. Along with enough air cooling it comes integrated with Stereo speaker. The voice is loud enough to watch movies with your friends.




Logitech Lapdesk N-700 features a comfortable design with integrated stereo speaker inbuilt. The lower part is designed with soft fabric, so that its heat lock design does not allow the heat reach your lap. It is one of the major aspects of this cooling pad. The fabric is bit thick and comfortable. The material used in it requires minimum cleaning. A number of times if this cooling pad has cloths type fabric then it gets dirty within time. But Logitech Lapdesk N-700 has some synthetic material which is easy to clean. It works on a USB connection as well.



There is a single USB 2.0 connectivity that powers the fan and stereo speaker. It operates on 5 V, 500 mA maximum powers. Sometime using it continuously may drain your laptop battery soon. But it is power efficient to some extent. We had tested it for 2 to 4 hours on a netbook that works fine. It is suitable for anyone who wants a bit comfort in cooling pad. Due to big size, it gives more space to keep additional stuff. The speakers are just placed on the top side so that you can get proper audio.



Adding a stereo speaker is really a good idea. The speakers have loud noise. You can simply play songs or watch movies with your friends. The panels over the speaker are removable. Sometime dust accumulates in the inner part and you can simply remove the panels to clean it.


Pricing & Comparison:


Logitech Lapdesk N-700 is an easy to use cooling solution but is also costly on the same hand. The price of this cooling pad lies around Rs. 6,100.00, but also note that it delivers features and durability also. It is a value for money product. Adding a speaker on the platform justify the price and with a bigger fan on the central part makes easy air flow. There are no additional options provided. If you found it costly, you can also check out many reasonable pads offered by Logitech, but they lack many features compared to Lapdesk N-700, like for example, Cooling Pad N120 does not has a speaker. And if you are looking for more stylish cooling pad then just have a look on Comfort Lapdesk. The price may differ, and also the features. It is not easy to makeup your mind to spend around Rs. 6000 on just a cooling pad, but if we check out the comfortability, the product is worth it.



AT the price ratio Logitech can put more things in Lapdesk. Like a space to keep mouse. It is also heavy to lift. The size is enough for 16” laptop. It could have been possible to hook some additional usb connectors that can be used for charging or transferring data. Logitech have avoided this because, with more additional option the power requirement increases and you might not like using the pad with a separate power adapter.




Logitech Lapdesk N-700 is one of the best and comfortable cooling pad for netbook and laptop. It has a wide platform to place the system properly. The air ventilations is much more improved that keeps your system cooler. The price of Logitech Lapdesk N-700 is Rs.6100. It is a costly product, but provides a luxurious look. Due to integrated stereo speaker it becomes easier for you to listen audio.



  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable fabric
  • Large Quiet Fan
  • USB Connectivity
  • Integrated Stereo speaker
  • Volume Control Buttons
  • 3-year limited hardware warranty



  • Overpriced
  • Heavy in weight



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