SeaGate GoFlex Satellite 500GB Wireless Storage

SeaGate GoFlex Satellite 500GB Wireless Storage

Seagate has already delivered some ideal backup solutions. If we talk about wireless storage device then Seagate offers really something surprising. GoFlex product line offers large storage space and wifi connectivity in portable format.  It would be rather better to say that GoFlex Satellite is a great option for those who want easy streaming of multimedia files. It only comes in 500GB Storage Space. There is no other variation available. Recently we had tested some more portable wifi storage, but one important thing they lack is a good streaming rate and higher storage space. GoFlex offers an easy connectivity to your favorite content. You can sync up to 3 devices at a time without installing any third party application no your device. It also comfortably works with smartphone, tablet and laptops. To use it you have to connect to GoFlex wifi network that would disable if there are any available. That is a common shortcoming of much wifi storage which cannot be counted as drawback. GoFlex Satellite is a stylish portable hard drive with wifi connection. It has a nice design. The size is extremely handy and it is not very heavy. The content of hard drive can be accessed through a web browser of your device.

Due to good storage size, you can keep many things inside it. Like you can simply keep your documents, movies, and mp3 on it. Also you might be wondering that copying huge file might cause buffering issue. But it really does not. It works fine and offers a nice streaming bandwidth for 3 devices at a time.

Features & Supported Devices:

  • Easy Setup
  • Compatible with Smartphone
  • Removable USM Adapter
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod touch running iOS 4 and above supported
  • Android-based tablets and smartphones running Android release 2.1 and above
  • Other Wi-Fi-enabled tablets and smartphones
  • Windows computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP
  • Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later operating systems


  • Drive Capacity: 500GB
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port (required for USB 3.0 transfer speeds) or USB 2.0 port
  • Battery: Non-user replaceable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 5 hours of continuous streaming (1 user); up to 25 hours standby
  • Maximum Wi-Fi range: 45 meters (147 feet)
  • Drive Format: NTFS


GoFlex Satellite is build for performance output. Also it delivers a unique look that makes it less clumsy. The drive comes with a good enclosure with removable USM adapter at the lower side. Ample of backup and wireless storage solution of Seagate offers detachable USM adapter where you get options to use thunderbolt connector. But for that you will need to purchase a separate adapter from Seagate. So you have more options to worry less about charging. Right now the wireless storage device offers a maximum storage battery of 5 hrs only. That can be limited options but due to availability of different charger adapters you get more choices. I was expecting more battery life here. The handling of SeaGate GoFlex is extremely comfortable. You just have to turn it on through a power button on the right and it takes a few moments to enable the wifi connection. Later on you just need to hook your device on the wifi and you are done. You are able to access the internal content through a web browser. You can simply type name of any website in the browser and you can access the content. Till now I had not been able to find any app for this.

The dimension of GoFlex is around 90x120x22 mm. That makes it a very handy tool and ultra-slim if talk about wifi storage media. The top part has glossy finish with nice appearance. It is a very simple device that works in minimum configuration. With 3 easy steps you can connect to the drive and work on it. On wifi there is no way to transfer data to it. You can only stream the content. For adding content you have to use the usb cable.


With 500GB internal storage, I think this would be an ideal choice for many. There is enough space available to put movies, video songs, mp3, etc. And along with that you can keep your office file also. For using it on Android and iOS devices just ensure that you are having relative application installed in your system that can read the file extension. The browser based dashboard just offers you accessibility. It can also act as a good data backup source. But as the device does not allow you to copy files on Wifi the usage is limited to some extent. USB 3.0 interface makes the device work faster. You can transfer heavy files instantly from your pc to the drive through USB 3.0 interface. SeaGate GoFlex Satellite is a plug and play device. That means there is no need to install any additional driver or pc suite software for accessing it.  Once you store your data, you can access that by connecting your smart phone or tablet on the GoFlex wifi network. This integrated wifi network can be protected by adding a password also so that only those who know can access it. That is the only security feature added.

But there must be option available to upload the files also. That makes it less entertaining. For example you would love to move any favorite video or image to the wireless drive, and then there is hardly anything you can do. The media access interface does not help much there. But still there is an option available to access your local content. That is the content saved in your smart phone or tablet. The tablet comes packed with required accessories. You can carry it easily anywhere with you. I had said already that, SeaGate has not provided any carry pouch where you can keep all the accessories of hard drive together.


SeaGate GoFlex Satellite comes for Rs.9500. It can be costly in terms of storage solution for professional work, but for entertainment it is an ideal choice. It syncs well through common wifi standards and offers a nice streaming bandwidth. 45meters of wifi streaming range is more than enough for anyone to share content people living on next block. The best part of having this drive is a simple configuration. You just have to turn the drive on and scan for wifi network on your Smartphone or Tablet. It will be detected. One thing this drive lacks to some extent is a good application for Android and iOS that can offer some additional configuration options. For Windows you can use SeaGate Media Sync app to sync the multimedia content as soon as you connect the drive.


  • Easy Setup
  • Wifi Connectivity.
  • Plug and Play
  • High Storage
  • Good Wifi Range


  • Limited Battery Life
  • Cannot upload data on Wifi


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