BenQ RL2240H Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ RL2240H Gaming Monitor Review

BenQ RL2240H is a true gaming monitor dedicated to RTS Gamers. It is a 21.5” LED Screen supported by 12M:1 Dynamic  Contrast Ratio and a separate RTS Mode. If we talk about gaming monitor, then it is not easy for every model to land on expectation. Gaming is not just a term that means the hardware used will offer performance only. It means extreme level config and tends to give the best which others cannot.  When I search for good monitor my motive is to find one that has fast response time, great contrast ratio and ample of connectivity options.  After checking BenQ RL2240H my checklist looks to be completed. It will be wrong to say it is the best one, but it is the best one under budget price. With TN Panel and a good response time, spotting is better in it. While there are better gaming monitors in the market that has IPS or PVA panels. Both come under the list of expensive monitors. PVA gives better color output but are drastically slow in response time while IPS is more vibrant. IPS is great for big size monitors. TN is the most widely used and less expensive monitor with fastest response time. For RTS, response time matters the most. Especially in games like Battlefield where spotting enemy is bit complicated and if your monitor has a poor response time, failure is guaranteed. The maximum viewing angle RL2240H gives is 170/160 2ms response time on GTG and 5ms on other.

BenQ RL2240H also has an additional technology that work hard on the visibility. It is called as Black eQualizer. This makes your game scene less disturbing. The technology works on a new color engine. It improves the dark part of the game adding more to the visibility to increase your reaction time. The visibility is better compared to other monitors. We tested the same on Counter Strike. At some part you cannot see inside a window or underneath any vehicle. But through Black eQualizer the scene is more enhanced with maximum light adding more to the visibility. It is great for long distance shooting that helps to spot anyone instantly between various objects.


  • RTS Mode : Out of the box settings to give crystal clear sharp video output for gaming.
  • Black eQualizer : Add more light to the dark scene through new color engine.
  • Display Mode : Choose from set of pre-configured settings to enhance visibility.
  • Response Time : Miss nothing via fast 2ms GTG Response Time and reduce ghosting effects.
  • Stylish Design : Complete White housing with stylish look.


  • Screen Size : 21.5”W
  • Aspect Ratio : 16:9
  • Resolution (max.) : 1920×1080
  • Pixel Pitch (mm) : 0.248
  • Brightness ( typ.) : 250 cd/m2
  • Native Contrast ( typ. ) : 1000:1
  • DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.) : 12M:1
  • Panel Type : TN
  • Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10) : 170/160
  • Response Time(Tr+Tf) typ. : 5ms, 2ms GTG    
  • Display Colors : 16.7million
  • Color Gamut : 72%
  • Input Connector : D-sub/DVI/HDMI/Headphone Jack
  • Special Feature : Senseye, AMA, Vista Compatibility, HDCP, 17 OSD Language and K Locker.

Being a reasonable TN monitor, it has a bit more benefit over others in terms of look. BenQ RL2240H has a complete white housing.  While the traditional color almost on all monitors is black which suites well with other devices. Adding a white color makes the monitor look a bit different on desk. It is also light in weight. The front side offers a decent look with BENQ logo at the center on lower size. All buttons are placed on the right side which is easy to access. While on the backside there is nothing special. For connectivity RL2240 offers you D-SUB, DVI, HDMI and a Headphone jack. The monitor does not have speakers on it.  From look wise it does not really look like traditional monitor. White color simply makes it classier. BENQ has total 4 monitor models under gaming series among which RL2240H lies at the end. The other three models are XL2720T, XL240T and RL2450T. RL2240H can be tagged as entry level gaming monitor.

Viewing angle is optimum here. The monitor delivers great visibility from all side. It has a vibrant screen which is a bit pain on eye if you keep on playing games on full settings for long time.  Native contrast ratio of 1000:1 gets boosted with the Black eQualizer and color engine that illuminate dark scenes without blowing the white levels function where you can finally detect movements. The display allows you to choose from four preset display sizes of 17 inches (4:3), 19 inch (4:3), 19 inch Wide (16:10) to 21.5 inch wide (16:9). A scaling function provides the ability to scale the representation of the screen contents freely.  The color variations are generally very large, in grayscale, it looks better. Many settings are locked in sRGB mode, but fortunately this does not affect the brightness control. Also in the RTS and standard mode, the picture is pretty cool, in which case the gamma curve a little more higher.  A full HD resolution and two digital image inputs complete the picture.


The BenQ RL2240H is a LED monitor with a 54.6 cm (21.5″) diagonal large size, specifically designed for real-time strategy games. Thanks to HDMI and DVI-D with HDCP also the RL2240H can be used for playback of protected HD content. It has a fast response time of just 5 ms (ISO) and an extremely high contrast ratio of 12000000:1 (dynamic). The LED backlight makes the monitor very economical and offers optimal output. The monitor offers feature that allows you to manually increase the visibility of the darker scenes, without overexposing the white levels. For its part, the “RTS Mode” automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the screen depending on the displayed images.  It is a value for money product.

Pros :

  • Budget gaming monitor
  • Vibrant Image Quality
  • Fast Response time

Cons :

  • Low on viewing angle
  • No Speakers


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