Zebronics Stingray Gaming Headphone Review

Zebronics Stingray Gaming Headphone Review

Zerbonics Stingray is a decent gaming headphone. Built on 40mm driver, you can expect a good audio output from it. When we talk about gaming headphone, then the first thing comes in mind, is a big size headset, with flashing design and good controls over it. Zebronics Stingray lies somewhat near to that. It features a black and red color design giving out no cheap looks. But I am not happy with the build quality. I got this headphone directly after Creative 3D Omega. I cannot forget the experience I got while using that was. It was amazing. But costly also. So here we are going to go with more reasonable model by Zebronics. The model name is Stingray. This reminds us about some high end series that belongs to gaming. Yet I am not really sure that Zebronics Stingray completely justifies the name. It is a budget headphone. Due to which I found the features impressive. 40mm driver are big size speaker giving you clear audio quality. But audio effects do not work much on the same. A common thing that lack in all budget headphone. Because they don’t have any internal audio chip that process audio and give you theater type of effect. Still Zebronics Stingray tries to give you a clean audio.

Without enhancement or settings up a proper equalizer you cannot get the good bass effect. I used the headphone for some time and found it comfortable. It is a wired headphone that comes with 2meter cable and 2 3.5mm audio jack. It is a good budget solution for multimedia and gaming. The headphone cost around Rs.690 which is fair enough compare to other product in the market. It is not possible to get this kind of model in other brands at offered price. Zebronics Stingray features good look with good audio output. But I was expecting a little better. Zebronics Stingray is a good no disturbing headphone. You can sit back on your couch hook it on your laptop or mobile phone and enjoy good music on it.


  • 40mm Driver
  • 2 Meter Cable Length
  • 3.5mm nickel-plating Jack
  • 6 x 5mm condenser microphone
  • Soft leather ear pad for comfortable wearing
  • Light-weight and unique design of the ear cups
  • Flexible microphone


Zebronics Stingray is big in size. This is due to 40mm driver. It is a complete close headphone that covers your ear and block outside noise. Attached Microphone helps you to record your audio, chat and use it on for calling also.  It has a combination of black and red which makes it attractive. The build material is average. It can be felt after touching. It is a plastic element with rough finish over it. It is not durable. The ear pad comes covered with soft leather cover which makes it comfortable when you are wearing it. At a budget price this headphone is amazing to show off. Missing led on it. The body looks impressive to me. Ear cups are not adjustable which is commonly found in other brands. They are fixed.   The size is just perfect. It fits well on your head with covering the entire ear part.

I am not happy with the headband here. It is too tough to push up. When you try to adjust the size, you have to push it hard. This is where Stingray lacks. Instead of this, sliding headphone is easier. They are smooth to adjust. Attached mic allow you to chat with your friends while playing games or while video calling. The output is reasonable. It is not a noise cancellation mic. The mic features a rotation design. When not using, you can push it to the up side.

Zebronics Stingray offers you 2meter long cable with 2 audio jacks at the bottom. Among which one is the audio in and other one is for mic. 2meter cable helps you to site well when you are using it on a pc. Most of us keep the CPU case below and monitor lies on the top side. So short cable is uncomfortable to use. It has a single volume control wheel in the between. Nothing else. Overall Zebronics Stingray has a good design. It does not look cheap from any corner. The long wire helps you to site comfortable while using it.

Audio Output:

After using it for few hours, I found it better for music and movies. For gaming it is an average product. It is best for music I think. To enhance the bass output you can use it on Windows Media Player. Right click on it and choose Enhancement. From there go SRS WOW and set the Tru Bass slider to maximum. If you are using it on tablet or mobile phone then configure your equalizer on high bass. It delivers less disturbing audio. It does not enhance, but it gives a clean sound. Which is sharp and not very loud that can affect our hearing. Even on maximum volume it works well. Most of the headphone that does not has good audio driver, cause a problem with audio output. After using them for some time you will find it disturbing. You might reduce the volume or keep it aside. But on Zebronics Stingray you can enjoy your music and movies for hours.


Zebronics Stingray is a great budget headphone. At a cost of Rs.690 this is good enough to deliver decent multimedia output. It has comfortable adjustment through which you can fit it well on your head. It had soft fabric over ear cup offering comfortable usage. The build quality is good but not really great. It has an attached mic. 40mm driver help you to get reasonable audio quality. The sound volume is also decent. It is not very loud or very low. On max volume it is comfortable for usage. The volume control wheel in center allows easy access to reduce or increase the volume when needed. 2meter long cable adds more space between your pc and you so that you can sit comfortably.


  • Decent Audio output
  • Good budget headphone
  • 2meter Cable


  • Average build quality
  • No Noise Cancellation Mic


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