TAG USB 007 Optical Gaming Mouse

TAG USB 007 Optical Gaming Mouse

It takes lots of thing to make an ideal gaming mouse. For PC gaming, peripherals like mouse and keyboard offer more precision and power. We had seen a different league of product line dedicated to gaming only. This are super fast and flashy components. the cost is higher compare to the regular hardware we use in our day to day life. Today we have amazing games, offering real life like graphics and long hours of gameplay. On pc the default controller’s keyboard/mouse is the only option to enjoy it. If that is pathetic it will spoil your mood completely. So here are going to discuss about a gaming mouse by tag. The model is TAG USB 007 Optical Gaming. This is a budget mouse which has Pro Series features. Any hardware either it is a peripheral or internal component has to be extreme when it comes to gaming. this is not something we do daily. Recently released Battlefield 4 is the perfect example. When you go out in the market to find a good mouse and keyboard you will find ample of models. most of them are loaded with same features. The thing that matters is dpi, acceleration, response time, design, programmable keys and usage. I am only taking the mouse under consideration. After closing checkout out this one, I consider TAG USB 007 Optical Gaming Mouse as an entry level model. We had last time reviewed CMS Storm CMStrom Recon Gaming Mouse. this is an extreme level model that has completely unique design and great power for gaming.

TAG USB 007 is an optical mouse and many gamers consider laser mouse for gaming. Being an entry level mouse the features and design are reasonable. TAG is also not charging you high on this. On Flipkart this model is sold for Rs.830. The official price on the box is marked as Rs.1,150. At some point I think this is bit pricy. I came to this conclusion after comparison the future of this mouse with other. In terms of gaming the mouse design and body matters a lot. If it is not comfortable it will be pain to use it for long time. Somehow TAG USB 007 fits well on hand, but has a rough and strong finish over it. TAG made it impressive in design, but when it comes to attraction it is not eye catching. This can be due to low budget.


  • 800/1200/1600/2400 Adjustable DPI.
  • 6 Button Programmable Keys with Scroll Wheel.
  • Optical Technology capable of working on all surfaces.
  • 1.6meter USB Cable Length.
  • 5 Million Cycle Switch Life.

Most of the models under Gaming series are very costly. A good mouse starts from Rs.1500. Below that is not beneficial to invest if you really need a long lasting support. But if you need a budget solution and require mouse that has reasonable features then you can go for TAG USB 007 Optical gaming mouse. I found this one a good choice for newbie’s. Pro gamers will not be happy with the design and features. They prefer Laser mouse which is faster and accurate. In shooting game the speed matters the most. Manufacturers work on different technology to power up their gaming mouse. Like the DPI. Higher means faster cursor movement. Unlike others in TAG USB 007 we have a dedicated DPI key which is placed on the top side. This key gives you 4 level selections. You can adjust between 800/1200/1600/2400 DPI. for using this mouse you need a good mouse pad. Though it has an optical sensor, still the below platform is rough due to plastic element. You can feel the friction when you try to move it fast. To use this mouse nicely you require a glossy surface, but if you try to use this on wood, it is quite rough. TAG USB 007 has good design. It comes in two partial colors. One is blue and the other one is red. The color does not have any great impact on the design. a partial blue texture covers the top body part which gives it different long from distance. The non shiny body makes it an entry level mouse. in the image below you can see how it looks. The design is not complete oval. It is trimmed. It terms of size it is big.

The scroll wheel and a dpi control button are placed on the top side. Usually in gaming mouse I had seen two arrow buttons to control dpi. From down you can decrease and from up you can increase. But in TAG USB 007 there is  a single button to control it. It is a bit complicated while playing games. If you want to reduce the dpi you have to click multiple times to reach a desired cursor speed. This is disturbing. The scroll wheel is also a clickable key.

Forward and Backward keys are places on the left side. The mouse has a curved empty space on the left side. this is for your thumb. There is a high space here. There is a rubber coating provided on both left and right side. This adds more grips. the keys are just placed at the right place.  

At the bottom lies the optical sensor. You can see the bottom part which is large compare to a regular mouse. This covers more area. But when you are using this on less space you will find complicated to move your hand completely. There is a very few space left on a keyboard tray. The mouse consumes a good amount of space there. Most of the gaming mouse is big in size.

Overall TAG USB 007 has a good look. The design is ideal for right handed people. It has a proper placement for each finger. At the left you can place your thumb, while the second two fingers control the right and left click. The left two fingers have a dedicated space provided on the extreme left. Big hands fit well on it. The build material is not very durable. it looks a mixture of plastic and rubber coating.

TAG USB 007 is an optical mouse. The optical sensor below looks fast enough to give you fast performance while playing games. But as I said the DPI adjustment key is not so effective. The mouse works well for regular use also. It has many similar features which a regular usb mouse has. The only thing tweaked here is the body design. And a few added keys to make it more productive. If we talk about competition then Cooler Master CM Storm Xornet is the only model that comes in my mind and which is available online. It comes for Rs.1600. A bit costly mouse but more effective for gaming. It has two separate keys to control the dpi and features more precision. TAG USB 007 does not give you other than controlling the dpi, but CM Storm Xornet offers additional technologies like Anti-Drift Sensor, Omron Micro Switches & Rubberize Anti-Slip Design. This mouse is one of the best entry levels gaming mouse in the market. And TAG USB 007 is good for budget conscious. But don’t expect much from it.


The cost of this mouse lies between Rs.800 to RS.1100. Depend on the seller. Flipkart is selling this one for Rs.850. So you must check the price before buying it. TAG USB 007 is an entry level gaming mouse offering you 6 programmable keys and rubber coating. The design is good, but build material looks average. 1.6m long cable gives you a good gap to control it. Single DPI key is less effective when you are looking changing the cursor speed instantly. After comparing this mouse with some other entry level mouse model in the market I found it a bit pricy.

Pros :

  • Good Design
  • Rubber Grip


  • Single DPI key not easy to adjust
  • Average Build Quality


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