Galaxy Note 3 Device Layout

Galaxy Note 3 Device Layout

Galaxy Note 3 is an amazing smartphone offering extereme hardware config and tons of great featuers. It is hard to understand all of them easily. In this short article I am going to show you the complete device layout of upper body including Spen. This will help you to use Galaxy Note 3 in a more proper way. The Smartphone offers impressive design with Spen support that enahcne the productivity.

Front Part Top Side: 

Notification Light

Ear Piece

Proximity/Light/Gesture Sensor

2 Mega Pixel Front Camera with Smart Stabilization.

Front Part Center Side:

5.7inch Full HD Super Amoled Display

Front Part Bottom Side:

Meny Key:

Home Key:

Return Key :

Top Side :


Microphone for Speaker Phone

3.5mm Audio Jack

Bottom Side:


Multipurpose USB 3.0 Port


Left Side: Volume Key

Right Side: Power Button

Back Side:

GPS Antenna

13 MegaPixel Rear Camera with Autofocus and Image Stabilization.

LED Flash


Main Antenna

Sim and Memory Card Slot:



SPen: SPen Tip:



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