Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speaker X100 Text Review

Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speaker X100 Text Review

Logitech is a popular global manufacturer of various computer and mobile accessories. We all know this brand and we had seen some of the best accessories released for tablets and Smartphone. Today we are going to talk about a wonderful  Mini Bluetooth Speaker. The model is X100. Portable, stylish and simple connectivity makes Logitech X100 an amazing accessory to carry. We had seen a few Bluetooth speakers recently which fall under the budget price of Rs.1500. They provid less satisfying sound quality. Compared to them Logitech X100 pushes the cost above Rs.2000 but brings out a loud and clear audio quality. The actual cost of Logitech X100 lies around Rs.2300 approx. If you are looking for a portable speaker with handy design and loud audio then X100 can be a good choice. But it lacks amplified sound quality. I am talking about the bass sound effect. Otherwise it produces amazing audio which is loud and clear. It is very comfortable to watch movies or videos on your tablet after pairing X100 with it. At max volume it is clear. But when it comes to bass effect or a bit of 3D sound quality, the speaker lacks the output. The design also looks durable to me. We will test out the speaker in more detail and checkout whether it is a worth buying product or not. Before that lets have a look on the features.


  • Rocking sound
  • Connect and play
  • Take it anywhere
  • 5 Color Choices
  • 5 hour Battery


Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speaker X100 comes in  cylindrical shape. It has soft rubber over the body and plastic filter on the front side. It is small and can fit well in your bag. The speaker offers you a 8.5inch of diameter and it is around 3.7cm in height. It is portable. The speaker also has option to add a string or strap in it. At the front you can see the model that we are testing has a yellow cover. There are for more color choices available. They are blue, red, orange and black.

Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speaker X100 has 4 buttons on the side. This consist of power button, volume up/down and a Bluetooth pairing button. When you hit the power button, the led light glows on the top side. This blinks when you put the speaker in pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button. A 3.5mm audio jack and micro usb port also lies on the side. The micro usb port allows you to charge it and it takes around 1 to 2 hour to completely fill the battery. The 3.5mm audio jack helps you to use the speaker with those devices which are not having Bluetooth. Like you can connect it to your pc also.

Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speaker X100 looks very nice. It is very light and the cylindrical shape also makes it unique. It is able to give you amazing sound quality with very loud volume. You can also use it for calling. It has an integrated mic in it. Due to small size it fits well in your bag. It does not occupy much space. Logitech has kept everything very simple here. After hitting the Bluetooth button you can pair it with your phone instantly. It connects with almost all devices that has a Bluetooth support. The speaker throws audio on the top side when kept on a tablet. Due to which the sound spreads well in the room and everyone is able to hear it. Many speaker project sound to the front side due to which sometime you can find it very noisy. I am quite impressed with the audio quality.


Once fully charged you can use it for 5 hours continuously. This is based on the specification. After testing I am able to get the exact hours of output on it. I had connected Logitech X100 to devices like Moto E, Note 2, Note 3 and also on a very outdated basic phone like Micromax X288. The audio quality depends on the device you are using. Like Micromax X288 comes with very basic audio equalizer. You won't get good sound effects on the same. And when you connect it to Moto E or Note 3 the sound quality is much more improved. It shows that this speaker does not has any audio amplifier in it. We get actual audio quality based on your phone’s sound settings. Another thing it lacks is good bass output. This can be due to the portable design. A few portable speaker that I had tested came with tiny sub woofer that were able to maintain an average bass output. This makes your music experience more better. Still Logitech X100 is a good speaker for those who need a reliable audio accessory.


Logitech X100 is definitely a good product. Spending Rs.2200 on the same should be a bit expensive. The speaker is bit reliable in terms of design compared to others. It has a nice thick body cover with rubber finish. Stylish look makes the speaker really amazing and a bit value for money also. But if the price was a bit lower then this is a good speaker. Loud and crystal clear audio is one of the biggest point of this speaker. Once charged you can enjoy nice 5 hours of battery output on the same. If you are playing on lower volume the amount of battery usage is extended more. There are different color choices available.


  • Great sound quality
  • Great Design


  • No Bass Output
  • Expensive



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