Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker Review

Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker Review

Creative MUVO 20 is an big size portable speaker that brings loud audio with simple connectivity. Portable speakers are usually small in size with least audio benefits. Most of them features volume that is enough for you to listen in a room. But Creative MUVO 20 is different compared to them. The size is enough big to cover a major part of desk. There are two more models available under MUVO series. They are MUVO 10 and MUVO Mini. We had already reviewed MUVO 10. Only MUVO Mini comes with a waterproof design others are regular ones. There are different benefits of Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker. It is something you can use it outdoors and in party. It is not the best compare to 2.1 or 5.2 desktop speakers. Because they come loaded with a Sub-Woofer that boost the bass quality. And in Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker bass output is limited. At maximum volume the voice quality is less than average. But at a mid volume it works really nice.

In terms of audio quality it falls in the mid range where you get decent treble and bass sound. Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker is designed to give maximum comfort while using. There is no need to use any cable for connectivity. The fastest way to connect is using NFC. Just turn on the speaker and bring our NFC Smartphone near to the chip on the top part. And done it is connected. It skip the pairing time. Other than this it has Bluetooth and 3.5 aux port also. This allow you to use it on pc, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, etc. You have to purchase a 3.5mm audio cable for that. Creative MUVO 20 is loaded with rechargeable battery that can provide you up to 10 hours of day usage. Being a handy speaker you can carry it with you. You have to get a separate bag for this. It is a big size speaker that won't fit with other things. The cost of this speaker is around Rs.5700.


  • Dimensions: 115.0 x 335.0 x 115.0 mm (4.5 x 13.2 x 4.5 inches)
  • Weight: 1.02kg (2.2lbs)
  • Wireless Streaming: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0. Bluetooth ProfileA2DP (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth). AVRCP (Bluetooth Remote Control). HFP (Hands-Free profile).
  • Supported Codec's: aptX
  • Near Field Communication (NFC): Yes
  • Connector Type: Aux-In
  • Volume Level Control: Yes
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion
  • Battery Life: 10 hours



Creative MUVO 20 is an bulky speaker. Due to full size drivers, the audio quality gets more better. But still I am not very amazed with the sound when I am playing at the maximum volume. Due to simple connectivity and rechargeable battery it is easy for you to carry it. The issue lies with carrying it. Similar to MUVO 10, MUVO 20 is not having a handle on the top side. The design of MUVO 10 is  nice due to a integrated handle which makes it very easy to move. And compare to that MUVO 20 is heavy with no handle to lift it up. It is a model that should be kept at one place.


The speaker dimension is 4.5 x 13.2 x 4.5 inches. It is not very broad, but long in length. It has a classy design. It is not flashy and comes with minimum controls. AT the center lies a Bluetooth button and a led in triangle shape just next to that. There are two more keys that are for volume control. There is no play/pause keys available. A few more controls can help to use the speaker quiet easily. There is one more light in the center which is the charging indicator. the front features a triangle based grill that look impressive. It does not look like a average model. The build material looks a bit nice. There are two color choices available in it. White and Black.


The sides does not has anything impressive. There is no handle based design that I had seen in MUVO 10. But the same is missing in Muvo 20.


NFC is placed on the top center. You can see a NFC icon at the center. To connect just put your phone near to that and done.


Power button is at the backside with a 3.5 audio jack and two ports. Among which one is USB DC Out Port and the other one is MicroUSB port. Through USB Port you can charge your mobile phone and tablet. The speaker comes with feature of a power back. And the next Micro USB port will help you to charge the speaker.


Creative MUVO 20 Wireless Speaker works well with all type of devices. Bluetooth and NFC connectivity extend your usage more. You can connect any device with that and play audio. The battery performance is also great here. From audio point of view the speaker is good here. And once charge you can also use the same for charging your tablet and Smartphone. Creative MUVO 20 will surely offer you a high quality audio. Creative added Creative BasXPort technology. It surely enhance the bass but does not make it very great. Average bass output is common on portable speaker due to lack of sub-woofer in them. Compare to this one MUVO 10 is lot more easier to handle. It has a decent audio with lot of similar features. It is portable and bit easy to move due to a handle integrated design. Performance wise Creative MUVO 20 is a beast. But the sound gets messed up with very loud audio.


Creative MUVO 20 comes for Rs.5300 approx. This is not a costly price for such a big size portable speaker. Due to fulfill size driver it is possible to get loud sound with clear output. Connectivity and range is not a big issue here. IT also has a integrated mic so that you can use it like a speaker phone. With audio jack you still have a extended option to use it with the pc. And the second major feature is power bank feature. It has a 10hour battery back. If you need emergency charging for your tablet and Smartphone you can connect it to the speaker through usb cable. And done it will fill the battery to max possible. It is essential to get the right placement. So that you get clear audio. If you are sitting too near then you won't get enjoyable audio effects. Otherwise it is great. I was expecting to have a few more audio control buttons on it.


  • Charging options for Smartphone and Tablet
  • Good battery back


  • No Play/Pause button
  • Not easy to hold.


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