YouTube Kids Android App Review

YouTube Kids Android App Review

YouTube is a vast media platform with millions of videos and channels regulated around the globe. YouTube offers an open platform for many people to start their own channel and share content. It is quite powerful today. But not all videos are meant for everyone. YouTube does have an age restriction policy where users who are uploading video can mark it as adult and block kids from viewing them openly. But not all do that. Google came out with an innovative idea of creating an entirely new platform for kids. This is called as YouTube kids. It is an android based application and right now it is only available for US. YouTube kids have tons of informative, entertaining and educational videos. It is possible for schools now to directly stream content for kids instead of putting time in research. YouTube kids app is an easy to use application that comes for free and targets lots of informative content. You can check some of the features below.


  • Simple to use
  • Easy Navigation
  • Age wise playlist, channel, video storing.
  • Kid friendly content
  • Target Kids Safety
  • Set time limit to watch videos
  • Hide search box for kids.

UI –

YouTube kids app comes with minimal UI. It is very simple and easy to use. Within few minutes it is very easy for anyone to understand how it really works. There are 4 primary tabs. They are Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. Icons can be confusing for grownups, but for kids it is easy.

Under Shows you can see all popular shows like Sesame Street, Thomas and friends, Talking Tom & friends, etc.

Under Music, kids can watch entertaining music videos like LittleBabyBum, Storybots, Lullaby World, etc.

Under Learning, there are ample of informative videos offered by channels like TED-Ed, Cool School, Khan Academy, etc. And under Explore, kids can look out for more new things like Lego Channel, Art for kids hub, Fun2Draw, EvanTube, etc.

The last section is Explorer where you can find and discover new videos, channels and playlist for kids.

A lot of content is tailored under this. There is a Search box also on the top that can help you to find videos on the basis of keywords. Most of the videos are sorted in a form of playlist. They will one by one on their own. There is a settings option on the end from where you can report a video if you find it inappropriate. But there is no option to adjust the video quality.

Settings for Parents:

YouTube Kids has more settings for Parents to control and check what kids are watching. This section is locked by a random password. There is a tiny lock icon on the bottom right side. When you tap on that you will see a section for Grownups. The password is provided in the form of text just tap on that and it is done. You can access more options.

After providing the password you can see three options on the right side, ie; Timer, Settings and Feedback.

It is possible to set the time of videos when your kids are watching on YouTube kids app. You can adjust the time like 30 minutes to 1 hour and after that the app will stop playing video automatically.

There is nothing much in settings. You can go in the section and you can hide the Search box if you want. Just remove the tick and done. A few more things that you can adjust are background music and sound effects. From here you can also clear the watch history.


YouTube kids app is the safest place for kids on internet. Even if anyone tries to search few keywords which are only meant for adult viewing, the app will not display or show up anything. It is under a strict age restriction. There are very few things like this on web where you can let your kids to surf freely on the web. It is bit common that kids might land up with some content that are not advisable for them. Here YouTube Kids app is a fun way of using internet for kids. Till now, YouTube Kids app is only available for download in US because of its limited Play Store availability; however, you can still download the YouTube Kids app from APK Mirror website here.


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