Resident Evil Zero Review (Nintendo Wii)

Many ignore the fact that Capcom did not give himself much trouble by offering players a simple adaptation of Resident Evil 0 released on the GameCube era. The publisher is not the first and certainly will not be the last to practice this kind of politics. Thus, players, know how to approach this title (and next to come): ignore it or, conversely, if interested. For it is also possible that all the players have not experienced that Resident Evil 0 came out in 2003 and that for them, the discovery is complete. For pets, just note that this title is identically the same as its predecessor and you have nothing to discover again. Continuing its major operation, Capcom punting the worst episode of the saga called Resident Evil Zero after the original release. As usual, except one type of additional maneuverability, the result is exactly the same. Not surprisingly, a bit annoying but pass on these details to see what it returns. Unsurprisingly, Capcom recycles and makes something new from something old. Having nothing better, so we find ourselves before a Resident Evil managed graphically but proposing ridiculous ideas to cumbersome gameplay.


In this Resident Evil 0, you embody initially as a Rebecca member of a special unit of the famous town of Racoon City. Missioned, the young woman finds herself trapped in a train that just happened at a strange event: all passengers were either turned into zombies, or lying on the ground covered with blood. She also met Billy, a prison escapee. Obliged to lend a hand in view of the situation and attacks by the creatures of the train, the game starts with the duo.

Gameplay and Scenario

The main attraction of this game lies in the fact that you may at any time, change character, and embody in turn either Rebecca and Billy, both lacking the same skills and abilities. Thus, depending on the situation, you should take in hand one over another. This is not the only advantage because you can "program" the behavior of player controlled by the computer. You can turn characters to be rather passive and stay behind, or otherwise very active and participate in the general slaughter.


Who says the two characters also have two inventories available. While in some games, the characters take on board unlimited bags content, here instead, you must manage your allocated space with great parsimony. If we find this aspect much more credible, it is decidedly less pleasant to live. You will be taken in your adventure to collect numbers of items but you part with as much lack of space. At this point, you should set aside a key item and return some time later. Similarly try to share objects between two characters, such as amunitions, for example. In phases where you’re separated, you may have to retrace your steps to find your sidekick to replenish the stocks or take the item you need.


We add to these displacement a grip particularly abhorrent to the Wiimote and Nunchuck. The characters are very rigid in their movement, so we have to be patient so that they take the cover of your instructions. We therefore advise you to take a GameCube controller or the more traditional not to succumb to the temptation to send everything flying. Movement is certainly fit for a license but a simple adjustment does not help the comfort of play.

And most importantly, there is this scenario that we waited from Capcom, one that would finally reveal key information about the T virus. The revelations exist but mainly concerned about the events taking place in that particular stock.



While recent Resident Evil have accustomed us so much with better experience, Capcom plumbs a little atmosphere in us again proposing an episode of which may show less deserving. Already very average when it came out seven years ago, this adjustment on the Wii does not change the situation. The publisher has not sought to expand its content, to provide some unpublished but merely to place a simple copy and paste game all over. Resident Evil Zero is a game very common that does not deserve some attentions again.


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