Aliens vs Predator Review (PS3)


Alien and Predator are basically two alien races that shook thousands of spectators in cinemas before confrontation in the form of comics and on the big screen. Already implemented several times in game, this clash of titans invites itself today on PS3 with a title signed Rebellion, in the line of what the studio we had proposed 15 years ago on the Atari Jaguar.

Needless to dwell on the scenario that you will shyly be told through some cut-scenes, it is only a rehash of stories already offered by the world of crossover. Aliens vs. Predator: industrialist Charles Weyland conducting secret research on anhedral (the aliens), while trying to learn more about the race of Predators. While preparing to enter a temple and to ring the return of these Predator hunters off peers on Earth, one of its Alien Force manages to escape from the laboratory located nearby and issued its congeners and their queen. Some Marines do not slow course to land to restore some order, and can then start killing.

True to tradition, in the new Aliens vs. Predator, you can choose to embody a Marine, a Predator or an Alien, each with special skills and a good reason to engage in battle. If the possibility of living the conflict from three perspectives is an attractive idea, but it is unfortunate that each campaign is extremely linear in gameplay and the proposed, however, different for each, is not more diverse. But see it in detail.

Marine uninspired

The first minutes of play in the shoes of a Marine will probably not be unlike some Doom III game for those of you who have had the pleasure to taste: armed with a single pistol (infinite ammunition) and a flashlight, you walk in the corridors plunged into darkness and shudder at the slightest suspicious sound. Needless to say that your first encounter with an Alien is actually striking the beast proving extremely swift and fierce: you will find it difficult to bring down a headshot with your peashooter, and she will soon probably not be next to you if you can not escape.


Fortunately there is another way out: When the Alien is about to attack you, you can press L1 and R1 to parry his shot, then R1 to the counter. Your opponent is thrown back on the ground motionless for several seconds, a time long enough for him to stay with a few bullets in the head. Thus saving maneuver, but poses a problem: it can be repeated throughout the game to get rid of its opponents! While it is somewhat more complicated to implement when the enemies are numerous, but it is still the safest way to keep saving lives throughout the human campaign. Note that other weapons (machine guns, shotgun) will eventually enrich your arsenal, but their ammunition is limited in quantity so that one should not expect to snipe at all, which is like a Call of Duty or Killzone type of game.

More embarrassing, the conduct of the campaign of Marines singularly lack of inspiration, simply send you from one point to another level to perform some basic actions … It is here in the presence of a FPS without flavor that would probably offer no interest without the license he has.

Predators over tactics

Things improve somewhat when one puts on the uniform of the Predator: true hunter, he favors the option to attack the front, thanks to some very efficient gadgets. The ability to become almost invisible at first, allowing it to arrive in the back of his human targets to perform a silent attack is especially gore. If your enemies are grouped together, know that you can distract one of them by sending a fake warning message to a particular place: he leads them then without thinking, isolates from the rest of the group. The Predator also has a vision and thermal vision for aliens who can respectively identify humans and anhedral hidden in the environment.


Side trips of our Predator proves relatively swift and can perform most impressive leaps to his perch where he wants, at least when developers did not put restrictions incomprehensible on specific surface. Regarding his arsenal, the Predator is extremely powerful in melee combat but can also use a plasma cannon or mines that require recharging energy. It also has a hard battle with a very efficient path following your laser sight (your eyes) and a spear.

Relatively nice to play the Predator campaign, however, suffers from the same repetitiveness of that like Marines: we understand how quickly to eliminate human targets playing discretion, Aliens and enemies parrying and countering. Again the melee will be favored at the expense of energy weapons, proving without doubt that the balance of gameplay has not been sufficiently studied.

Uncontrollable Alien

For its part, the Alien campaign is trying to map the original gameplay by allowing you to move not only on ground but also on the walls or ceiling. One aspect that will require is a proper orientation to avoid losing the north but also composure in any event when you want to move fast. Because oddly, developers have opted for a system of continuous movement offered by such example like Assassin’s Creed when you climb the walls. It will arrive here on the border between the ground and the wall, then hold R2 to hang on the wall. The problem is that the maneuver is not always successful and sometimes we fall on the ground while they were trying to make the junction between wall and ceiling … Rather annoying when trying a stealthy approach to a human target!


The Alien is in effect, like the Predator, a follower of discretion: lurking in the dark and watching its prey and sneaks behind humans before making a silent performance. He also knows to pounce on his target for a blow that could be followed by a series killer, but its low resistance to the arms force in general to adopt a less dangerous tactic. Note that, like the Predator, the Alien can attract human enemies to him, this time emitting a low whistle that is his secret.

Relatively short, the Alien campaign does not end all his promises, because the controls are too erratic, which sometimes fall into the water carefully with calculated attack. We must also recognize that the repeatability of the two campaigns is also present here, your only activity is to walk around the hallways until the next confrontation.

A life little lighter

Despite this three campaigns, the solo part of Aliens vs. Predator will not ask for more than 10 hours to complete. While getting some awards may require an additional investment on your part (there are also some hidden items to collect).


To extend a little fun, the developers have included a multiplayer mode that can combine 8 to 18 players, and offers 7 different types of games. Besides fighting to death that you can play in a single race or mix them, you can play a part type – Infestation : An Alien is seen against several Marines, and it must infect individually to strengthen his own team. A principle of "one against all" included in the parties Predator Hunting. Except that here the player embodies the Predator and must kill as many Marines as possible. Obviously, if a Marine kills it immediately takes its place!


Not really convincing in its gameplay, Aliens vs. Predator is not either in its realization: If the Aliens and Predators are relatively successful, humans are lacking, however natural. The environments are as little varied with them, and their modeling can not hide the extremely linear level design. Even though we sometimes see what appears to be an alternative route into the background, it is generally impossible to reach by jumping or crawling on the walls when you are an Alien. Pity … Add to that a few drops in frame rate, a pronounced and sometimes tearing some relatively coarse textures, and we realize that the game is not quite at the level of production in 2010.

Despite good ideas on all three campaigns and some worthy films passages that inspired it, Aliens vs. Predator game does not reach the level that was expected from it. If the opportunity to play three different races is attractive on paper, the joystick result in hand is far less convincing: the proposed gameplay lacks depth and variety, and the controls are sometimes too rough.


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