Amazon’s New Kindle DX Wireless Review

Amazon’s New Kindle DX Wireless Review

At Amazon, we’ve always been obsessed with having every book ever printed, and we know that even the best reading device would be useless without a massive selection of books you want to read. Today, the Kindle Store has more than 400,000 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs available, plus top newspapers, magazines, and blogs. This is just the beginning. Our vision is every book ever printed, in any language, all available in less than 60 seconds. We won’t stop until we get there.

Whether you prefer biographies, classics, investment guides, thrillers, or sci-fi, thousands of your favorite books are available, including 101 of 112 books currently found on the New York Times Best Seller list. New York Times Best Sellers and most new releases are $9.99, and you’ll find many books for less.

Amazon has introduced a new model of its successful e-book reader, the Kindle DX is a much larger version (one screen 9.7 “, auto-rotation system and a little thinner) with the same technical features as its brother, the Kindle 2 (e-ink screen) with 16 shades of gray, 3G connection to the store owner amazon and internet, keyboard, ability to read text and play music, etc.).. But this time the announcement comes not only kindle, Amazon has reached two key agreements for the promotion of this new device.

Amazon continues with its goal of providing all the content available in any language, something which is necessary for electronic distribution (and, of course, offering the Kindle outside the U.S.) but leaves the Kindle DX slightly trying to be alone e-book reader. The objective has been sought in this new model is that not only have access to content offered by Amazon, but to create for us. Previously we could do after a conversion process, but PDF support greatly facilitates this task without complications and without that Amazon is in the middle.

The PDF support also means that we usually A4 documents, which, unlike the books that Amazon has not often designed to change the design, font size, … Therefore it is necessary to view it without problems on your screen.  Keeping the design ethos of the previous model, with a keyboard on the bottom of your screen is now 9.7 inches and can display 16 shades of gray. It also includes an accelerometer that automatically rotates the contents by turning the reader.

With the increase of the screen is not necessary to scroll through pages, zoom, … but we view them directly as in a book, because its resolution is 1200 x 824 pixels. This is very suitable for textbooks, one of the areas in which the Kindle DX has wanted to focus.  So have nearly 60% of the books used in American universities in the Amazon catalog, in addition to having reached an agreement with five universities to start implementing his students during the next academic year. Surely many of them appreciate the lower weight to carry.

Newspapers are other types of content in which you want to focus the Kindle DX. It is easy to see how a screen of that size makes reading the paper in its original format, just as if we had the hard copy in our hands.  Three newspapers have reached an agreement with Amazon to offer discounts on their subscriptions to users of the electronic reader, the New York Times, Washington Post and Boston Globe. With 3G connectivity, which provides the operator through Sprint (and therefore not compatible with EVDO and the European 3G), newspapers are automatically downloaded to the device.

Moreover, DX Kindle characteristics are similar to the previous model, although it has increased its internal capacity to 4 GB to store a larger number of documents, some logical bearing in mind that PDF file support.  Keep supporting music playback, and the role of reading the text, provided that the editor has allowed in his books. You can also add notes to the pages of the book through your keyboard.

The most tricky of DX Kindle is its price, about $ 489 higher, which make you lose much of its appeal. And it is very costly for an electronic book reader, despite the larger screen.  Also, for those who already bought the previous model is a very hard to justify spending the jump to the new version because it did not offer too many new features. The Kindle DX will be available from summer, although it can be reserved.  Remember that the Kindle DX also included the new screen has grown from 6 to 9.7 inches vs. the original version, PDF support and expansion of its internal memory up to 4GB capacity.


The system is equal: the same device that previously sold only in the U.S. with an internal modification, instead of connecting to CDMA networks using GSM networks. Downloading books works on almost everyone and at no cost to the end user.  A good step forward in the electronic book industry, but still a long way these devices become common usage. Falling prices, a worldwide distribution and increasing our current titles and language are essential to achieve this.

According to The New York Post, a new management team appointed by Murdoch “is working on creating a user-friendly device, similar to Amazon’s Kindle, to distribute information from News Corp’s newspapers including The Wall Street Journal, London’s The Times and The New York Post, as well as film and television content. In his day, when Murdoch bought the Journal, he thought to offer their content for free through the Web but corrected soon. “He changed his mind after realizing that once eliminated revenue from online subscriptions would be impossible to recover,” the Post published.

That is the great dilemma of the Internet, a medium that consumers refuse to pay for information for businesses remains expensive to produce. And as in all business models, everyone wants a slice. In the same Senate subcommittee in which Kerry predicted the end of today’s journalism, the editor of The Dallas Morning News, James Moroney, complained that Amazon newspapers demanded draconian conditions. “The Kindle is a wonderful device, the best deal that Amazon can give to The Dallas Morning News, said. “We have negotiated this until two weeks ago. They want 70% of subscription revenue. And it kept the right to reproduce our intellectual property in any portable device. Is this the business model for our day?”. Moroney not know the answer, as we do not know the senators and businessmen gathered in the Senate.

Features Overview :

  • Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines
  • Carry Your Library: Holds up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents
  • Beautiful Large Display: 9.7″ diagonal e-ink screen reads like real paper; boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and sharp images
  • Auto-Rotating Screen: Display auto-rotates from portrait to landscape as you turn the device so you can view full-width maps, graphs, tables, and Web pages
  • Built-In PDF Reader: Native PDF support allows you to carry and read all of your personal and professional documents on the go
  • Wireless: 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle DX, anytime, anywhere; no monthly fees, no annual contracts, and no hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Books In Under 60 Seconds: You get free wireless delivery of books in less than 60 seconds; no PC required
    Long Battery Life: Read for days without recharging
  • Read-to-Me: With the text-to-speech feature, Kindle DX can read newspapers, magazines, blogs, and books out loud to you, unless the book’s rights holder made the feature unavailable
  • Big Selection, Low Prices: Over 400,000 books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs; New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases are only $9.99, unless marked otherwise
  • More Than Books: U.S. and international newspapers including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, magazines including The New Yorker and Time, plus popular blogs, all auto-delivered wirelessly

The Kindle DX 9.7 now in 100 countries :

Available in a hundred countries since October 19 last, the Kindle, the electronic book reader from Amazon, in the same host country Tuesday, January 19 next declination DX, the screen much bigger.  If the Kindle has many qualities, we found some faults that 6-inch screen was a bit small, even if that opinion is ultimately pretty subjective. The arrival of the Kindle DX is good news, even if its price is not comparable to the classic version. This is indeed available at $ 259 (excluding probable tariffs, import requires), against 489 dollars for the DX. It seems that Amazon has felt the threat of dawn, announcing today the availability in over 100 countries of the advanced version of the Kindle reading light.

However, this can only be good for competition. And for Amazon, whose sales of Kindle have for some months very high levels, at least a priori. A priori, because Amazon communicates little about its sales figures. The only information we have is that the Kindle is the product High Tech No. 1 in sales on Amazon, before the iPod and GPS. Three months after launching the Kindle 2, the U.S. has unveiled a new model called shelf reading not 3 but Kindle Kindle DX.



Amazon has already reached agreements with some of the leading distributors of textbooks for universities and colleges in the U.S., a market far from negligible. has sparked threats of a half pad of apple have been strengthened in recent days, the same  will be available in summer, but only works in USA. With five universities which tested the Kindle DX in educational settings – Arizona State, Princeton and the University of Virginia, among them – and three newspapers that have already jumped into the arena of annual subscriptions – New York Times, Boston Globe and San Francisco Chronicle – this ‘electronic reader of great literature’ is an interesting proposal.

If the Kindle 2 is focused to a more romantic, lovers of the novels, the Kindle DX market is concentrated in a more pragmatic, seeking a return of his texts and that a suitable ecosystem, can become a bet far more powerful than many have thought. void paper costs and distribution. With this small flat screen TV, newspapers can reach any corner with a single click. The new Kindle accesses the Internet through a 3G connection that allows download content without having to hook up to a computer or find wireless networks. You can play graphics and photos, in black and white, of excellent quality. A sheet of paper fits neatly on your screen of 9.7 inches.

Technical Specification :

From a technical standpoint, this Kindle DX technology keeps screen e-ink but introduces nor color, nor touch. Amazon has a few new features including native support of formats. Adobe PDF or landscape mode.  Sold 489 dollars with an unlimited 3G data subscription to download books ($ 9.99) in “less than a minute,” the Kindle DX is also much more expensive than the Kindle 2, sold 359 dollars. The question is whether consumers are seduced by This new type of tablet, probably adapted from reading thousands of books, but far less comprehensive than a smartphone or a computer touchscreen. Pragmatic, the band has not forgotten to send to other mobile displays such as mobile phones. After the takeover of French Mobireader in 2003, Amazon has recently offered the Stanza application while launching its own application Kindle to the iPhone. A precautionary welcome if the rumored iPod Touch XL will confirm in June.

  1. Display: 9.7 “diagonal E-Ink  electronic paper display, 1200 x 824 pixel resolution at 150 ppi, 16-level gray scale.
  2. Battery Life: Read on a single charge for up to 4 days with wireless on. Turn wireless off and read for up to two weeks. Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as shopping the Kindle Store and downloading content. In low coverage areas or in 1xRTT only coverage, wireless usage will consume battery power more quickly.
  3. Load Time: Fully charges in approximately 4 hours and supports charging from your computer via the included USB 2.0 cable.
  4. Connectivity: EVDO modem with fallback to 1xRTT; utilizes Amazon Whispernet To provide U.S. wireless coverage via Sprint’s 3G high-speed data network (check wireless coverage). See Wireless Terms and Conditions.
  5. USB Port: USB 2.0 (micro-USB connector) for connection to the DX Kindle power adapter or optionally to connect to a PC or Macintosh computer.
  6. Audio: 3.5mm stereo audio jack, built-in stereo speakers.
  7. Content Formats Supported: Kindle (AZW), PDF, TXT, Audible (format 4 Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI, PRC Natively, HTML, DOC, RTF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.
  8. Included Accessories: Power adapter, USB 2.0 cable, battery. Leather book cover sold separately.
  9. Documentation:   Quick Start Guide (included in box) [PDF] DX Kindle User’s Guide (pre-installed on device) [PDF].
  10. Size (in inches): 10.4 “x 7.2” x 0.38 “.
  11. Weight: 18.9 ounces.
  12. Storage: 4GB internal (approximately 3.3GB available for user content).

Textbooks and journals :

A great screen, what for? Mainly, save the American press, as explained in “The Guardian”. With the distribution paper in freefall, some hope that the Kindle could be to newspapers what iTunes is to music. But many experts believe it will not be the savior announced. In essence, the players have changed the way they consume information, prefer to pick and bet on the reactivity.

It is finally possible to read A4 documents in Word, PDF, HTML … transferred from your PC via a USB port. But the display is in black and white with 16 levels of gray. An embedded software can vocalize a text (which does not go without creating claims on the part of authors). Unlike the ‘reader’ home   iRex, it is not possible to annotate a document.

Amazon also announced a partnership with several universities and textbook publishers. The idea of replacing the 10kg pounds of binder by an electronic book is not new. To win, Amazon would do well to switch to a touch screen to highlight / annotate the text with more flexibility than now. For this, he may have to wait a reply from Apple or Rupert Murdoch’s.
The  Kindle DX version 9.7 “(24.63 cm) is really better than Kindle 2.  With less than 1 cm thick and a diagonal of about 25 cm, Amazon is launching a strong reader epaper large screen and general public. Like its little brother the Kindle 2, it has a 3G wireless connection without the need for a subscription to a telecom operator.  Its storage capacity is 4 GB (3.3 GB available) until 1500 against 3500 pounds for the little brother. He is able to return 16 levels of gray.

A significant novelty is the reading of native PDF files without requiring prior conversion as is the case for the Kindle 2.  Furthermore, the functionality of automatic rotation of the screen has been added to this model.  The audio playback is of course part and the basic browser (for sites primarily textual).  This is undoubtedly a great step forward for technical papers and other PDF typically designed for standard A4 format or letter.  The arrival of the Kindle DX should also boost subscriptions in digital media.

Kindle on Different Sectors :

The priority of Kindle DX seems to be spreading the news daily. The New York Times, a partner of the manufacturer, and the Washington Post and Boston Globe have announced a promotional offer to acquire the electronic reader at reduced prices by associating a subscription, but this possibility concerns only do customers eligible for delivery of their newspaper at home.  But the general idea, according to Amazon and publishers, would get players who are diverted from the clipboard to the detriment of the Internet. An attempt to question arises, however, because few people are willing to pay such a sum, not to receive new content, but to simply change media.

The education sector also expresses interest in the prospect of replacing many textbooks by a single housing. But who will bear the cost of the purchase if it becomes mandatory, and most importantly, what about the pirating of textbooks?  Meanwhile, several U.S. universities have announced the upcoming launch of a pilot project to use the massive new drive, which will be offered for sale in the United States during the summer.

Availability :

Size XXL. Only three months after unveiling the 2nd version of its e-book, the DX Kindle. In general, most understand its screen, which changes from a diagonal 6 to 9.8 inches. In cm, this gives 25 against 15. Basically, the Kindle screen was about 2 the size of a paperback book. For the DX, it is close to the A4 sheet. As an iPhone, the image adapts to the vertical or horizontal Kindle. In terms of specifications, the DX Kindle uses the same method of electronic ink that really gives the impression of being in front of a book. It will be available this summer in the United States. The screen grows, the price also.

The Kindle is in the DX cm thick, but the storage capacity to 3.3 GB (enough to embark 3,500 books). The PDF is now supported natively, without conversion. However, still no touch screen, and the color is absent, like WiFi. To download a book, the user is using the 3G network from Sprint (or transfer from their computer). till if Amazon is to always expand the market of its Kindle abroad, no date yet. Amazon must negotiate contracts with each publisher, and also find a mobile operator in each country. For now, if you use a Kindle in France, we must transfer books from your computer. Or you turn the side of the Sony Reader.

Available this summer for U.S. $ 489. From $ 359 for the Kindle 2, the DX goes to $ 489 and can cost as much as a small computer. 

Some Negative Aspects of Kindle DX :

The Kindle DX will be available this summer and is bookable on today if you live in the United States.  It will cost you $ 489 against $ 359 for the Kindle 2.  The automatic rotation of Kindle DX, a resemblance to the iPhone . Some of the Negative Aspects of this digital ebook reader is :

  • Kindle DX – 16 levels of gray
  • Managing the font size on the DX
  • Annotations on Kindle DX
  • The built-in dictionary Kindle DX
  • Price

Competition :

On the Kindle from Amazon, it is interesting to recall that the electronic book market has seen a significant jump on Christmas Day, because for the first time, the art digital book sales surpassed sales of books in print. In launching its Kindle DX outside the United States, Amazon hopes probably take a small lead against competition that should assert themselves in the next few hours at the CES in Las Vegas. Color E-Paper That Rivals the Real Thing: Turning pixels on their side may finally mean high-quality color electronic paper.  Amazon Kindle Reading Light DX and its screen of 9.7 inches: working papers in A4 finally legible.

Conclusion :

Frankly, even if actually the Amazon Kindle is really nice, offers a reading worthy of a tabloid newspaper, I find that the price offered for the Kindle DX is really expensive. Some will say that one is able to save as much money or more in Smartphone’s, but its use is really not the same.  At the same time, I’m not a big reader but I confess that I have an eBook well try to carry with me the PDF, White Paper or other documents that I did not take the time to read at home watching a PC.

The Kindle DX has indeed a screen 2.5 times higher than Kindle’s 6 “which displays 16 gray levels, offering a comfortable reading area with rich graphics. The Kindle DX is also equipped with 3.3 GB storage space (the equivalent of approximately 3,000 volumes) 2GB cons for Kindle Classic. Compatible with Word and PDF, the Ebook also has a 3G connection to wirelessly download content offered by Amazon. As such, The Kindle Store offers about 300 000 books, but the vast majority (if not all) are in English, and therefore they have very little interest to French readers. Newspapers such as The world where echoes are still available.

Incidentally, this new reader, which will screen reading newspapers and magazines without any problem, was released, they say, to save the world from paper form. The reality is that if this is the true intention should consider the price too high for the average population (with more than $ 200 can buy a notebook with decent hardware).

DX Kindle The essence remains the same: on one hand the control of Amazon as the only supplier that can sell books with DRM to the device. At this point the strategy closely resembles Apple’s iPod, adding support to PDF similar to the MP3 music player. On the other, a good user experience with a great component, being able to access any book (or at least to a growing catalog giant) from anywhere at any time. Of course, now with 3G connection.

Certainly worth a look in depth at the official website of Amazon and subscription prices of DX news from the Kindle. Obviously cheaper and terminal grant, less distribution costs but a complicated picture in any case: the penetration rate is assumed moderate DX Kindle (it is expensive and comes in three months) and advertising continues to decline.


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