Acer Liquid Review

Acer Launches android phone that the information had surprised many fans, and some have grumbled about the quality of Acer machines, mark the bad experiences far more than good. Nay, this first androphone Acer has in the stomach and the quality is at the rendezvous, many of you will be happy. The Acer is really the first Liquid androphone a whole new generation of processors on arrival at Snapdragon (Qualcomm QSD8250) 768 MHz processor (1 GHz for the crippled battery life) give a boost to Android . From the start, the smartphone responds quickly and is very responsive. From my experience, I’ve never seen it on a smartphone, the HTC Hero and the iPhone 3G does not make the weight. This is the first time that the phone retains its vitality in spite of numerous applications in the background, and even on applications called heavy.

Acer Liquid is somewhat unusual in that it includes a faster processor than previous androphones Swift, a Qualcomm 8250 running at 768 MHz and using it feels: it is fluid and fast (256 MB RAM is also there for that). This hardware platform SnapDragon Qualcomm is in my opinion, the added value of this product, but not all. The screen displays a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels for a size of 3.5 "WVGA, it is more capacitive tactile experience is certainly present. You tell me, fortunately for a phone without a physical keyboard, but many calls are unfortunately not enough reagents. The "form factor of the device may seem a little too square, and the text a bit too wide (62.5 mm), but the Acer Liquid contains few surprises. Among them, the LED icons on the top of the unit that provides information on the level of the battery or the presence of new messages / emails.

The camera has 5 megapixel camera with autofocus is fast and accurate, it is light years away from that of the HTC Tattoo example. Unfortunately, no flash. Note also the 3.5mm jack, fully democratized now. It will be available in red, black and white also. his new toy for geeks that we could take our hands (and nearly tossed …) includes a 3.5 inch capacitive displays a resolution of 800×480 pixels, a Qualcomm processor clocked at 768 MHz SnapDragon, 256MB RAM, 512 MB of ROM, a camera and manages 5MPxiels HSPA +, WiFi, GPS, AGPS and Bluetooth. This little thing that we felt pretty good over will be delivered on Android 1.6 (Donut), and Acer has confirmed that it would be possible to migrate to Android 2.0 when released next year. With this update, it will be possible to exploit the highly anticipated Google Map navigation.

Acer Liquid measure 115×62.5×12.5 mm and weighs 135 grams, has a 1350 mAh battery and released before the end of the year  with an SD card 2GB. The brand will also offer a version with a 16GB card but we have not yet communicated its price. Similarly, Liquid could be offered by some operators, but again, it will wait for a bit more. We thus find the compatibility 2G / 3G / Wi-Fi, large capacitive touch interface 3.5-inch 262 144 colors and a resolution 480 x 800 pixels with function accelerometer to rotate the display and proximity sensor for disabling the touch interface. Not to mention the chip GPS, 5 megapixel digital camera with auto focus function and geotagging, the media player with audio output 3.5 mm, the internal memory of 512 MB, housing for memory cards microSD / microSDHC up 32GB, miniUSB 2.0 port and Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity. Everything still powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion 1 350 mAh for up to 5 hours of talk time and calls up to 400 hours standby.


Unique, lightweight design (just 135g)

  • Acer Liquid includes nemoPlayer – a simple-to-use application to enjoy music, video clips and pictures on the move.
  • Smart integration of YouTube, Picasa and social networks in the address book, with real-time notification of status or content updates
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 8250 processor reduces CPU power consumption
  • Exclusive Spinlets application provides free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family via the web or e-mail.
  • Fooz Creator lets you create a virtual look-a-like, or your Fooz Avatar, and share it on Facebook, MySpace and other social networks. You can also email it to your friends.


At first contact, the Acer Liquid somewhat surprised by its apparent size and its design a bit old school. Slightly larger and thicker than iPhone is somehow lower, which gives this aspect a bit heavy colas, but ultimately quite elegant in his white plastic shell with rounded edges. The grip is nice, and the screen of 3.8 "is superb. One detail, however annoying, and very few ergonomic four touch buttons below the screen are backlit few short seconds after contact. Result: when you are taking the mobile to activate a function when it is a bit dark, you do not see and you go in the dark, which generates half the time an unwanted or click the wrong button.

Interface and connectivity :

First impressions more positive: nice design, functionality rather fluid … Android Smartphone Internet-oriented mobile, battery life is disappointing but it also applies to similar models from other manufacturers.
Acer Liquid is a smartphone very convincing, and perhaps the first androphone makes me really want to use e everyday and not only in a test context, what I do besides a few days . Of course the screen is not as pleasant and efficient than the iPhone (the lack of multitouch is acute after 2 ½ years ago with the iPhone), the keyboard is sometimes annoying (the best test in this case is to render the device to my 12 year old son, a Paganini of Text, and their impressions: Entering text on the Liquid did not really packed) and it still happens to make unwanted clicks by simply scrolling through a menu (which does NOT with the iPhone) but the overall impression is very favorable.

Design :

The Liquid has a really nice design with rounded edges and black and white dress beautifully. In contrast, the shell gives it a glossy plastic not necessarily the most flattering but the finish is neat and the whole is sufficiently strong. Inevitably, given its 3.5-inch screen, the dimensions of Liquid remain significant and similar to those of the iPhone for example. Off, it contributes significantly to the look, based in the front. Equipped with a comfortable resolution and a very good sensitivity, it will be able to convince the refractory to touch. An accelerometer is embedded and virtual keyboard Liquid is then seen with larger keys to making it easy to capture all messages. Four sensitive buttons are also included on the front. The first allows you to return to the home screen while the second could not be more clear with his magnifying glass to start the search in the phone. Then come back button and then the shortcut menu. However, there is no button to answer or place a call, everything goes through the touch screen.

OS :

We find on the Acer now known Liquid Interface Android (Donut version 1.6), namely the three screens available to install the program icons that you want, the slider that opens access to the page installed applications and notifications in the toolbar at the top of the screen announcing the new emails and new tweets if you use e.g. Twidroid. The screen is capacitive touch offers a sense similar to that of the iPhone set to medium sensitivity is very responsive without generating false clicks as often with other androphones I tested. Acer offers two of the three screens available widgets (photo, video, music, web …) who travel the way a coverflow. I have not used yet, and I’m not convinced of their usefulness. The Android version of this was 1.6, and Acer has changed the home with the addition of widgets and applications, and also support Exchange and the integration of social networks. Everything was responsive and well integrated.

Touch Buttons :

Side connections, you are entitled to the classics, namely a standard 3.5mm jack and a mini-USB. The memory can be expanded up to 32GB with a MicroSD card. Liquid The Acer comes with a MicroSD Card 2 GB. The touch buttons on the bottom of the device responsive, and light up automatically at the first hit. As a result, they die out after a few seconds and do not bother reading the screen. As against the glossy side of the device may annoy some, it must constantly clean the screen and your fingerprints are going to have heart joy. However, the glossy side makes it substantially more class, and this will androphone place in the pockets of business men and women.

On the left edge is a button to lock the screen. A long press turns off the Liquid. In contrast are the volume control and the shutter of the camera. On the top, we have a surprise Acer original and very nice. In addition to the standard jack, three LEDs are hidden in the black shell to notify you of new messages, the battery charge and missed calls. To charge the battery, Acer is the simplest by integrating a standard mini USB connector on the bottom. It is hidden under a small removable cover always the same attention to detail. The 5 megapixel digital sensor is located on the rear. Unfortunately, there is no protection and it will therefore take care to avoid scratching. It will be noted in passing that Liquid is devoid of flash. To conclude this overview, a micro SD card reader is integrated under the battery cover. However it is necessary to remove the last to enter.

Widget :

Acer has developed two widgets rather special, because they both take half an office: a widget is dedicated to the favorite websites, and the other in all aspects of multimedia (video, music, …). The animations of these widgets are pretty nice, because the list of this widgets with a quick transition effect to the simple touch of a finger slip. However, the home of Acer is limited to 3 offices, these widgets are alone 33% of the available space of 3 offices. Shame not to multiply the number of offices, especially with a more powerful processor than the HTC Hero who can manage him 7 offices.

Among the applications on the Acer Liquid include Spinlets Music, a proprietary application that provides access to the complete catalog of I do not know what record label ( but the supply is large enough ). This application allows you to send music to a friend or share on your favorite social networks. I could not really have time to handle this application, but it is always an additional service and this application has reacted to what little I’ve used.

Processor :

The Acer is the second Liquid smartphone manufacturer to feature the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. However, it is not the version running at 1 GHz, but a variation of 768 MHz. In practice, the Android operating system in its 1.6 version seems perfectly live with it and Liquid does not suffer any slowdown. Acer brings his touch to the interface including the homepage divided into three screens that are accessed from a scan of the finger. If the homepage is the most traditional, the focus in the carousel that gives direct access to images, videos and music that are stored in the phone. Added to this is a very handy widget for quick access to settings most often used as the activation of WiFi or GPS for example. Speaking of GPS, it is unfortunate that no guidance software is delivered as standard. A trip around the Android Market is therefore needed.

Camera :

The camera Acer Liquid has a 5 megapixel sensor with autofocus. The images are sufficiently detailed with true to life colors when light conditions are met. Things got worse just indoors all the flash is missing. In digging a bit in the options, we discovered that Acer intends to go a little further with advanced settings (ISO, brightness, white balance, etc.).. In addition, images can be geo located using GPS. However, do not expect to take photos of moving subjects, because the trip time is too long. Moreover, if we can just pictures, it is not the same for videos that disappoint a complete lack of details.

Speaking of video, the Acer Liquid is powerful enough to play movies on its 3.5 inch screen. However, DivX is not supported natively by the video player installed. Again, a quick tour through the Android Market should be remedied quickly. The audio player does better with the usual filters that facilitate the search for a specific track. We’ll finish with extensive connectivity that goes from simple EDGE to 3G +. We note in passing compatibility HSUPA to accelerate shipments of documents from the smartphone. WiFi has not been forgotten as Bluetooth. Convenient to keep the phone in the pocket while using a wireless headset. Side battery, count about 50 hours without abusing the broadband connections.

Specs :

Other specifications and features, the Acer Liquid has a GPS receiver with integrated GPS chip Qualcomm 8250 (A-GPS), a digital camera of 5 mega pixels with autofocus, LED flash and geotagging, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR + A2DP, WiFi 802.11 b / g, an accelerometer, an FM radio tuner, a mini-USB port and finally a removable Lithium-Ion 350 mAh 1 provides a talktime of 5 hours and standby time of 400 hours. This new device has the application of Google Sync synchronization but also Picasa, Outlook and YouTube.


Supercharged Content – The Acer Liquid is supercharged with spectacular content, great applications and endless possibilities. It’s for those who cannot wait to browse the web, update their social networks and have fun online.

Hi-Definition Fun
– The 3.5" high-definition (WVGA) capacitive touch screen of the Acer Liquid is optimized for streaming of high-resolution movies from wherever you are.

Social Media Made Easy – Prepare yourself for a whole new level of instant communication with Acer connected contacts. Add your friends’ YouTube, Picasa and social networking pages to their contact details. Whenever they update anything about themselves, you’ll know almost instantly.

Designed to be Special
– The large 3.5" high-definition (WVGA) capacitive touch screen dominates the front, while an integrated 5MP camera is all you’ll see on the back. But don’t let the simple, ergonomic design fool you. The clean lines of the exterior conceal one of the world’s most sophisticated mobile devices.

Share in Seconds – Point it, shoot it, geotag it, send it or post it wherever you want. The Acer Liquid is perfect for staying in touch with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Picasa and Flickr.

Fluidity Built In – The Acer Liquid offers quick, icon-based access to many of the frequently used features of your phone and can be personalized by adding or removing icons, shortcuts or widgets. Swipe your finger to the left and right of the home screen and it extends, giving you even more room to add icons, widgets or features.

High-Impact Graphics – Acer Liquid is perfect for playing the biggest games and apps with graphics so slick and so fast they almost leap out of the screen.

Play and Explore – For the first time on a mobile device, the Acer Liquid introduces Spinlets, a completely free streaming service that lets you browse and listen to major music labels and record companies for great music and instantly post what you find to your favorite Social Networking sites.

urFooz Your Life – urFooz lets you create a virtual "look-a-like" of you, add your profile and bookmarks, then post it to your social networks. Whenever you update your avatar or profile from your Acer Liquid, it updates everywhere you’ve posted it. It’s simple!

Connected Contacts  – Prepare yourself for a whole new level of instant communication with Acer connected contacts. Add your friends’ personal social media pages to their contact details. Whenever they update anything about themselves, you’ll know almost instantly.

Communication Evolves – The Acer Liquid has been designed for ease of use and the home screen can be customized just the way you like it to give you instant access to the applications and activities you use the most. What’s more, the unique LED indicators instantly notify you of any incoming or missed calls, messages and battery levels, without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Pre-Installed and Ready to Go – The Acer Liquid comes with a complete set of cool applications and fun features pre-loaded so all you have to do is turn it on, log in and you’re ready to play with the world online.

Snapdragon Power – The Acer Liquid is packed with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8250 processor running at 768 MHz so you get smooth, instant access to web pages, media streaming, email, GPS maps and search applications, as well as unrivalled energy efficiency for increased battery life.

Android Donut – The Acer Liquid was designed from the outset to keep you in touch and in control of your mobile communication unlike any other phone out there. To do just that, we’ve equipped it with the highly intuitive Android Donut Operating System for a whole new level of interactivity and mobile freedom.

Unique Design – Available in Black, Red and White3.5" high-definition (WVGA) capacitive screen Unique, lightweight design (just 135g)5MP camera with autofocus and geo-tagging.

Camera and Screen – The large 3.5” high-definition capacitive screen dominates the front of the Liquid and is joined by four touch sensitive buttons for Home, Search,
Back and Menu while a 5MP camera with geo-tagging, ISO, self-timer options and accelerated auto-focus performance is all you see on the back.

Easy Multi-Tasking – Surfing, chatting, discovering, it’s all so easy with the Acer Liquid you’ll want to be able to it all at the same time. That’s why the Acer Liquid comes with advanced multitasking and task-switching features, showing real-time screenshots of each open application as standard.

Life in Pictures – The Acer Liquid features a 5-megapixel autofocus digital camera mounted on the rear with digital zoom. Not only that, a quick tap on the video icon transforms the Acer Liquid into a super-sharp video camera that can record in 3GP, MPEG-4 and H.263 formats.

Liquid Power Management – The Acer Liquid has a vastly improved power management system for more intense mobile phone users and offers a convenient, all-in-one place for you to adjust commonly-used settings on the fly.

Universal Search – The Acer Liquid includes a great new search function that lets you search for information on the phone across multiple sources like your applications, web bookmarks, browsing history, contacts and the web.

Playback – The Acer Liquid comes with nemoPlayer – a simple-to-use application to enjoy music, video clips and pictures stored on the phone’s nemoPlayer which supports the following formats:

  • Audio : MP3, WMA, OGG, AMR
  • Ringtone : MP3, WMA, OGG, AMR, MID, WAV
  • Video recording : H.263, MPEG4
  • Video playback: H.263, H.264, MPEG4

Memory and Storage – The Acer Liquid has a handy slot for microSD cards and can support up to 32GB. With that much memory on tap, there’s almost no limit to the digital media you can take with you.

Easy Business – When you do have to get serious, you’ll be glad you had your Acer Liquid with you as it comes with DataViz Roadsync pre-installed, which enables Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and 2007 support as well as Documents To Go that allows you to edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files as well as view Adobe PDF files wherever you are.

Acer Sync – The Acer Liquid comes preinstalled with Acer Sync, a smart application that allows automatic or manual synchronization with your netbook or notebook so your Google contacts and calendars are always up to date. Change one and they all change. Brilliant.

The Most Powerful Android Phone – We’ve heard for a while the Acer has been planning to release an Android phone, but the news that the new Liquid will be the most powerful on the market is news to our ears. It carries both a microUSB slot (nice) and a 3.5mm headphone jack (making the Spotify application even more appealing), so Acer has clearly worked out what’s needed on a phone like this.


  • Charger (micro USB)
  • A micro USB cable
  • Manual
  • A CD full of software
  • The handsfree
  • Most original film protects screen sticker


In conclusion, I’m missing some information on the battery and use a little longer for the liquid have a strong opinion on this first set androphone Acer, but for now it’s positive. The design of the device repel more than one, but the finish (good handling and looks solid) is there and Android seems well integrated. Acer knows has the skills to provide quality equipment, but also an integration of Android convincing. We could wait to see how Android 2.0 will be integrated.

My first impression was the same with all Android smartphones I’ve tested to date: a battery life disaster. After an initial maximum load, my Acer Liquid held only a half-day standby, but without phone with WiFi and GPS enabled, and a few surf sessions, Tweets, mail and other tests. At its second session, after another full charge, I optimized the settings by installing Taskiller, which exits the software processes that continue to run in the background, and gain autonomy has been dramatic since the unit held a good day in the same conditions (but still no phone call). Just count a standard backup smartphone, namely a short day. It’s still a fair bit in my opinion. Only the Nokia N97 or Samsung Omnia II allowed me to take more than a day.

The other impression is very favorable this time, is the pleasure of using the Acer Liquid due to high velocity and fluidity of its menus. Qualcomm 8250 processor clocked at 768 MHz there is probably no stranger, which gives a smartphone much more reactive and therefore pleasant to use than Motorola or Samsung Dext Galaxy for example. The disappointment may, in any case, be great for current holders of a Liquid. The plane supposed to migrate from that March, Android Donut (1.6) to Android Eclair (2.1), will eventually not be an update before the month of June.


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