Flight Control HD iPad Review

Firemint, developer of Real Racing iPhone among others, took advantage
of the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to announce the
arrival of a Flight Control HD iPad and two new projects. If iPad is not
unanimous in the view of all game developers see it as a handheld high
quality and offering new opportunities to create high performance games.
This applies to Firemint who announced the porting of the game iPhone /
iTouch to iPad Flight Control, a game where you have such a control
station, manage the arrival of planes. Like his little brother had a box
when it launches on the iPhone Trust 1st place in the top pay for weeks
(if not months if I remember correctly). And so is the HD version is
available for the launch of the iPad. Like many other developers iPad
they can offer the game but not in time for the launch because they have
not been able to try on a real iPad. It will probably appear a few days
after the appearance of the iPad. Also another game will still Firemint
on the tablet, because of the high effort (probably many complex 3D
animations) will be held until the release, unfortunately, in 2011.

Developed by Firemint, Flight Control offers to land planes. And then I
see you already come: "But it’s the same as Airport Mania: First Flight.
Well, no. Not at all actually. For where the game Reflexive
Entertainment offered you actually manage takeoffs and landings, the
game Firemint not charge you "only" looking after the landing party. And
incidentally avoid crashes between airliners, airplanes and
helicopters, have obviously landing zone a little too close … And
inevitably, the more you land appliances, and more it happens, and more
they are fast.

Still, you will need to maneuver the aircraft on the finger, and draw
their "ways" to help them land on the ground without obstacles.
Honestly, once difficult to get the concept accepted only regret the
game offers only a single scene. Finally, it seems that the future
version 1.2 will offer new devices and new airports. We expect to see
it. In the meantime, we will be consoled as we can with the opportunity
to post his score online and compare its performance with its
"neighbors" within the same geographical area. Addictive is the word to
describe this Flight Control which achieves the feat of mixing and
efficient concept immediately engaged.

It continues the iPad applications launched at the beginning of the
weekend with the arrival of the Harbor Master HD day of the release of
Apple’s touch pad. It is a few details of the game Flight Control but
instead of being in control of the aircraft surrounding head many
sailors awaiting berthing. Before they can even tie up iPad, you can
already try version iPhone / iTouch! The screen on the iPhone / iTouch
still leaves fewer opportunities, but it is always best to try before
you buy a higher version.

That is an application that simple, please a wide audience: Flight
Control. We wanted to offer you to discover a little more detail to
understand how it works and why not let yourself be tempted into the
adventure. The developers wanted to present Firemint a game based on
aviation, but with a tint "old school". The AppStore is filled
progressively play all kinds of aircraft, however these applications do
not offer that to fly the plane, but here is a different story.

Flight Control offers to land the largest possible number of aircraft of
all types and helicopters without any one collision. The game ends if
there is an accident between two devices. At first sight the goal of the
game is simple but the task is complicated in view of increasing the
number of aircraft displayed on the screen. And that’s the real
challenge before you, be everywhere at once in order to avoid collisions
and to ask as many planes as you can. Flight Control you propose to
land aircraft of different sizes that have quite sure speeds will vary
depending on the model of the device. To create a certain atmosphere,
the developers have given a style "old school" to their game, so the use
of simple colors. However, regarding the graphics we will have nothing
to blame the developers who offer players a proper mapping with textures

But look a little closer to how the various devices that could arise.
The game will touch, then you press the device you want on the screen,
then trace the route to the airstrip or the direction you want to give
it. Once your device has its way and running to land while it will
change color. Similarly when two devices will meet a halo around them
flash red to warn you of a possible collision. A simple gameplay, but it
goes very well with the concept of the game.
To conclude Flight Control is an application casual that will appeal to a
break or expectations between two dates or two courses, and offer a
real challenge to land many planes.

In addition to Flight Control, two coming soon Games were discussed:
specific information they wanted to not reveal one of the two was but
"the biggest iPhone project that has ever tackled" – maybe it is a
slightly larger 3-D application. During one of the games will be out
this year, the big project is only in 2011 to go public. The app, Flight
Control HD should be optimized for use on large touch screen – just
like many other developers Firemint but currently fails because the app
to test on a real iPad. The general statement: There should be a very
personal and very immersive experience.

About Flight Control HD :

In Flight Control slips into the role of air traffic controller. A small
airfield with two runways (a small hobby aircraft, and a long passenger
liner), and a heli-pad plus surroundings make the playing field is
dark. The task is to steer the emerging aircraft and helicopters to
their runways without being a Accident build. Therefore, the aircraft
touched by the player with the finger and drawn their flight path. If an
aircraft successfully placed on a runway for a landing, it turns white.
Aircraft are dangerously close to a red circle indicates the aircraft
out. The difficulty is that the planes appear from all sides and cross
their flight paths themselves. As described above cannot distinguish
each aircraft on each runway, and their speeds are also still. If you
have the first planes landed successfully, it soon no longer enough to
simply draw a flight path. You have to coordinate targeted landings to
avoid clashes with emerging aircraft and correct incorrectly calculated
trajectories, here come all at once two aircraft at the same point in
their way.

The graphics are simple, useful and nice view. The sounds are limited to
one swinging melody, reminiscent of a polyphonic ringtone and a few
simple sounds. The developers give at the beginning of the election turn
off the sound, so you can hear his own music (iPod). A short tutorial
explains the desire to play.

In my opinion, Flight Control is a fun and entertaining game, if one
just has both hands free and do 5 minutes is nothing. For the
introductory price of 79 cents Flight Control is definitely recommended.
If that seems too simplistic gameplay and some would be called more,
which can be alternatively Air Traffic Control Watch. Flight Control was
always one of the biggest hits the App Store, which combines fun
gameplay and a solid disarmingly simple. It ‘just this mix that has
created one of the best-selling games ever for iTouch and iPhone, and
the version for iPad will not be less. As mentioned, the game will be
available at product launch at a price of $ 4.99. If you have not
already done so, I suggest you buy the version for iPhone / iTouch ,
because it is really a milestone for the small price.

If you were addicted to Flight Control on iPhone, wait until you see it
in glorious HD! The App Store classic has landed on iPad with new ways
to play and beautiful new graphics. If you’ve never played Flight
Control before, now is the perfect time to find out what you’ve been
missing. In Flight Control HD, you’re an air traffic controller at an
increasingly busy airport. Touch and drag the aircraft to their landing
zones, but don’t let them collide. Sounds simple? It is, but can you
juggle dozens of flights at peak hour. Firemint’s number 1 iPhone hit
has been re-imagined for the big screen – it’s everything you love about
Flight Control, plus everything you wanted on iPad!

  • MORE SPACE to land your planes on larger maps
  • MORE AIRPORTS with eight single-player maps including three in HD
  • MORE WAYS TO PLAY including co-op and split-screen versus modes
  • MORE FUN with many improvements to the line-drawing genre it
  • Acclaim for Flight Control on iPhone :
  • More than 2,000,000 copies sold – one of the most popular games
  • #1 Paid App in more than 20 countries
  • Featured by Apple in Rewind: Best of 2009
  • Winner: Pocket Gamer Awards 2010 – Game of the Year
  • Winner: Macworld 2009 App Gems Awards – Best Casual Game
  • Finalist: Interactive Achievement Awards – Best Casual Game
  • Finalist: Game Developers Choice Awards – Best Handheld Game

Flight Control HD comes packed with :

  • Eight single-player maps: three new HD airfields, all the Classic
    maps from the iPhone version (Original, Beach, Carrier and Outback) plus
    a new Snow airfield with variable wind direction.
  • Beautiful high-quality graphics throughout, including an all-new
    menu and updated graphics for the Classic maps.
  • Two player multiplayer over Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth. Play with a
    friend who has an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad (requires Flight Control
    or Flight Control HD on both devices): land aircraft of your own color,
    and direct others off the screen for your fellow Controller to land.
  • Co-operative multiplayer on a single iPad: share landing duties
    with a friend on one of three HD airfields.
  • Do battle on a split-screen in the competitive “versus” mode on one
    iPad: send your planes to capture aircraft from your opponent, but risk
    losing them if you fail your mission!
  • Popular fast forward mode so that expert players can progress
    through the game faster. Plus a new “safe” fast forward that turns off
    when collisions may be imminent, so you can still save the day!
  • Track your performance with detailed statistics and check your
    skills with in-game leaderboards and ranks.
  • All-new path continuation widgets make advanced new play styles
    possible on the large iPad screen. Draw a path part of the way, and then
    continue it later from its end node.
  • Flight Control HD automatically saves your game when you are
    interrupted so you can resume exactly where you left off when you are
  • Enjoy songs from your own iPod music library while you play.
  • BONUS: includes a longer version of the classic Flight Control song
    that you just can’t get out of your head!
  • Visit the community website at flightcontrolhd.cloudcell.com for
    more connected features like :
  • See Google maps mash-ups of Flight Control scores from all over the
  • Link to your Twitter or Facebook accounts to auto-boast your high
  • Install the Facebook app to see how you rank against your friends.
  • Set up personalized leaderboards with tags and follows.
  • Get ready to relive your love affair with Flight Control and
    experience it on the big screen!
  • Get started immediately

Firemint, revealed that they have already tested the next chapter of
Flight Control, called just "Flight Control HD, simulator for iPad
inside the iPhone SDK 3.2. Furthermore, explains TUAW, this chapter will
be released exclusively shortly after launch tablet Cupertino. Flight
Control for iPhone is a really nice game that fully leverages the core
functionality of the device such as touch screen and accelerometer, I
dare not imagine what will be on iPad.

Best Part :

  • Graphic design licked
  • Minimum price
  • Such a fun game, and now stunning graphics on my iPad, making it
    more addictive


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