Acer Timeline 4810T Notebook Review

The beautifully crafted Aspire 4810 – one of Acer’s new Timeline Series of energy-conscious notebooks – proudly features lower power consumption for long-lasting, energy-efficient portability. Made for truly modern mobile work and play, this full-featured yet affordable 14.0" notebook is less than 1" thin at its lowest point, weighs 4.2 lb. and packs at least eight hours of earth-friendly battery life.  These Aspire 4810 models are available in select retail outlets: 4011, 4120, 4439, 4474, 4508, 4696, 8480.  

Battery life varies depending on product specifications, computer settings, and applications or features launched, and may be reduced if Windows Aero™ is enabled. The Acer PowerSmart button must be enabled to achieve the 8+ hours. All batteries’ maximum capacity diminishes with time and use. Those who want an Apple MacBook Air, but cannot stomach the price, you should check the weather 14-inch Aspire 4810T. Compared with most laptops, it is incredibly thin and light, and while not the prettiest of the lacquer.  Acer Aspire 4810T time is an impressive slim and light laptop with amazing battery life. It may not be the fastest or the most beautiful laptop we’ve ever seen, but for around 750 pounds, is something of a robbery, however,

The Aspire 4810T extraordinary part of the Acer family Timeline. It has a screen 14 ", with less than 1" thick, lightweight and sophisticated, efficient battery low power consumption with up to 8 hours gives the best performance for advanced computing experience and great performance. Thanks to its Intel ultra low voltage and Acer PowerSmart feature which allows optimization of the battery can provide up to 8 hours on one charge. Is loaded once and lasts all day! The battery life may vary depending on product specifications, adjustments in the computer and applications or features that are used. The battery in question is an individual battery evaluated MobileMark 2007 productivity test with a wireless connection. The maximum capacity of all batteries may decrease with time and usage. The length quoted is with the system battery Acer PowerSmart on. Less than an inch thick. Weight from 1.6 to 2.4 kg Take it everywhere!

Laminar Wall has developed technology with Intel-based turbine blades cooling. Through the addition of bars to the air vents, fresh air flow is redirected to the bottom and top of the chassis led to precisely where it is necessary to cool the surface and improved the team’s base. Brushed aluminum cover and keyboard Bright Fine Tip with larger and spaced keys. LED Display Acer CineCrystal feedback that reduces the backlight to minimum visual impact to 33% saving in energy compared to traditional notebooks.

Feature Highlights:

  1. 8+ hour battery life: Charge up once and go all-out from morning till night! The Acer PowerSmart key provides one-touch system-wide energy conservation, delivering 8-plus hours of on-the-go notebook action.
  2. Based on Principled Technologies’ benchmark testing, using Bapco’s MobileMark 2007 Productivity test. Battery life varies depending on product specifications, computer settings, and applications or features launched, and may be reduced if Windows Aero™ is enabled. The Acer PowerSmart button must be enabled to achieve the 8+ hours. All batteries’ maximum capacity diminishes with time and use.
  3. Cool to the touch: Acer ComfyTouch technology uses an innovative Laminar Wall Jet Engine design to air-cool the processor and notebook case. Even when running for a full day the notebook remains cool in your hands or on your lap
  4. Earth-first mobility: Realize energy savings whether on the road or plugged in at your desk. While on the go, up to 40 percent more power is saved as compared to typical notebooks; and with the Acer PowerSmart adapter, savings of as much as 66 percent can be gained while your notebook is plugged in and in sleep mode.
  5. Ultra-thin and light : This notebook weighs 4.2 lb. and measures less than 1" thin at its lowest point, making it extremely inviting to take wherever you go!
  6. Superior control: Enhance your mobile computing experience with easy-to-use features such as the multi-gesture touchpad, easy-launch keys, touchpad lock, and ODD eject button. Utilize software such as Acer PowerSmart, Backup and eRecovery to better manage your files.
  7. Chic aluminum chassis: The streamlined aluminum chassis expresses modern, tech-driven style and provides durable protection while you’re on the road.

Acer Timeline 4810T Ultraportable Laptop

New design, weight of 1.9 kg and range from about 8 h: the Aspire has good arguments on paper. The Aspire 4810T-353G25Mn is part of the new range of small notebooks from Acer called Timeline. In addition to their shells thin and elegant, these machines provide a very comfortable car, 8 pm. The model we tested is equipped with a processor with low power consumption (one heart!), An LED backlight and a battery of six cells. Here’s our verdict on this new machine is intended mainly for offices.

We must recognize that Acer is trying to innovate in marketing this new range of small laptops. In terms of design, first. Indeed, a case of only 3 cm thick lid closed (2.5 cm when open), weighing about 2 kg and a silver finish, the bike attracts the eye. Regarding the quality of assembly, nothing shocking if you see the device on the shelves of a shop. However, when he was seized with one hand by the bottom side bends slightly to the touch because of its subtlety. You can then question the strength of materials and long-term life of the product. A nice keyboard but little thought.

As announced by Acer, innovation is key to this new generation of Aspire, with keys that emerge slightly from the horizontal plane. Again, this particular attracts the eye, but immediately noticed the lack of this device. Indeed, these keys (which have nothing to compare with those that fit the mini-laptops from Apple or Sony), there is empty. Although not every day you decide to eat crackers on his computer keyboard, the gaps allow the accumulation of dirt and contaminants, which can be difficult to remove.

Also, the buttons do not give an impression of solidity. Although there is not going to shoot us think, you know that will not have trouble making the player at the first opportunity. Did not have time to clip the tip of a nail that twist, ready to fall. He exaggerates a bit ‘, but will certainly be very careful to keep the laptop in good running condition clean. Finally, it is better not to be very obsessive about fingerprints. Because of the appearance of glossy black keyboard, which has had no problems to light for fingerprints after handling some of the laptop. Defects more regrettable that the keyboard can also hit a silent thanks to its well-spaced buttons, fast.

For this machine, we would have preferred that the plate is boring. Outside, the glossy panel, presumably with anti-glare becomes a mirror. You have to push up the brightness to distinguish anything. Conversely, if you have installed in the shade or indoors (to avoid turning your back on a window), comfort is in fact an appointment. The definition of 1366 X 768 pixels provides good accuracy and a working area large enough so that you can open a text document or web page on one side and a chat window, type Windows Live Messenger, on the other.

T little laptop is far from a power plant. Even if you have 3 GB of RAM, a processor only heart (Intel Core 2 Solo) 1.4GHz us back to the slowness of the past. Once you press the button to start, you must wait 55 seconds to watch the Windows Vista desktop to load. It takes 2 minutes for this Aspire makes the first order, i.e. open the web browser, and then 1 more minute to allow you to enter an Internet address. In total, we have to wait 4 minutes before surfing. If we realize that all this is very slow, the blow is dealt when confronted with this laptop netbook. In this case, the new Toshiba NB200. Start the second in just 35 seconds and completely available in 1 minute and 30 seconds. Significantly better performance, which must surely operating system, Windows XP, run much faster on these small cars that Windows Vista payload house.

It is understood, is not too much power. However, that is available is sufficient to keep the promises of the manufacturer: run Office applications. Therefore, it is quite possible to work all day with a word processor, while browsing the Internet, check email, etc.. No problem. This little machine is the management of workload and multiple open applications. A strength of the heart is a simple processor that heats very little. Consumption has announced the Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500, low fuel consumption of just 5.5 watts. This is a Core 2 Duo SU9400 half and almost six less than a Core 2 Duo T5270, both at 1.4 GHz.

The impact on the autonomy of the machine is clear. In the office, connected via Wi-Fi with a continuous flow of streaming radio, the Aspire 4810T will be held at 7 pm in economy mode. In this mode, the backlight panel provides good legibility for internal use. During DVD playback, we had a nice surprise to see the six-cell battery last for 4 hours and 15 minutes. A sticker on the laptop suggests the presence of a multi-touchpad. Thanks to him, it can zoom and move across a page, acting differently with your thumb and forefinger together. In the implementation, we are only able to use the zoom function. Yet it seems very sensitive to all applications. The advantage of this gadget is small and far away from the shadow of the devices on the latest MacBook (Read the test of 13 inch MacBook Pro).

Acer Timeline 4810T Special Edition

Shiny silver finish and the composite logo of the Olympic Games silver plated Aspire 4810T is a special edition of the timeline of the series award. This laptop is ultra thin and lightweight 35 cm (14 ") combines high performance with a battery life of more than 8 hours in total freedom.

Specifications :

  1. 8 hours of autonomy : A single battery is from morning to night! Acer PowerSmart key saves energy when the system through a single action, which offers over 8 hours of autonomy and freedom of mobile telephony.
  2. A compact design, excellent usability : The Aspire Timeline Games 4810T Special Edition 14 "Acer is proud of the brand and the composite logo of the Olympic Games, offers a stylish mobility and performance.
  3. OS: Windows 7  Home Premium 64-bit
  4. Processor & Chipset : Intel Pentium processor SU4100 (1.3GHz, 800MHz FSB)
  5. Memory : 4 GB DDR3 1066 MHz
  6. Graphics : ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 – DDR3-512M
  7. Display : 14.0 "Acer CineCrystal TFT LCD LED backlight
  8. Hard disk : 500GB SATA
  9. Media: DVD-Super Multi DL Drive, Multi-in-1 card reader, 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, Acer Crystal Eye webcam

Conclusion :

Finally on the sides, the deal is largely correct. The connector consists of three well-placed USB ports on both sides of the machine. A VGA port and HDMI output are present, as a memory card reader, although it is fairly minimal (SD, SDHC, MMS and MMS Pro). There are also above the keyboard, a field sensor to activate the Wi-Fi (802.11n), the backup feature (Acer Backup Manager) or function Acer PowerSmart Manager (for managing the settings mode, d lighting, etc.).  The balance is not so good for this little Acer laptop. Timeline 4810T-352G25MN Aspire is a very powerful solution, but with good battery life, small size and the price could attract mobile users. Right now, a few points that we have offended, as the overall strength of the product or keyboard buttons to shiny black raised and strangely fragile, to name a few.  

Specs :
Windows Vista Home Premium, Intel Pentium SU2700 (1.3GHz, 2MB L2, 800MHz FSB), 2048MB RAM I64 (2048 / 0) DDRIII-1066, 250GB SATA 5400RPM HDD, DVD-SuperMulti optical drive 8x DL (DVD ± RW) Multi Reader 5-in-1 for optional SD, MMC, MS, MS PRO,

Plus –

  • incredible battery life, slim, lightweight design, good screen, relatively cheap for an ultraportable

Minus –

  • gray color scheme, no ExpressCard slot or eSATA;
  • Poor graphics performance, Vista, Vista, Vista, keyboard is a little too slippery


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