MotoGP 09/10 Review

After a year and a half of absence, MotoGP is back on consoles. The game
from Capcom arrived in full-season in a new format based on the 2009
season but upgradeable in 2010 a few months. What the players may not
know is that it is difficult for a publisher to be perfectly fitting
with the news when he decides to release a sports simulation. Licensing
issues, changes in regulation, late delivery of new kits … For his new
MotoGP, Capcom has known these galleys but is doing remarkably well by a
unique spin. If the game will you get in trade is based well inside
last season, it will be possible in July, to download two successive
updates to retrieve data from the 2010 championships. The idea is
attractive, especially because this DLC will be completely free and it
should not only put the order in the drivers and teams of the new board
but also take into account the changes of displacements occurred in
2010. The purists should appreciate and discover Moto2 and the brand new
MotoGP. Meanwhile, our test evaluates the content logically present by
default on the disc, so the 2009 season.

If the content of the game holds no surprises and no great originality
recycles different modes Arcade, Championship, Time Trial and
Multiplayer, is the career mode that holds our attention. Capcom wanted
to bring some depth and has done quite well his case. Following the
traditional trajectory 125cc -> 250cc -> 500cc, this career mode
puts on a whole management side that the player cannot zap. By the end
of the first Grand Prix, two press officers applying for a place beside
the driver you are to manage your image and especially garnish your bank
account in digging up new sponsors. Later, a listing of engineers with
diverse skills and variety on offer. You choose the one whose skills
will develop your bike to suit your preferences and your driving style.
Once the gem hired, then you only need to indicate what part of the bike
you want to improve: brakes / tires, engine, exhaust / filters, frame /
suspension or gearbox. The evolution of your bike will not be
immediate, the project will take some time depending on the knowledge it
requires. It is even possible that your engineer has no capacity to
meet your requirements. In this case, it will wait until it has the cash
to pay for a better qualified engineer.

All this is simply done but requires a minimum of reflection and a sense
of priorities. Should the engineer or harass wait a few weeks, the time
to find a manufacturer more competent? Because of its success over the
player unlocks new manufacturers, so it can drop to sign his KTM Aprilia
and Honda or change as many times as they like his tactics. The only
real drawback is that the projects started but not completed by the
engineer into the water whenever you switcher manufacturer. The
management of sponsors is simpler and less burdensome, the player simply
needs to have some idea of its qualities to sign with sponsors whose
objectives seemed to him measured. Some pay if you make good qualifiers,
others have eyes only for the race. Anyway, early in the career, their
demands are not sophisticated and your dollars are rapidly many small,
what you can always hire more people and to cobble together a team of
champions. Obviously, in parallel, we find opportunities that are
standard editions color selection and design of your bike, the team
name, driver number and racing features that, if indeed that it is not
already used by a competitor.

On the runway, 09/10 MotoGP takes no risks and this is no surprise as
a title accessible but not devoid of realism, halfway between arcade
and simulation. The different levels of difficulty settings and the
settings are there bikes to help the player to find the perfect balance.
However, developers were able to evolve the gameplay in the series by
inserting the key "attack". Specifically, if you do not use it, your
two-wheeler will naturally bridled at top speed because the driver’s
position has nothing aerodynamics. However, when it presses the attack,
the player sees his avatar to look at his car, which allows it to
accelerate harder and more importantly, to increase by about 25% of its
speed. But that’s not all. In attack mode, the driver trying to find an
optimal position, it can no longer use his legs to further tip the bike.
So, it is only a straight line and in very small curves it is wise to
hold the attack button. If you press too soon on it out of corners, the
bike will turn-in and you’ll taste the gravel. This function can
conversely be extremely useful if you botch your entry into a turn,
steering too inward. Use the attack to restore balance and refocus the
bike in the line of the runway to put an end to oversteer. The
consequences of the introduction of this key are multiple players take
all the risks and release the button until the last moment before
braking and support as soon as possible to re-accelerate out of corners,
a tactic later just spice race, the difference between an aggressive
player and a more flexible, they are immediately felt.

After tasting the gameplay, it is almost impossible to take back the fun
in one of the many previous MotoGP. But unfortunately the game does not
qualities. Technically speaking first, the realization is really brief,
some designs are too bland and too limited visual effects, more so on
the potential of HD machines can be easily used today. Some omissions
seem particularly unforgiving rough, like the absence of arms holding
the handlebars of the motorcycle to bubble … For immersion, FTAs! In
addition, the gameplay suffers from an AI not always correct and unable
to manage the phenomenon of fine aspiration. Exceeding two turns to the
collision, pitifully transcribed the sounds of another time. The
management of contacts between motorcycles is also once again missed it
and not credible for a penny. An evil that has raged for generations and
generations of MotoGP, the developer called Namco, Capcom Climax. All
these little faults prevent MotoGP 09.10 to enter the pantheon of games
motorbike but it is clear that the content is rich enough to crack that
fans without much hesitation. Examples include multiplayer, available in
both split screen (vertical or horizontal) and online, which is in
itself good news.

Moto GP 09/10

The official licenses typically cost their weight in peanuts, but they
at least have the advantage of serving content on a plateau developers.
Logically, therefore, builds on 09.10 MotoGP World Championship 2009
MotoGP pilots and government channels. Particularity of this episode,
though: a free upgrade is expected to stick to the 2010 season. In the
meantime, there is still enough to make the three categories to unlock
in the career (125cc, 250cc and Moto GP) and four levels of difficulty
interchangeable at any time. 09.10 This edition also hosts a rich career
mode, not in terms of both races than their surroundings. This will
include recruiting staff as press officers, though useful for digging up
sponsors with deep pockets or engineers, even more important because
they can unlock mechanical improvements. Not to mention that these
employees require a salary, thus requiring the player to ensure
sufficient income to force performance. Another welcome addition, a
multiplayer screen split away from the previous edition, plus fashion
online up to twenty, fluid, even if it takes patience to join a game,
wait until all the players vote (choice of vehicle , circuit, sun or
rain, number of turns, one to complete the race …) and risk losing
everything when the host leaves the session.

Too permissive to be considered a true simulation, although generous
with his aspirations, his lax collisions and braking nags but really
effective, MotoGP 09.10 still offers its share of sensations through a
gameplay slightly modified. Completed the choice between driving
"arcade" or "simulation" system MotoGP 08 has been reduced in favor of a
more nervous handling, mainly due to a position of attack, to use
simply by pressing a button. Arms and legs folded into the fairing, the
aerodynamic posture used in moderation because, logically, the
flexibility of driving suffers. The contrast is very strong on the
125cc, between the normal conduct highly sensitive and attack, much more
rigid. If it is not perfect, this detail of gameplay at least has the
merit of encouraging risk taking and spice up the races. By cons, we
cannot say that the title is somewhat surprising from a technical
standpoint, with its poor environments when it distracts the eye of
bitumen, its lack of damage (you can drop the number of times you want,
it will not affect the motorcycle or its driver) and sounds cape than
average. The wind milling engine a lot and we do not perceive the sound
of other competitors, for example. In short, the title remained at its
2008 level in this regard and that is unfortunate.

With a previous episode relatively complete for the kind, this new album
contains the ingredients that made the success of the series by making
some significant improvements, including the career mode. Indeed, it
will now offer you create your driver which must be proven throughout
his career by assembling an effective team which will evolve in the
three categories of discipline (125 cc, 250 cc and MotoGP).  Everything
will start on your national tour (which you chose when creating your
avatar), riding a modest 125 cc, where you learn to control your
machine. After the first laps, you start your first season, and that’s
where the real fun begins. Apart from your driving that you need to heal
hope to reach the summits, you can now recruit staff, which will
greatly contribute to your evolution. By the second race of the
championship, it will be possible to use the services of a press
officer, who will find sponsors to bring you significant income. Each
sponsor you will set goals (at least finish 14th in the race to qualify
in the first 11 …) that will determine the money you reap from each
weekend of grand prix.

And money, you need to manage as a team is not straightforward, and
between recruitment bonuses and monthly wages, it will make the grade
and listen to your team. In addition to press officers, you can also
hire engineers. At the end of each weekend, they allow you to conduct
"research" on your machine to improve performance (tires, brakes,
engine, gearbox ….). Note that each engineer has its own
characteristics and will specialize in certain areas. Therefore, you
will recruit engineers who master different subjects to get the best
result on all parts of your bike. See for yourself what things are
developing on your machine as a priority, putting you more in a season
of grand prix. However, we regret that when you decide to change your
constructor to get a new bike, all your previous searches are erased to
give you the basic model for the brand!

This side management therefore provides a real plus in this career
mode and you will be pleased to see the evolution of your performance
over the race. You will take several seasons to reach the summits,
especially if you choose the latter two modes of difficulty. Apart from
this addition, the rest is very classical, with weekends that are
articulated as in the previous opus. Each grand prize will offer
training and therefore you will take part in the qualifying session to
place you as high as possible on the starting grid for the race
tomorrow. While the qualifiers’ show relatively simple races require you
become more rigorous since your opponents will not allow themselves to
do. Each session (qualifying and race) will grant you a grade (A, B or
C) following the performances. Indeed, for each race, parameters such as
collisions with your opponents, successful transitions on certain
portions of the circuit, a goal achieved (e.g. obtaining an average
speed of 110km / h on a given distance) or your place at the end of the
race will help your rating. Even if it does not offer you a
self-satisfaction, it will inspire you to do your best on the track. A
world rankings will also be taking part and you will move to the top,
however, if your score is sufficient.

The remaining contents of MotoGP 09.10 not surprise by its
originality. Besides the career mode, it will be possible to directly
participate in a championship (not through the management of your
career) by taking control of a pilot of the 2009 season. As we said in
the introduction, the entire 2010 season will be available beginning in
July and that’s a very good thing for those who like to make the
exploits of a season. The title will offer additional one mode against
the clock, a quick race mode and a multiplayer mode. With four
difficulty levels (easy, medium, difficult and impossible), the game
will keep you going for several hours, especially as to unlock 250 cc
and MotoGP classes in other game modes, it will prove yourself league
125. A good way to improve his conduct before tackling the bikes faster.
The soundtrack for it is simply horrible with music in the race that you
will cut quickly and the sound of engines that are not really credible,
and a voiceover which is absolutely disastrous.  The interface is
rather simple, but the loading times annoy you a tad boring quickly.
Note that the presence of a podium at the end of each race, to an
audience worthy of its name and activities outside and during the races
were welcome.

In addition to managing the brake (front, back), adding a touch of
"attack" is a big asset to drive. By pressing the X button, the driver
will look to adopt an aerodynamic position to gain considerably in
speed. This maneuver is difficult in turn, do more to run properly
because the driver’s position, it will use the attacks as the output
curve to catch up with your opponents, and hold all straight lines, and
glean a precious time. Much more than a gimmick, the addition does not
let you get bored, and you try to attack as soon as possible and the
gameplay is a whole which benefits.

Many game modes

Good surprises do not end there as the main menu reveals a MotoGP 09.10
selection of game modes rather complete. There is the possibility of
embarking on a championship a Career, Arcade Racing, Timed Test, and
Parties Multiplayer. An Options menu is obviously available, which will
enable you to install the game data on your hard drive to speed
shipments. It certainly will cost a little over 1GB, but the ease of
play will be significantly increased.  But back to game modes, starting
with the option Championship which, as its name implies, lets you play
all the races of the season to reach the top of the podium. There is no
surprise to report since after choosing your capacity and your driver,
everything goes into reality: for each circuit you have the right to
practice before qualifying and then proceed to pass on the run, the
system classification is consistent with the rules of the FIM. Note that
it is possible to play a single race.

Arcade mode allows you to him as you start a season something special,
because you not only do the best at every race for a prominent position
in the overall standings, but also finish each within the limits imposed
a timer at the top of the screen. The problem is that the time allotted
to you at the beginning of each race is not very wide, so you should
constantly try to gain a few extra seconds. How? In driving to the
fullest, that is to say having the aspiration behind your opponents in
the doubles, closely following the ideal path (each set of three markers
successful earns you 3 seconds), by succeeding sections perfect
(without leaving the road more than a second), and looping tricks. If
the timer would expire, you can always use the option Continue to pursue
the adventure, it shall be limited to three applications per season.
Turning now to the way Time Practice with the objective, you will
understand, you can improve your time on each of the available circuits.
You can certainly count on the presence of a phantom showing your
previous provision, what to correct small mistakes here and there. As in
many other games in the genre, the true heart of MotoGP 09.10 is its
career mode, you obviously start the bottom in the 125cc class, choose a
motorcycle manufacturer, the colors of your team and your national
circuit, and then undertake one to one to climb the ranks of fame. The
overall flow of the game is similar to the Championship mode, but with
some subtleties.

Firstly, every victory you will earn money that you used to hire staff:
press officers who will take you back to sponsors to further swell the
kitty, and engineers that will improve your machine over time . There is
one small aspect management fun because you must hire your staff, pay
at regular intervals, and assign specific projects to engineers: you can
see how you want to upgrade your bike! Caution, however, we must not
lose sight of the imperatives of race results, a bad performance
necessarily touching your nest egg and can force you to lay.

Another feature of the game, dynamic targets will be assigned in the
race: for example you will intimidate a competitor in the following
closely, maintain an average speed over a given section, reach a
specific speed, or follow the ideal trajectory over a distance
predefined, each successful challenge you relate some reputation points.
For the main career mode of originality lies in its reputation system
that builds both skills during training or in racing: overtaking,
perfect lines, the sections to follow the fluff (the Wheeling) and your
position After each race will enhance your reputation, while being
exceeded, be involved in crashes or have an accident will the fall.
Given this reputation is the main factor attracting new manufacturers of
machines, it is preferable to cure. Finish the game modes with
multiplayer section, which allows both play at the split screen on the
same console just a twenty on the web via the PlayStation Network. In
the latter case, you can choose to use the official drivers of the
MotoGP season or the one you created for your solo career mode. Note
that it is possible to attend a race as a spectator when you reach a
room in which competition has been launched, enough to pass the time
waiting a little easier. Only downside, the servers do not yet appear
busy and unwanted disconnections were legion in our tests …

Riders :

1. Nicolo Canepa : Coming from Racing Family, with his father a
former rider, Canepa began the national minibike scene at the age of
eleven, taking numerous victory.

2. Loris Capirossi : The Most experienced rider on the MotoGP
grid, Loris Capirossi has a wealth of knowledge and a pedigree in Grand
Prix racing that few can match.

3. Alex De Angelis : Arriving on the Grand Prix scene at 16 years
of age, after starring in the Italian and European Championship, De
Angelis demonstrated his quality through the course of his first session
in the 125cc class in 2000 and was named Rookie for the year .

4. Randy De Puniet : Randy De Puniet started his racing career in
scooter competition, but it wasn’t long before motorcycles came
calling. He becomes one of the biggest stars of the French  Championship
during the 1990’s.

5. Andrea Dovizioso : Dovizioso began riding at the age of just
four under the watchful eye of his father Antonio and immediately began
to demonstrate a passion and talent both mini-moto and mini-motocross –
winning two mini-moto national championship at an early age.

6. Colin Edwards : Colin Edwards started out as a promising
motocrosser, winning the 80cc US National Championship before switching
to road racing at the age of 16.

7. Toni Elias : Growing up in the family bike shop near Barcelon,
Toni Elias was destined for a career on two wheels. In 1999 he finished
third in the 125cc Spanish Championship and undertook the first Grand
Prix Session in 2000.

8. Nikcy Hayden : Born in Kentucky and from a family with a
strong name in U.S. Racing the 2002 AMA Super bike Champioship took some
time to find his feet in the     premier class, but towards the end of
his debut campaign began to show his potential with some electrifying
race performances and two podiums in the last four GPs.

9. Mika Kallio : A Newcomer to MotoGP with the Pramac Racing
Team, Mika Kallio leaves behind a successful apprenticeship in the lower
cylinder categories. His father was a top-level rider, and it was this
influence that stopped him from following in the four-wheeled footsteps 
of some of his country’s most famous sportsmen such as Hakkinen and

10. Jorge Lorenzo : The 2008 Rookie of the Year, Jorge Lorenzo
made an immediate impact on the MotoGP World Championship with a
stunning first five races. The First Yamaha Rider took pole for his
first ever  premier class race – becoming the first man to do since Max
Biaggi ten years previous – and finished second on his debut in his
outstanding performance

11. Marco Melandri : Introduces to racing at just six years of
age by a friend  of former rider Loris Reggani, Marco Melandri shone in
motocross, minibikes and the Italian National 125cc championship, and
was racing in World Championship by the time he was just 15.

And Many More

Tips and Hints :


  • Victory : Winning your first win.
  • Novice : Winning a race 125cc class in career mode.
  • First Class : Get an "A" during a three-session weekend race in
    career mode.
  • HRD : Hiring any staff available in career mode.
  • Well done! : Up one level in career mode.
  • Famous : Reach level 10 of reputation in Career Mode.
  • Trademark : Change the colors, the combination of headset and your
    team to your liking.
  • Finally at home : To win a race on your national circuit in career
  • Good Shopping : Attracting sponsors.
  • Feet and hands : Achieving each goal type dynamic.
  • Delightful : Reaching more than 50 goals racing dynamics.
  • He did it! : Complete a full season in championship mode.
  • Inauguration : Unlock the MotoGP class in any mode.
  • Draft : Making a total of 10 minutes to take the suction in Arcade
  • Permits zoom : Get all types of bonus time in the same turn in
    arcade mode.
  • Insert coin : Use Once the option Continue and finish first in
    Arcade mode.
  • Outdistanced : In arcade mode, finish a race with more time than
    the original time frame, without using the option to continue.
  • Bonus! : Earn more time before using the option Continue in arcade
  • I found my way : Create a personalized online racing mode timed
    test, and use it in another way.
  • Record broken : Doing better than at Donington 01:19.78 timed test
  • Halcyon : Winning a race without penalty: respecting all sections
    with no falls and no collision.
  • Gold rush : Winning a race on each circuit.
  • Not without my bike? : Crossing the finish line separately from
    your bike.
  • Nm : Winning a race in wet weather.
  • Double : Finish a race with all drivers.
  • Blackjack : Win 21 races online.
  • Come with me! : Hosting a multiplayer race.
  • Involved : Use your own bike and your own driver in career mode in a
    multiplayer game.
  • Champagne : Winning a race with only human pilots on the starting
  • Rear Wheel : Making a rear wheel at least 500 feet with a
  • Front Wheel : Making a front wheel on at least 50 feet with a
  • Where is my bike? : Coming to rest over 100 yards of the bike after
    a fall.
  • Gale : Exceed a speed of 207 mph.
  • Hurrah! : Capture the excitement of the crowd.
  • Regular : Finish 10th or better in each race throughout the season.


  • Centurion : Finish 100 races in any game mode
  • Pro : Winning a race 250cc class in career mode.
  • Recognition : Reach level 20 of reputation in Career Mode.
  • Bighead : Improving a completely motorcycle MotoGP class in Career
  • Have a nice trip : Browse over 100 miles.


  • Legend : Winning a season of MotoGP class in career mode.
  • Mythical : Reach level 30 reputation in Career Mode to become the
    best driver of all time.
  • Your turn! : Finish a whole season in arcade mode without using the
    option to continue.
  • Hayden : Win 69 races online.


  • Final Price : Pick up all the trophies.

Secret :
Secret trophy : Unlock the trophy during the game

Conclusion :

Despite a rich background of all licenses in 2009, the title suffers
from a rather poor display, dull textures, effects summaries and desert
environments too often. However, MotoGP 09/10 is perfectly fluid and
printing speed is to go, regardless of the view used. Gentlemen
developers, think the next time to graft arms pilots to model a bubble
or podium at the end of the race. The pleasure of driving has increased
tenfold with the advent of Service attack. The gameplay has gained in
precision, driving less jerky and multiple races can have much more
interest. Risk-taking is up and management of understeer and oversteer
in the bike has no equivalent on the market. In parallel, the AI can
still be improved though it is above average.

The career mode has been redesigned so that the player spends more time
managing the evolution of his bike. In addition, the challenges have
been removed to be reused to good effect in the race to add some
additional challenge to care for the image of our avatar. The game time
depends mainly hours spent in the career, the other modes being
anecdotal, except the multiplayer, the appointment as split screen
online. The comments of the voice are quite laughable and unsettling
music and frankly have nothing exciting. The sounds of the engines are
generally too severe or too severe, seldom in the right. Everything goes
much better to bubble and no parasitic musical.

The balance of 09.10 MotoGP is mixed. On the one hand, purists would
have liked a game more work, with an ambience that would fit more with
the facts and conduct a bit more simulations. On the other hand, fans of
the genre will find their account with this title was eventually able
to achieve its goal: to take pleasure in hand controller. From an
objective view, Capcom released a game short of what we were entitled to
wait a year and a half after the last album. The general achievement
deserved a more thorough care. However, some things are positive,
driving is pleasant, the career mode is tightly packaged and complete,
and adding the key "attack" is a real favorite. The battle may be facing
a difficult SBK X looks very successful but the game fans of
motorcycles should make the attempt, however, MotoGP!

MotoGP 09/10

  • Developer: Monumental Games
  • Publisher: SEGA
  • Distributor: Halifax
  • Genre: Racing / Arcade
  • Platform: Xbox 360 (available for PlayStation 3)
  • Related titles: MotoGP 2 (Xbox), SBK 09 Superbike World
    Championship (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation
    Portable) Manx TT (Arcade, Saturn), Super Hang-On (Arcade, Amiga,


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