Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition Xbox 360 Review

You will now going to experience the new GOTY Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum Game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This new game is equipped with 3D upgrade where you need to add up those glasses to the console and play on the old DLC maps in a new way. This new Game of the Year Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum has been released on May 11. The same is released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Batman: Arkham Asylum is a popular game which is widely played on both single and multiplayer mode. I had provided a guide for the same below. There is something new style added to this edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum and other than this everything is similar. The new Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition offers you both 3D and HD with the standard Definition on TVs. This is edition come pack with some special set of glasses. The game is powered by TriOviz 3D which offers you a completely new game play mode. This will gamer more area to play on with the original concept of the game and gothic visual style. 

This does not mean that you are going to buy the same edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum but in 3D support. Other than this you can play four new challenge maps which are released some time before and you can download the same. The game claimed to sellout around 2.5 million copies which shows that this is highly acclaimed by the gamers. It is the latest action game right now. The game is based on the famous Batman movies and it is alls favorite. The game is based on successful movies of Batman movies. The game is rejuvenated and plans to give a much better game play to the fans. I am excited about this edition but on the same hand believe that this is for those who had not yet purchased the game or played before or who are really crazy about 3D. In the game you will be the central character Batman which is intended to deliver The Joker to Arkham Asylum. It is a prison for hose villains who always make things messy. They are trap there and in the game play of catching will give you an option of super combat abilities. The game brings the characters, villains and game play to life.

The game company plans to extend the game play as compare to the boxed edition by offered in the GOTY Edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum. There are some six new challenges which are released already, will be provided on this edition so that the gamers will get some time to prove the ability of their combat styles. The gamer will now get a chance to prove their combat skills in the Crime Alley and the Scarecrow Nightmare. The new about this edition is that it offers you play in 3d which is quiet compatible with the HD TVs. So just plug-in in your Xbox or PS3 and start playing the game. As compare to the version released before this has much better graphic quality and lots of new stuff added in it. But this does not mean that you have nothing in the old version of the game. Second thing I will like to tell you about that those who had already experienced about Batman: Arkham Asylum then this not worth buying till you plan to play the same on a 3D LCD TV. You will find all things familiar and there is no sense of doing is, other than switching to other gamers which are going to release soon.

The game play occurs in the prison of Gotham’s where all the super villains are trapped and they are engaged in a plot to harm the people of Gotham City. Batman is the only hope of the city that can stop them. The Joker who is you can say the top of the villains who is the culprit behind the plot. The Joker performs many attacks on the Mayor’s office creating threats for the people of city. He is then jail for the crime and need to be caught. Batman is quiet familiar with this people and he can only screw them up. Joker takes the control of the prison where Batman has to enter and restore things back. Joker commits lots of crime of that. But this not an easy job. You will not get easy access to the prison where on the way Joker has planned lots of stuff for you. Joker has successfully made ready one of the most deadly enemies of Batman to work with him. This makes Batman’s job much harder but he is the dark knight which is the only savoir of city.

So the times comes when Batman must come out in action and beat them all up and restore peace in the Gotham City. Batman has gained a wide popularity and it will always remain. The only formula work here is beating up the bad guys, hitting them, smacking them, etc usually is the best part of the game which gamers enjoy. You can just press the X button on your joystick with the combination of B to cape swing and surprise your enemy for a while which gives you much time to give them a big hit. But this is not an easy task where when you try to deal with one enemy hitting him down there are lots of bad guys already running behind you and ready to smack you down. This is the time when your Bat sense worked out. The Y button on the joystick is the hero here. You will get warned from the enemies coming to hit from behind and that is the place where you need to get alerted or else you are down.

By hitting the Y button will give you some sudden attack on those enemies and this act as the life save most of the time. As you Bat sense rocks you have to hit the Y before the enemies punch you down. Some sudden attack to those who is most near will give you a life saving chance or else they will dump you down. The Y button on the moment suddenly gives you some Live Saver attacks. Once you finish up some combos in the game will give you a dose of life which is lost. So that you can gain some more by special moves to hit those enemies. The action offered in the GOTY edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum is much more realistic with nice sound effect. Hitting hard on face with really injuries. The game gives out feeling of more like a hitting the bad guy movie. Some special moves are locked which you have to unlock in the game play. As batman reaches enough XP he can get some upgrades for him. The XP in the game can be earned by completing the task, collecting hidden stuff and beating up more and more enemies. So just don’t leave anyone in the game. The purchase is not just limited to special moves, but on the other hand you can get some nice upgrades for your armor and get a new line of weaponry to carry.

A major part of the game is lots of secret. If you came across those enemies which are armed they will open fire on you and this is the toughest job to get out of there. In most of the case I had found that the hook which Batman carries help him out to get out of the place instantly surrounded by the enemies. But this does not help every time. This is a very useful trick to get out the scene instantly. It is better a good way to beat up enemy one by one instead of charging on the bunch of bad guys. Take them down one by one and they keep on moving. This is let you to hide move and does not draw more attention of others. You can go slowly behind the enemy and then press the Y button to take him down very silently. This is a nice strategy to play the game. Try to get cover yourself mostly. You can sneak around, crawl down and the enemies will never know that Batman was there. Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY has a wide range of weapons collection which some nice tricks which offers you to get the Joker. The first weapon which you are going to use in the game is Batarangs. This sticks the enemies when thrown on them and provides heavy pain.

The enemy will not be able to get up soon once engaged in this. The best thing is that hit one enemy without getting attention of other guys. Don’t distract them wait for the chance and then hit them out. Otherwise some group will charge on you and the game ends there. After getting nice earning unlocks some more explosive and weapons. Keep on buying stuff. You can get the explosive Gel Aerosol. It is very useful stuff when you are blocked by some structures in your way and you just need put some gel and press the detonate button. Boom and they are cleared. You can then move on. They are not just meant for blowing up things but you can also create good traps out of this. You can apply this gel in the way of enemy and then distract the group. They will charge over you and then detonate it. They will up in parts. A good strategy of killing a group of enemies. There are lots of tricks which can be unlocked in the game and they offer you a nice game play. The other weapon which is quiet useful in the game is the grapple gun. It is in your bags of trick and give you a nice save.

This gun give you the ability to swing and it can carry Batman to a safer location. Don’t thing this as a useless. You can make your way up if there are lots of obstacles on your way. Just keep moving in the game and unlock more new tricks from your bag. In some level you have to play detective to make sure that you had not missed any important clue. This makes the game play very slow and boring. There are science tools which helps you in forensic and you can thus locate important item, trace enemies and do more stuff out of this. But finding out information after beating up bad guys makes the scenario a bit boring. It is very useful in most of the sense as the further story in depended on this. You get high tech vision I the game which offers you to checkout cleverly. There are many good points in getting the Batman: Arkham Asylum game. The game is much nearer to perfection.

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition has a really big lifespan. Once you have completed the main quiet then you go forward to reveal more secrets and solve puzzle. There are wide collection of trophies hidden on those puzzle which you need to find out and get much better upgrades. It is a full pack of entertainment and adventure. There is lots of variation provided in the different task of the game. You have to find out historic parts in some level where you can unlock special bonus. I had played the quest where in some part something was really surprising. If you stick with the same story then you have much more to play in this. You have challenge maps which is really nice to play on. This edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum gives you fun and entertainment. But I was hoping for much more variety in the game. Most of the fighting sequence is quiet similar with the older version were you get the chance to put your score over the Xbox Live scoreboard and share the same with other people. Try to finish up each challenge. The only thing which is highlighted in the game is the 3D attraction.

This actual works here and very nice to play also. The game offers you a nice indulging environment which is new to the players. The cinematic quality offered in 3D files is implemented here which offers you great looks on big screens. So playing the game on HDTV is much recommended for this edition. As you are familiar with the Batman games. They are much acclaimed either movie or game both are enjoyable. The game environment, villain, structures are well designed and the game team has worked hard to make it more realistic. The adventure I played is really nice with those glasses and sometime some action will stunned you. The game is much similar to the PC version which is released so as I had said earlier it is not really worth buying for those you had already tried it. Other than this you are definitely going to enjoy the game.

The game is enjoyable most the time when you beat those enemies and smack them down to floor. Each swing and a hard hit brings out much more excitement in the game. It has a different combo styles which is nice to learn and perform. You can view them out in slow motion which gives you cinematic feel. The game is intended to give you high quality graphic looks and make the game play more enjoyable. Talking about the sound quality, the same is just awesome. You can too notice the background music, entrance of Joker is so perfectly designed offering an evil feel. The voice given to the characters in the game is much more expected. The best thing I will highlight in the game is the script. The story of the game is really nice and good for long hours of play. The game is fine and you will really enjoy the same on a HDTV. Try out some trail version of the game which will give you the feel of what you are going to buy. But for Batman fans this is a nice deal. A nice action adventure game for your collection.  

Some Tips and Tricks :

Here I am proving you some stealth attacks in the game. This game difficulty is normal. The below tips will help you to use the combos and weapons much effectively. Batman is common man who is equipped with gadgets and some good fighting skills. So you must know how to properly utilize your gadgets which are the added advantage in the game. Try these tips below. 

Gadgets :

  1. Batarang is the most proper weapon for Batman. It is quiet useful in most of the manner. You can just throw that out on the enemy which has not spotted and take him down suddenly. You can stunned the enemy by throwing this on the enemy coming straight towards you and give him a hard hit. 
    The other gadget which is very useful for Batman is the explosive gel. You can use this to blow up enemies and object in front of you. You can simply take down a group of enemies with this. Buy Auto-proximity Mine upgrade which allows you to detonate the same automatically. 
  2. You can then use the Batclaw which can be used in Stealth attack mode. Batclaw is enjoyable to hit out the enemy and you get extra ability of bring down weak walls and kicking 3 target in single hit. 
  3. You might have seen Line Launcher in the game which deals with aiming on the enemy first and then know them out. It is done when you are getting caught between enemies and they are going to shoot you. You can use this to kick more than one enemy in a single time. 
  4. You can upgrade your Batarang to Sonic Batarang which is allows you to trap enemy. This sometime helps to attack an enemy and the trap them suddenly. This is an upgrade so for that you have to get proper points and then activate the same.
  5. There is one more upgrade for Batarang. It is Radio-controlled Batarang. It is much more powerful than the previous version of weapon. It is capable of taking down a number of enemies in one shot and hit them to dead. You can adjust the direction of Batarang with your joystick. 

Combat Moves in the Game :

  • Silent : A very important move which offers you to go slowly behind the enemy and then hit him down very silently. 
    Special Combo Takedown is an upgrade which is another upgrade move where you can knock the enemy down weather his have weaponed or not. You can get 8 numbers of combos here. You will earn good points by performing this.
  • Special Combo Throw allows you to hit the enemy first and then throw him out in a specific direction. 
    Inverted Takedown is an upgrade move which you must buy. For this you have to first grapple the object and then hang upside down. Then you can throw a Batarang to the enemy and hit him down. 
  • The easy move here is cornet take down where you can lean down and when the enemy charge on you can take him down with hard hit towards corner. There are more moves which keep on unlocking as you passion. 

Conclusion :

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the best licensed games of 2009, and now it has a chance to spreading its success into 2010. Eidos announced this week that it would be re-releasing Batman: Arkham Asylum as a Game of the Year edition – with a twist. With 3D being all the new rage, the Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition will feature 3D and bundle the required glasses. You won’t need a fancy new 3D HDTV, however, as the game will use TriOviz 3D on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

According to Eidos, TriOviz 3D is a patented 3D process which adds depth to the game, visible to players wearing the included 3D glasses. Compatible with all standard and high definition TV sets, TriOviz 3D creates a far more immersive gaming experience, allowing console players to dive deeper into the gothic world of Arkham Asylum.

PC gamers have been able to tap into 3D with Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology since the original release last year. In addition to the 3D, the Game of the Year Edition comes complete with all six previously released Downloadable Content Challenge Maps on disc. Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year edition tosses in a pair of 3D glasses for extra depth, plus a sextet of challenge . Not only does the Game of the Year edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum add TriOviz 3D, it comes with Batman and Joker-themed 3D glasses. They’re not exactly what you would imagine Batman and/or the Joker wearing to watch something in 3D, but they are decorated in the style of the two characters. They’re like one of those old Halloween costumes with the picture of the character you’re supposed to look like printed on the front.

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