3D Dot Game Heroes PS3 Review

3D Dot Game Heroes is action adventure game which is developed by Silicon Studio and it was released in year 2009. The same new version of the game is out now for Play Station 3. The game gives you a 2D retro style in the graphical 3D environment. The famous brick game which was played in older times I remember. A new game on for PlayStation 3 is released this 11th of May which looks somewhat similar to those boxes. I had played in nice inspirational game with offers you a new 3D Dot style. If you can have a look on images then you can easily figure about what I am talking about. The game has nice charm and beginning with long hours of game play suitable for all types of users. If you switch directly from 3D action FPS game you will instantly get refreshment in the same. In compare to Zelda this 3D Dot Game Heroes is a much nicer which I can explain you about the same in short. Go to the Game plot section. The game has lots of adventure and heroic story based characters. Like the Descendent of Legendary Heroes, The Royal Hero of Dottano Kingdom, etc.

You have here a chance to protect Dotnia from the Evil king now. You can travel to different places around the world and discover new places with new friends on the way. The tools you will find in the dungeon will provide you protection against the obstacles after finishing up each quest. A trade system is provided in the game where you can get secrets weapons like boomerang, secret exploding bombs, etc. There are lots of weapons and upgrades in the game. The game has nice base to play out. You might feel like a DOS base background in the game play but that is the most attractive point which is well refined in 3D. The screen on your Play Station 3 is just awesome with nice sound effects and childish play. Then game is nice competitor to other games.  If you have played MegaMan, Final Fantasy, Bionic Commando then you can notice lots of humor in this game. They are the something which is really nice to discover. There are some jokes mentioned in the game which also lets you to laugh.  

The classic style is well defined in 3D Dot Game Heroes. The game is nice and convenient with the controls of PS3 which is suitable mostly to modern gaming. There are much additional component added in the game which offers you save game, fast travel, etc. This are the added benefit of the game. The combat system in the game is really nice and you are going to find lots of new thing in that. You can spend your buying different weapons and try the same on your enemies. There are lots of ways to buy them. You can either use the full screen to look out the uniqueness of the weapon. There are tons of swords like fire sword, beam sword, baseball bats, etc. Choose your best weapon and hit the target. You can also customize the weapon sweep which is around 180 degree. A hard sweep can throughout the toughest enemy.

In game the Heroes gain health by collecting apples. There is life bar on the screen which show you the current status of the same. The sword powers are still not enough here to finish up everything. You have to keep on eating some fruits to get health. So collect your weapons and on the same hand keep getting those apples placed in your way to get the health bar full. The classic solution in 3D Dot Game Heroes offers you moving blocks, kill number of enemies, etc. Talking about the boss fight it is much more creative as I though. In this you have to concentrate on your health the most. The Boss can smash you out in very less time. There is map in the game which you have to follow before getting lost. There are lots of item to be discovered in the game.

If 3D Dot Game Heroes has attracted the attention of retro gamers of all kinds, it is safe for its retro design combined with today’s techniques, pixel art, while the volume where every rock, bush the lesser, is represented by a pile of small cubes. The technique has the great merit of being elegant and original, and many options are available to mitigate the effects of "grid" that would hinder any allergies. As to better involve the player in this rather unique visual experience.

3D Dot Game Heroes plays like Zelda, but at all whole. Frankly, we must go back to Neutopia or Golden Axe Warrior clones out in full Zelda -mania, to find a game that so clearly the master. But as From Software knows fun, all codes have obviously been hijacked. Beginning with the sword of the hero, a real surfboard stretch over the market. By visiting the blacksmith on the corner, your character will increase not only power but also the scope, breadth, and possibly its rotation capacity, an essential asset to scan ahead in an arc. For despite its overly broad weapon, your hero must often be content to hit right in front of him, never diagonally, which often restricts its scope. Besides, if its energy comes to be started, the blade returns to a more reasonable size already, and you have to be accurate. Obviously, finding the orbits of the six wise men occupy most of your game time, when you first spawn a path to the temples, before drilling the many mysteries.

More discreet, the influence of Dragon Quest is felt in part on the design of heroes and monsters (there are even metal slimes), just for the music, and just in interactions with the villagers that your character will be brought to visit. Many quests will provide an opportunity to scrape a few fragments of the heart in good items related to good people (four for a container, like so). The quest for the largest door elsewhere in the collection of tiny blocks hidden in chests around the map. For a number of blocks, the player can go to the corner of the lord to negotiate different types of swords much more useful or perforating the basic weapon, the same principle as the little medals of Dragon Quest . The inventory management also appears over the progress he is daring to engage in a dungeon without at least equipped with torches, for example, unless you tweak it by increasing the brightness of the game. The potions can also be valuable, but if the game is rather robust, it is rather good dose checkpoints

Best Features of this Game:

  • You can play in awesome old school type game play which is beautifully mended in 3D with full power support on Play Station 3.
  • A retro style soundtrack but not so bad. It is completely modern soundtrack which are filled with latest tunes.
  • A very large kingdom to explore. Dotnia in the game is full with lots of secrets, bosses, quest, humor and large dungeons. You will find something amazing in most of the case.
  • There are lots of mini games with modes added in the game. Try to get a large number of swords in the game. The price of the game is very reasonable.

Game Plot:

The country saw Dotnia tragic times and it is the fault of the advances in graphics rendering. The Ruler of this smiling country wanted to restore the 2D tourists who had long since deserted the forests and plains of his country. To achieve this, he decided to move in 3D. This was done without incident except for one thing: this transformation has allowed the Dark King to escape from prison. Therefore, a hero will have to collect the six magic orbs that will return him to his cell once and for all.

3D Dot Game Heroes offers you a strong game play which will make you remember about the retro 8 bit games. You might have seen The Legend of Zelda. A maximum amount of game is based on different characters, searching items, solving puzzles, exploring dungeons and battle. Whenever a player the swung the sword it increases with the health bar. There are magical power provided in the game with some special items. Like cable, bow, lantern, etc. It is possible for players to create their own characters. So you can customize your characters in your own way with the 3D sprite editor. A completely new thing is provided in the game. Where you can collect a monster in an encyclopedia by banging a book on his head and there you can read up the encyclopedia’s pages.

In the game you will be a 3D Dot type hero character and you enter a world of adventure where you have to task to stop an evil from making the life of word miserable. The story of the game beings with a distant time where there was a 2D land called Dotnia Kingdom. In this place the people first leave a peaceful life which is protected by the six orbs and six sages. They gaurd the kingdom. But suddenly one day everything changed and the Dark King Onyx has captured this sages and orbs.  So the kingdom is now unprotected from this. Now the monsters are in the lands and they roam there openly threatning the innocent people of the town. The kingdom fall to chaos and fear. But there is a noble hero who arrive the kingdom to free the people from hardship.

He has a scared sword in the hard which can kill the monsters. He rescues those six orbs and sages and not only that he also sealed the Dark King Onyx in the Orbs so that in future he can never hurt anyone. He then challenge. This noble young hero is now the savior of the kingdom and he is praised by the people. His bravery is a legend in Dotnia. But now years have passed on and then tale has become myth now. There are lots of traveler in Dotnia which has faded the reality of this legend.  Dotnia has changed after long time and now King Tezro is intended to search for old Dotnia. It is nice a 2D charm game much seems like to a fairytale. People has just decided to become realization and now someone has stolen the orb again. The evil created are going rise again after a long time.  The game starts with a hero who follow his quest to clear the Dotnia’s dark time. The forces of evils has plagued the land and to restore peace is the motive of hero. Legends in Dotnia tell that the there is an evil king called Onyx who has captured the six magical orbs and sages of Dotnia who protect the kingdom against all evils. The hero stands against him with this legendary sword and with the power of Orbs. He have to reach the evil and free them to restore the life on Dotnia back. The kingdom is now under chaos due the monsters leaved by that Evil.

Specifically, 3D Dot Game Heroes will send the player to visit six very gloomy dungeons to which the funds will wait six bosses all different as a giant snake that must be eliminated starting with the tail and progressing to the head. The hero will have weapons like a sword, a shield and a boomerang that can be improved. For example, after a brief stint with the blacksmith, the sword will become wider and longer, or we can install lasers on his shield. After each battle won against a boss, in addition to retrieve one of globes, we obtain a magic spell. Parralax quote that will give the user the possibility of revealing passages and objects invisible. In all, the developers announced twenty hours to complete the main quest. And once the Dark King has bitten the dust, can resume more strenuous adventure at its beginning in two very different ways from each other. In one case, it will have only one heart at the bar of life and this would prove woefully little. In the other, double the number of enemies and they will be much harder to beat.

3D Dot Game Heroes is very traditional in its content and in principle, is clearly its graphics which constitute its main feature. Imagine ordering a pile of pixels represented in 3D isometric to form the different settings but also the characters and events reduced to their simplest expression. And there, normally you say "It’s nice but I am not offered a PS3 for it to run a game that takes us back in 1990. This is legitimate but it is not quite right. Because in fact, if we indeed see the pixels, and for good reason – they are endless and the result is thin enough to be recognized fully the different creatures that are crossed. It’s just a graphic style assumed by the creators.

In addition, some effects are sharp enough to erase any suspicion of dilettantism. Examples include the subtle blurring that bathes the backgrounds and giving way to impeccable precision as we approach. Note also that all light sources will be managed to generate shadows perfectly credible. This game seems so simple and it is but it is not simplistic. Built entirely on principles derived from the older games (such as revenues have already proven) 3D Dot Game Heroes offers the advantage of providing a familiar and referenced, that will not lose any time to his players. If many titles are copied here, Zelda is without question that forms the basis of this game Conduct of history in the geographical typology through the items and monsters, many elements come together to recall the classic Nintendo . The towers alone are sufficient to demonstrate this phenomenon.

Each of them, besides the fact that it is dedicated to a specific element, and include a map, a great key and an object to find in chests scattered here and there. Thanks to the objects thus discovered (boomerang, grappling hook, bombs, bow and the whole shebang), you’ll have access to new areas, allowing you to progress still further in the adventure. Each of these palaces will also end with a clash against a gigantic boss who once defeated, unleash a container of life by increasing your total health by one notch, as always at the elf in green. We may also note many loans to Dragon Quest, particularly in the design of the interface and characters. Unfortunately, to borrow big is not everything. The level design for example, rings hollow quickly, especially in the palace, which does not offer a challenging Zelda and fall quickly into a tedious repetition.

Some hints to play :

  • Hide Shield – Put the game on pause and do : Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right,  ,  .
  • Change the approach of character – Put the game on pause and do: L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, L1, R1, R1,

Conclusion :

I will not really say that the environment of 3D Dot Game Heroes is boring. The concept might look old but the presentation of the same is great. The game begins out as saving a land from the hand of evil and so your quest begins. Keep moving and collecting things, weapons, killing new enemies will keep you always excited. Sometime the difficult levels will frustrate you the most. Some elements in the game are very childish.  3D Dot Game Heroes is an exclusive action-adventure game for PS3. It is a 2D based style game that does means that you have to see that same old boring DOS screen. There is much more added this game and it completely fits the modem gaming style.

In spite of good qualities, 3D Dot Game Heroes may not claim more than the status of "nice little game," which is already far from a publisher as irregular as From Software . Rather cute, often funny, and so modeled on Zelda you cannot call into question its mechanical indeed obsolete 3D Dot Game Heroes has the merit of an enjoyable time without drag. All those who belong to the caste of old farts will appreciate at least approach, if the result is probably confusing for younger players who might be on this journey.

Simplicity will allow players to take full advantage of the editor with which they can create their own characters. This operation will take place in a cube of 16 pixels maximum side. This may seem little, but as we have seen, this is sufficient. Before going further, it must also be aware that will make changes to the basic appearance to form, bulk, walking, combative attitude, one that will take your character when he found a treasure or when he will be happy, etc. This can go very far. For example, one of the creations that we were presented was a shark. In normal mode, you can only see its fin cutting through the soil with a small entourage of water.

Yes, it’s surreal when you’re in the forest but it’s funny. When he attacks, the figure seems to emerge from the water and we then see the muzzle tip and all the teeth of the beast. Okay, they are always swords that distributes the hero, whatever its appearance. Always agree, when it is equipped, the character shows his shield even when it is only a shark fin. It’s a bit unhorsed but all remains cool. Regarding his side purely game 3D Dot Game Heroes has all the Zelda-like fit in every respect even if not invent much. But it’s clear graphics that should enable it to attract addict’s pixel art and original games where freshness is more important than the visual effects art. And, by extension, his publisher will allow everyone to give free rein to his inventiveness in creating their own hero in two shots ladle.




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