Crysis 2 Preview

If Crysis first name ended with a victory, there was no doubt that the war against the aliens released from the mysterious tropical island was just beginning and it would probably participate in a war in its wake. That’s why Electronic Arts has invited us to the scene of the future invasion, New York United States to take a first and unfortunately very brief look at Crysis 2 . Demonstrations of technical power, Far Cry and Crysis have introduced a new graphics standard – essentially available to owners of machines of war – without sacrificing the good sense of fun. After these two productions devilishly effective, the German studio did he manage to maintain a constant level of quality and we uppercut swing a virtual third in the mug? Presented in London last week, Crysis 2 has blown hot and cold on assistance eager to find out …

Renowned for their technical excellence, artistic craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Crytek is building Crysis 2 on their new state-of-the-art multi-platform game development solution CryENGINE 3 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, the PLAYSTATION 3 computer entertainment system, and the PC. This is not only the next game in the Crysis franchise, it’s the first title they are developing for consoles and the first title being built on CryENGINE 3.

A multiplayer mode is also provided and this will Crytek UK (formerly Free Radical, developers of the much-criticized Haze) will be responsible for preparing the ground to provide the best gaming experience possible online. The developers are working on how to develop two unique and original gameplay for PC and console.

Game Story:
In Crysis 2, the aliens are back. Their goal is simple: they want to annihilate mankind. In New York, terrifying aliens roam the streets, while a nightmarish epidemic is spreading very fast among the millions of people. All networks in the city are off. The streets and skyscrapers blend into a vast pile of smoldering ruins. Or paramilitary action, or the power of the U.S. military machine can do anything against the invaders. Those who chose to remain are only imminent deaths. Only the latest technology will allow you to survive in this deadly maelstrom. A technology of our times that no soldier has ever seen. One man will receive the keys to survival.

You only wear combat equipment arising from the recent technological prowess, the Nanosuit version 2.0. Only you will hold in your hands the only chance to save humanity from destruction and restore peace in the urban jungle that has become New York. Taking advantage of the new graphics engine for unparalleled multiplatform games CryENGINE 3, Crysis 2 will be available this summer on the entertainment system PlayStation 3 game console and entertainment Xbox 360 and PC.

Far from the enchanting beaches of the Pacific islands, is a small break in the urban hell that the authors of Far Cry suits us today. New York, favorite playground for developers in need of mass destruction? Rumbling, sprawling city that never sleeps is buffeted lately. After the furious attacks of [ Prototype ] Crysis 2 comes in turn bite the Big Apple, who found an opportunity to plunge into chaos worthy of Independence Day or War of the Worlds . But what better place to break a totalitarian that this mythical city? It was under the benevolent gaze of the Statue of Liberty (provided it survives the events), and a script signed by the cyberpunk writer Richard Morgan, that you will go hunt not only invasive alien but also a strange army of men in black, Crynet Ops.

The aims of the former are simple: to conquer the Earth, enslave (or eliminate) the humanity and crush the flowers and kill birds with their powerful weapons, or by freezing the whole thing as they did when first episode. The ambitions of the latter are still obscure: what does their organization, which no one knows if it is linked to any governmental or if it works in complete independence? Willingly aggressive towards the attacker came from elsewhere, these soldiers are just as hostile towards you and trying every means to get their hands on the nanosuit, this beautiful weave Conformable various grants your hero.

Game Features:

  • New York New York: Crysis set the visual benchmark for PC games that still stands today. Crysis 2 will redefine the benchmark on console and PC platforms, shifting their attention to the rich urban jungle of New York City.
  • Amazing Aliens and AI: Challenging best-in-class AI with unique group coordination and group behavior systems which give realistic responses to your actions.
  • Nanosuit 2: Adapt your combat tactics by customizing your Nanosuit and weapons in real time with revised modes, unlocking a variety of super-soldier abilities.
  • Multiplayer: World-renowned multi-player shooter studioCrytekUKis going to reinvent multiplayer with the dynamic intensity of Nanosuit 2.By using Nanosuit technology the player has nearly unlimited ways to approach the dynamic combat environment.

Be a Part of It:
With a setting reminiscent of the open events September 11, 2001 amid a Big Apple in ruins, the very first trailer of Crysis 2 (direct broadcast on giant screens in Times Square) raised sober mood on bottom of a post-apocalyptic versions not very joyous New York New York eponymous film by Martin Scorsese. If this brief trailer that was briefly Aliens or advertising Mad World for Gears of War does not finally reveal much about our future adventures in New York, revealed he still one of the first surprises of Crysis 2 in bestiary. For if the alien entities that are faced in Crysis and Crysis Warhead vaguely reminiscent of shellfish with robotic appearance clearly based on that of sentinel Matrix , here we could discover alien bipeds closer to a marriage between biotech Predator and a Covenant Elite series Halo . Apparently very fast and are particularly agile, these charming creatures that were then discovered in two phases of gameplay from the Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 (U.S. forces) were also able to jump around and are expected to term benefit of the “verticality” of shares by exploiting fully the three-dimensional decorations make life for us.

Meanwhile, we also met another new enemy of Crysis 2 : the military denied responsibility for Crynet it is unclear why make the law in the ruins of New York. This camp further, very human FEAR -esque and obviously intended to replace the Koreans of the first episode, we will of course roadblocks on the way, although we were promised that their relationship with the player would be “volatile, but malleable. It is therefore possible that the enemies of one day becoming progressively allies the next day (or vice versa), even if these targets grunts finally served in the extracts that we could catch a glimpse.

While the bullets rang out, we were able to identify some minor changes and additions, as a HUD a bit more intrusive and abusive than before the operation or Nanosuit changed significantly compared to the armor of 2007. Asked about this, CEO of Crytek Cevat Yerli told us they had “streamlined and simplified” the use of Nanosuit to accommodate the public console, considered “less patient” than their colleagues in the PC by creator of Far Cry . The four modes of the past have therefore been lost to two settings, respectively dedicated to defensive play and offensive. The Maximum Strength and Maximum Speed of the coup have been rolled into a maximum power, while the stealth is no longer considered a full-fledged fashion but rather as a separate function to activate according to our desires.

Max Script:
The Nanosuit 2 should also play its role in the unfolding of events since it was revealed by the writer of the SPF that the armor is “almost a character in itself” in Crysis 2 . Those who bothered to read the manual a dozen pages released some time ago by Crytek for Nanosuit no doubt remember that it works particularly with parasitic elements implanted directly into the brain of the bearer, which could have consequences on our sizeable character or his allies in the long term.

Viewed historically habits scriptwriting minimalist games Crytek , one would almost tend to lose interest in such detail, but this would ignore the “big surprise” of this first official release of Crysis 2 , namely the presence of the science writer fiction Richard Morgan at the helm of the team’s scenario of the game changed and author of Fallen Angels, Carbone has also quickly proved he was not only there to add a known name in the credits of the game resisting the repeated assaults of journalists in the middle, and prove that he was really passionate about video games. We slipped a pass to some clues about the plot of Crysis 2 , promising a “rich history and unpredictable twists” that would inform such as “the true mystery of the first game behind the technology Nanosuit. The link between the first game and its sequel should cons remain discreet enough not to confuse newcomers to the franchise even though “subtle indicators” are scattered here and there to “let the players reconstruct the dependency [between the two securities] for themselves “.

Vertical Limit:
The combination is now seen decked out in some very useful gadgets for urban warfare, including an ability to listen remotely, which allows you to monitor conversations between spotters installed on top of a building. His athletic abilities are also increased tenfold, with which you will enjoy the verticality of the environment, which will essentially jump from roof to roof. Brief, the demo does not permit us to assess the extent of the environment, and we would be hard pressed to tell you if your progress is completely linear, or if you can really jump where you want to help circumvent the enemy. Open world or not, the tactical possibilities are vast, since it is possible to play undercover by taking advantage of the temporary invisibility granted by your coat of shadow, or rather tank, switching to Armour, or alternate carefully both in terms of your opportunities, your desires and your energy reserves.

Despite staging always with Hollywood Crysis 2 does not seem to forget to ask your neurons. Even if you opt for a frank and brutal approach, you must first determine the number and position of forces, otherwise you get within two. The opponents presented were not all smart (especially humans, hyper static), but all tended to draw very strong. Not very comfortable, and the demonstrator has been aligned several times, and has avoided humiliation thanks to the activation of God Mode. To its credit, the version presented rowed a bit, as usual at Crytek . The framerate drops are not the only hallmark of the studio we used to deliver securities as greedy than beautiful.

Crysis 2 is no exception to the rule, although the chart is less obvious lesson that the first branch. No dense jungle, not enchanting bay here, but buildings that explode and a beautiful rendering HD. The system should still be frankly bad on PC, a little less on home consoles for the title which unfortunately seems to have been originally designed, as shown by its interface a bit overwhelming.

The radius of the promises, the developers of Crysis 2 told us about a AI more advanced than ever, able to adapt to our playing habits to respond differently according to our tendency to exploit the thermo-optic camouflage or rather to charge into the pile by pulling in all directions. Their ability to actively draw reinforcements (including forces Crynet) should also prompt players think before they act to avoid being faced with an army on the battlefield. If Crytek does not want too much talk about the game environments, we nonetheless have learned that they generally outweigh the small town inevitable exploitation of vertical architecture, even in areas of “flat wider “(you said Central Park?) should also be present.

As for the monuments that we obviously expected to be demolished in the joy and good humor, the slogan was merely to silence the team in the game despite the presence of an exhibition of artworks of Crysis 2 with particular sketches of the Statue of Liberty, Madison Square Garden, Times Square and many other iconic locations. Obviously remains to be seen which have been selected to serve in the final product. The players obviously interested in the graphical always capital in games Crytek , they simply will relay the words of Cevat Yerli who seeks “to achieve the best possible game on every platform” because it ‘s finally proving to difficult to judge the title with a cinematic and two phases of gameplay projected onto a movie screen, which lasted less than ten minutes once glued end to end.

We can certainly not blame the developer trying to touch as many, but the studio will have to be a reason PS3 owners can add 4GB of RAM in their bike, nor their brothers enemies are capable of change the graphics card to their Xbox 360. The countdown is on, and invested tens of programmers on the project will have to whip them to optimize capacity, which is scheduled for release Christmas 2010 on the three media.




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