Super Mario Galaxy 2 Preview

There are two and a half years, Nintendo dropped a bomb with Super Mario
Galaxy. Without doubt the most beautiful game on the Wii in 2007 and
master of the platform, the title suggested a perpetual renewal of
ideas, enhanced by a neat gameplay with onions. These are good reasons
to expect firm foot Super Mario Galaxy 2, still scheduled for June 11
next. Until that blessed day, Nintendo has invited us to test an
advanced version of Super Mario Galaxy 2, in order to focus on different
features and especially to finish the first world in the best possible
conditions. After the contact of more than two hours, we can tell you we
are not disappointed of intergalactic journey.

A new Mario is always an event in the world of gaming. A few weeks
before its release in Europe, we had the opportunity to discover Wiimote
and Nunchuk in hand the first world of Super Mario Galaxy 2 ,
consisting of ten levels of introducing some new products in the suite.
Scenarios of Mario’s adventures are not celebrated for their depth. With
Super Mario Galaxy 2 , we will have just the bare minimum: Bowser has
kidnapped Princess Peach (surprise!) to have exclusive rights to
manufacture its delicious cakes (that’s how to negotiate excluded in the
world of Mario). And as it has for over 25 years, our good old Mario
will have to take care of Bowser back to reason.

Unlike the previous episode, since it is a vessel that you will skim the
different planets / levels of the galaxy. This ship is full of Lumas
but also other creatures including a very special Toad. Indeed, a Green
Toad acts as banker in the game and you can entrust your Star Bits. This
option deposits and withdrawals will be especially interesting to share
your loot with a player who uses a different backup file. Moreover, the
banker can occasionally add Toads fragments of stars to your account.
The power to say yes, somehow!

About the Game:
Mario through space aboard a ship literally built in his image, this is
the first significant change to Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Farewell to the
small town serving as a hub, good head mustachioed plumber giant
controlled by Lumas that works stellar energy and moves from one galaxy
to another in a straight line or nearly so. If it usually takes a number
of stars to unlock the following galaxies, we will sometimes need to
pay Star Bits to access courses very special focus on the platform to
the former.

However, the choice of the star and the ensuing journey is still before
entering the level, the stars are hidden as yet bet, accompanied by
special badges to use as yet unknown. Once launched in the first stage ,
just a few minutes to (re) set in the bath, (re) discover the
particular physical (re) take over the turnstile attack and collecting
Star Bits the Wiimote . It crosses always full of characters and panels
well lights ready to provide advice, but they are almost all optional
and never prevented the player to learn by himself, to move freely.

The careful and orchestral music are once again the rigueur, the
surprise of the first episode and less. One result, however the
advantage of enhancing the original formula by focusing on its
weaknesses, without having to start from zero. And this game, Super
Mario Galaxy 2 seems to be rather talented. Now this first true Mario
sequel in years re-energizes the franchise with new levels and new
power-ups. Plus this time Mario gets to team up with his dinosaur buddy
Yoshi, who adds new possibilities to the gravity-defying game play. It’s
everything you love about the first game and more.

Game Features:

  • Mario
    collects stars as he travels from galaxy to galaxy. Every level is new,
    but the game retains the charm, sense of wonder and beauty in line with
    Mario’s history. Mario works his way through the various levels,
    sometimes upside-down, sometimes floating from place to place.
  • On some stages, Mario can find an egg, smash it open and hop onto
    the back of Yoshi. Yoshi can use his tongue to grab items and shoot them
    back at enemies, or to snag attach points and swing across chasms.
  • Yoshi has an interesting diet. When he eats a Dash Pepper, he gets
    so hot and frenzied he can run up steep inclines and vertical walls.
    When he eats a Blimp Fruit, he inflates like a balloon and floats to new
  • New power-ups include a drill that Mario uses to tunnel through the
    planet’s surface all the way to the other side of a planet.
  • Skilled players will want to collect new Comet Metals, which will
    unlock harder levels with even more challenges.

Mario in the Sky with

Obviously, it is more in terms of gameplay and level design is expected
Super Mario Galaxy 2 . And as you say, the visit of the first complete
game world, Nintendo has already delighted with this point of view. If
you are entitled to certain phases of the first episode (Fire Mario,
blocks of color that turn, changes in gravity), Super Mario Galaxy 2
innovates on many points. This is particularly the case with a new
transformation: Mario clouds arriving early in the game when we see the
little plumber followed by three small clouds that indicate the number
of platforms that you will be able to appear in circling air.

For what we have seen, this only serves to reach areas, perched high but
certainly it should have other utilities, however, know that as usual,
the fact of going in water you will lose that power. More interesting is
the bit which will enable it to capture Mario. In fact, it helps to dig
the ground on some planets, allowing both areas to reach diametrically
opposite on the globe or to achieve the hollow spaces in the heart of a
world, what can be the gateway to a delicious collection of parts. You
can also play on the rebound on metal parts during your travels with the
bit to get to certain places. Finally, be aware that this drill will be
very useful in fighting certain enemies or bosses (the Foropod) whose
weak point is the belly.

Shigeru Miyamoto stated that there would be no story in Super Mario
Galaxy 2 . Well let us rejoice because the game finally has a little
excuse for the adventure. And guess what? Mario must once again rescue
Princess Peach. The latter has been kidnapped by Bowser in order to make
him good pastries. We have seen worse as punishment. The introduction
of the game is told through the interface of a book that offers a first
control 2D Mario. This small passage is obviously to placate new players
who have been seduced by New Super Mario Bros.. Wii . The way the game
resumed in fact what had been done in the last 2D adventures. Thus, each
world is represented by a map that grows by gleaning the stars in
different levels. We go on the map with a ship bearing the image of
Mario in which you can walk to find some secrets welcome. The app wins
and spontaneity.

However, it has really evolved since the first episode, which is not
displeasing to us, and at lower levels, we find immediately brands.
Mario meets the finger and the eye and make it evolve in three
dimensions is always exciting. Visually, the beginning uses the same
graphic with these planets are reminiscent of The Little Prince, without
forgetting the always colorful soundscape, enemies and even identified
the first boss of Super Mario Galaxy . If the technique to get rid of
this giant Piranha Plant appears to be the same at first glance, that
typing on his tail, things get complicated when the second phase. If the
regular player will come out well, the challenge will be for the least
noted for novice players.

One thing that was confirmed later as the difficulty of Super Mario
Galaxy 2 has clearly been revised upwards. So much so that even the
seasoned player to take his degree, including a level where the
platforms are reversed after asking us to shake the controller in any
direction. Dying over eight times in a row when we grew up with the saga
of what Mario has unnerving. But ultimately, this extra dose of
challenge is good and the desire to succeed is only tenfold.

First Yoshi or the egg:
If Mario is obviously the main character of this Super Mario Galaxy 2
(we have not seen Luigi in the first world), they must share some of his
stardom with the sympathetic Yoshi. Once released from its egg, the
little dinosaur become a frame of choice for Mario. By climbing over or
through a jump by shaking the Wiimote, you can swallow the most enemies,
some even becoming projectiles in the mouth of Yoshi. This is
particularly the case face a boss that you must return Heriss (shelled
turtles red spikes). Also note that when Yoshi is hit, you will have
only a few seconds to climb over before he returns to his nest and does
not again become an egg. The language is extensible Yoshi also a vital
tool for pulling platforms while pedaling the famous little dinosaur
will jump slightly higher and farther.

Ousted from the previous album, this time Yoshi makes his appearance
early in the game and fortunately is not as ephemeral as the
controversial Super Mario Sunshine . In case of contact pain, the
dinosaur is the trunk, but it has plenty of time to go back in the
saddle before he disappeared, and even if it happens, it will wait
quietly warm in its shell to the nearest nest. Although its attack
amputee rodeo and the ability to lay eggs, he can always stir the air
with his legs to steal a few moments and use his tongue to eat enemies
to turn them into fragments of stars thanks a digestive process
extraterrestrial. His long appendix also serves to draw objects and use
anchor points to propel themselves up. All its actions are carried out
in oral extremely natural, since just aim for one second or the desired
target with the pointer of the Wiimote before you press B to pull the

Well, the main novelty is that we can now make use Yoshi to assist us in
our journey! Thus, in some levels, the player falls on a green egg
white and that it is enough to strike out to make his young friend
dinosaur. Once in the saddle, Mario can jump further and make havoc
among its enemies. When will swallow a spice to his mount, it will
darken to speed through the set to reach areas inaccessible by rushing a
hill or even running on walls. More surprisingly, when Yoshi eats a
fruit Special (Blimp Fruit), his body swells so that it becomes
literally ball that can run at will as long as there is air inside. It
will then properly manage the air supply (which may return to the max by
ingesting another fruit during ascent for example) but also pay
attention to any obstacles that can be prickly encounter on our journey.
It will then be able to climb to dizzying heights as our test along a
huge giant tree we confirmed.

The platform for

After New Super Mario Bros. Wii , Nintendo has decided to renew the
experience of Super Guide, this helps in-game that can be activated
after several consecutive deaths. This time, it appears that Harmony and
once activated using Mario advance automatically until the end of the
level if you wish. You can even get a star if you let it go until the
end of the level. Please be aware that this star will be bronze and not
gold like the "real" stars in the game In addition, it will be possible
to interrupt at any time this Super Guide pressing + your Wiimote. Among
other good things to collect, know that each level (at least for the
first world) and boasts a medal comet that some stars by performing
tests such as Hidden destroy crates with Mario del Fuego in a limited
time or that certain stars appear when harvested five out of money (in
most branches of stars already present in the first SMG).

The handling of Mario and Cloud spin drill two new present from the
world 1, is equally intuitive. The level design using small onions also
become familiar with these unusual objects and makes the obvious way
forward, knowing that there will often be rewarded by visiting every
corner of a planet. A generous 1-UP mushrooms in checkpoints , and
parts, the first world of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is not particularly
difficult, but it is certainly richer and more varied than his elder
brother. The sequences of prosecution against blacks Mario, the battle
against the boss dragon or tiles that change position of some vortex
part of the most full bodied, but we feel that the game still in custody
under the foot. If worlds meet following the rise of the normal range
and that the new powers absent the first levels are interesting to play,
we will not hesitate a new vintage of the platform. See you next month
for the final answer.

Attack of the Clones:
Among the new challenges, you’ll sometimes pursued by other Mario!
Indeed, the evil clone splits to borrow your steps on your path to
complicate your task. The bosses are no exception, especially one that
closes the first world, a Gargantulus you’ve already seen in videos
released by Nintendo. This big snake pierces right through a planet and
you will avoid its attacks while molesting his ribs, which tend to jam
when traveling. Finally, to help you (or not), you may find on your way
to big it will roll dice to collect bonus choice or a minus.

Sequence of ideas:
Nintendo has thought of everyone and, like the Super Guide to New Super
Mario Bros.. Wii , it is possible to let the CPU take control of our
potbellied plumber after talking to Harmony. Of course, we should not
expect however to get a star by using this aid. In the same vein, video
tricks possible to know the techniques to overcome some obstacles or
better master certain aspects of gameplay. But what impresses most about
Super Mario Galaxy 2 , is the creativity of situations that never runs
dry. Once the first star of a level unearthed, it is believed already to
repeat the maneuver with minor variations for the second star, but this
would underestimate the developers avoid the syndrome of copy / paste.
It is indeed often a new holding an item already in use, forcing the
player to understand the level design with sensitivity.

We think these passages that play with 2D gravity, always very tough
boss, for secret passages or the use of powers. In this connection, the
drill, which excavates the soil and out the other side, made his
arrival. The architecture operates well at this new gadget and
unexpected ways. For example, it will become a weapon in a fight against
a boss of a colossal size. The other change concerns new Mario Cloud.
With this new costume, it is possible to create up to three platforms by
shaking the Wiimote to reach higher ground. Absorb at a fraction of a
second, this gives an opportunity to create a small side game rather
welcome. But the greatest novelty of the title is none other than the
presence of Yoshi, Mario’s faithful steed since Super Mario World .
There’s no denying it, find our little green dinosaur is a pure joy and
brings in a breath of fresh air added.

They generally control the same way as in Super Mario Sunshine , even
though the attack rodeo is outdated and that the pointer is put to good
use for the language. Thus, it is up to three elements locker before
swallowing, draw blocks and rock star to star as a Tarzan into Olympic
form. Perform these actions will be supplemented by others, with a
little jazzy rhythm allows progression and multiplies the fun, which
completes the set. Koji Kondo, the composer, is again proof of his
talent. After tasting again in Super Mario Galaxy 2 , can you confirm
that all these auspicious. Without being revolutionary, future journeys
ahead of Mario must for anyone who enjoyed the first episode and who
simply enjoy the game.

The presence of Yoshi does not, however, summarizes in itself new in
2010 and this episode we can count on some innovations schedules are not
without interest. Firstly, it is now possible to use drills scattered
in some levels to sink into the ground and pass right through the entire
planet, which can be found almost instantly as opposed to our point

With its grip still brilliantly simple, classic and innovative gameplay
in both Super Mario Galaxy 2 finally does nothing other than what is
expected of a title stamped Mario propose, once again, a gem of a game
and level design. The visit in the first world SMG 2 completed convince
us, the Wii is a new gem. Not surprisingly, as our good Yoshi, the
original mode of transport gives rise to all sorts of riddles and
bizarre level design forcing the player to cogitate a bit to get their
hands on a star, or discover a secret passage . Then, pieces of comets
(Comet Metals) are scattered across different environments. Challenge
fans will try to pick up to unlock more difficult levels. Finally, we
note the presence of species of teleporters sending Mario into an arena
full of monsters de-soldering to earn some bonus. Finally, Super Mario
Galaxy 2 certainly not only revolutionized the formula of its older but
its new levels as its small gameplay improvements, foremost of which is
Yoshi, will probably crack again all fans of the license .


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