Blur Review

Blur is an arcade
racing game that aims to revolutionize the genre. In addition to its 20
different cars and many circuits, it is mainly focused on multiplayer
and it allows players to participate in a social network to share their
circuits, but also create groups of friends or be racing.

Blur is where
players collect intense Power-ups throughout each course, including the
ability to blast other cars out of the way with huge bursts of energy,
boost speed with Nitros, drop Mines and generate defensive shields to
fend off other racers.

The games arcade boxes have been completely neglected in recent years to
turn to the simulation. With Blur , we return to the basics of the
genre, namely: 20 competitors on a circuit, the speed and collisions.
Realism is ignored because the heads tails out of tracks and other
explosions are only penalized by a recurrence of his car a few meters
before the crash.Fasten your seat belts, it will shake …

About the Game:
Blur is the ultimate Powered-up racing experience, dropping you into
electrified action with a mass of cars targeting the finish line and
battling each other as they trade paint. Travel the globe from L.A. and
San Francisco to Spain, the UK and more to take on the best the streets
have to offer. Utilize an arsenal of Power-ups like nitro speed boosts,
shock attacks, defensive shields, and landmines to beat your rivals
across the finish line. You choose how and when to use your armory of
Power-ups for ultimate impact in a race where the outcome is never
certain. Blur’s story unfolds through a unique community-based social
network interface that includes 4 player split-screen multiplayer and
online multiplayer.



  • Power-ups:
    Collect a variety of addictive dynamic Power-ups and use them
    independently or combo them strategically to take out your opponents.
  • Real Racing: Dramatic collisions, realistic damage, stunning racing
    environments, real world locations and more than 55 licensed
    photo-realistic cars from the top manufacturers around the world.
  • Social Network: Unique story-driving social network interface
    evolves as you compete in different races, make new friends, rivals and
    fans, and connect with other racers both in game and in real life.
  • Multi-player: Features online multiplayer supporting competitive and
    cooperative game play for up to 20 racers and 4 player split-screen.

Obviously, Bizarre Creations could not miss licenses. Not less than
fifty cars of different brands that are present in the game Ranked by
their power (from weakest D to A), the lover of beautiful ‘ouatures
shall have his silver Ford GT 40 (image), Dodge Viper, Chevrolet Impala,
but some European prestige, such as the Renault Megane Trophy or the
Audi TTS Coupe. Note that to unlock new funds in the solo campaign, you
need a certain number of fans. Some fans who grow naturally depending on
your results, but also some exploits in the race.

Being the first for
three laps:

The peculiarity of Blur is that the circuits are dotted with power-ups.
Nitro (speed boost), Mine, homing missile, and Barge (being pushed
through on our image) are some bonuses that you will catch passing on
the boxes. They can fly up to the first opponent a little too good, or
finished in the middle of scoreboard because a dirty traitor has
treasured a missile in stock to bring you a few meters from the finish

Speed and glide:
The vehicles were obviously not all the same behavior. To better choose a
car, four characteristics are their partner: acceleration, speed, grip
and difficulty driving. Choose a nice big 4×4 can remain stable on the
road and collect more damage, but you have to turn his opponents
generously to arrive in the first three. To be able to try the game for
an hour, the differences in behavior between each car are obvious: you
can not drive a Dodge Viper and a BMW M3 in the same way!

Built for multi:
By the confession of Activision , Blur is primarily oriented towards the
game more. The online mode of Blur is reminiscent of the excellent
multiplayer mode for Call of Duty. Here, players will earn experience
based on their victories and achievements in the race (a competitor to
leave the runway, hit three enemies with a single power-ups, etc..).
This experience can earn levels that will unlock new cars, new
challenges and new customization tools of his body.

The racing is fun. But by dint of wanting to break records by pulling
its cord trajectories, one can see the fear of boredom settle. The Zen
supports the quest for absolute line sometimes lack a bit of spice and
it is quite logical. Go on, admit it. The jaundiced eye, crashed into
the couch to fight against sleep, so that TV is entering the second hour
of the Formula 1 Grand Prix Sunday, you seemed an inescapable truth
that this is still much more funny if we allowed the carrying of
weapons. Well, stop dreaming … Meanwhile the FIA is seriously
considering this proposal, please note that Activision and development
studio Bizarre Creations will allow you to indulge this fantasy form
rather playful with their latest: Blur.

Above all, remember that there is a form of paradox in this game the one
hand, we take the wheel of beautiful cars fully modeled from existing
cars and immediately identifiable. In the same vein, the management of
physics in regard to the race holds up, it’s not mince words. On
asphalt, small fast cars darken like a pool but are handicapped if ever,
be a little optimistic when cornering, it makes riding on the shoulders
of earth. For their part, the big 4×4 can run slower in the earth
without ever seeing their average speed dive. And already there, you
think Blur is one of those racing games where you have to know the
circuit well for the type of car it fits best according to his driving.
This is especially true that the tracks are full of secondary routes.
That is about all that concerns the realistic part of the game From now
on, we enter the pure fun and simple and the paradox that we pointed out
above you just see these two philosophies mingle with some happiness .

The fun is invited in by the presence of Blur bonuses scattered along
the track we catch, rolling over, coming down to match the screen in a
trio of locations and that can start when it decides. It is also
possible to choose among three bonuses aligned along them or to drop as
much as you want to make room according to his race strategy. Yes,
"strategy", the word is not overused. If driving alone will not have to
bail out, it will also be essential to use the bonus as appropriate at
the right time. Repair, missiles, nitro, shock waves that spread a herd
of cars, calming areas created ahead of the game to stop the former, the
catalog is not particularly original but it is what it takes to get you
out of embarrassment and move from second to first place in a split

Add to this the fact that you can use these bonuses to the front and
rear of the car or that it is important to keep an eye in the back to
avoid what the opponents could get started and you understand the
strategy, if it exists, must become second nature that does not slow
your behavior or your decision-making permanent and intensive. It has
even less time to be bored, as we have seen, opponents of the single
player mode are as aggressive as capable. The races are really played.

In its general structure, the career mode of Blur will make you spend a
territory dominated by a boss to the following if you glean enough
"fire" to unlock. These lights are obtained first by finishing the race
in mind, which brings us back to the good management bonuses. But we
must also, to full card, gather around these exploits a number of fans
attracted to the way you drive and treat your opponents. Finally, there
are all the circuits we have traveled a "Slalom fan. It is triggered by
passing on the icon, and it is suitable to pass through all the doors
that appear on the runway.

Needless to say, try it while trying to be first in a race where
everyone wants the skin of the whole world is not obvious. That is why
it is clear that the developers wanted the players return later on some
races where they would not get the maximum score. Another factor that
argues in favor of this hypothesis is the fact that unlocks the cars
more efficient and, therefore, it is easier to come back later with a
machine that best suits his driving rather than to persist with a
vehicle which is not up to the task.

In conclusion, the progression within the career Blur is both vertically
and horizontally a bit. You climb up the rankings by aligning the
victories and eliminating the bosses one after the other but the lights
that are obtained access to several races at once. So, you decide. Also
be noted that we have seen three different types of tests: the single
race where you have to pass the finish line first, against the clock
where it is essential to manage both the nitro and bonus the times that
add time to reach the next checkpoint, and finally, destruction mode
where you pull the target vehicle to gain a few precious seconds to stay
in the race.

Overall, the career mode Blur does not reinvent the warm water, for
sure. But his realization that we have not caught out during our test
the resilience of the overall availability and intensity of the races
will be enough to satisfy you and keep you going if you have nothing
against a certain spirit arch.


Check Out the Gameplay Video:

Add to this all pan multiplayer. We can play up to four Blur split
screen and up to twenty online. And this title will offer many options
for developing a community of players on the net. This happens, for
example by easy to publish on your Facebook page images that you made
using the Photo option. This also implies the possibility of
transmitting to your friends who have a Silver account on Xbox the
contents of a challenge they can meet and try to fight their cause side
before you turn.

Also, remember that Blur will select the conditions of multiple races in
every detail as the authority of a single model of car to the total
lack of bonus tracks or selecting a single type of them or the failure
to touch anything. Everything will be possible at this level. In fact,
this new test has reinforced the idea that we came during our visit to
Liverpool that he will certainly not necessary to be a gamer to enjoy
multi Blur. But it will certainly help, so much so that those who are
refractory to confrontation against other real players could get to it.

In any case Blur will be arguments to argue against tough competition.
If the single player mode is a good starter, it is especially the online
multiplayer that looks tasty. Finally, do not rely too much on the
screenshots, Blur is the type of game that looks better in motion than
an image. In addition, the game is particularly fluid, even under the
barrage of special effects. The offer is impressive and the realization
we have not shown the slightest sign of weakness. On the other hand,
even if he recognizes a distinctive identity in appearance "Mario Kart
for the big" with his use of real cars in a very arcade principle, we
regret a certain lack of originality. All is good but not surprising and
we can not stop us from thinking it was a bit unfortunate.



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